Samsung Heir Jay Y Lee Found Guilty Of bribery scandal; jailed for 5 years

Seoul: Samsung heir Lee Jae-Yong was sentenced to five years in jail on Friday for bribery, perjury and other crimes. The Seoul Central District Court indicted Lee, 4...

2 years ago . 239 views

Muslims in China's 'Little Mecca' fear eradication of Islam

HIGHLIGHTS *Authorities have severely curtailed the number of students over 16 officially allowed to study in each mosque and limited certification processes for...

1 year ago . 162 views

10-Year-Old Boy Asked to Take Off T-shirt With Image of Snake on it Before Boarding Plane

A 10-year old boy was asked to remove his T-shirt bearing the image of snake by security officials at an airport.

3 weeks ago . 28 views

top 10 killer dialogues - bollywood dialogues
2 years ago . 314 views

What If You Could Swim in Titan's Lakes?
1 year ago . 154 views

7 Curious Facts Your Appearance Says About You

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” has been ingrained into our heads by centuries of moral policing. Yet, it’s impossible for us not to fall for pr...

2 months ago . 58 views

NASA tool predicts which cities will flood due to melting ice

NASA has developed a new forecasting tool that can predict which cities will be affected as different portions of ice sheets melt due to global warming.

1 year ago . 212 views

Huawei building its own mapping tech, but can it beat Google Maps?

• Cracking mapping services is no easy task, and Google is perhaps the only company who has got it down, with Maps • Ironically, Huawei has partnered with a...

5 months ago . 61 views

8 months ago . 120 views

It is okay not to have a plan - Mithila Palkar
2 years ago . 273 views

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S review
1 year ago . 455 views

This Suit Will Help You Lift Weights Of Over 90 Kilos And Make You Feel Like Iron Man

Iron Man is definitely regarded as one of the coolest superheroes of all time. In case you didn’t know, Iron Man could lift heavy things without any super abilities...

3 weeks ago . 36 views

The Facts on Child Marriage

What is Child Marriage? “Child marriage” is generally understood to mean marriages that take place before age 18, but for many girls, marriage occurs...

1 year ago . 170 views

Funny New Advert Shows Bitcoin Is on Google’s Mind

Google, which currently sits on the fence with regard to cryptocurrency, took an opportunity to throw shade at digital coins like bitcoin core and bitcoin cash during an ...

1 year ago . 185 views

The Unforgettable Comedian - Keshto Mukherjee
2 years ago . 282 views

AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones review
9 months ago . 214 views

Flying Fancies: Boeing Launches Longest Range Private Jet in The World

The BBJ 777-8 also features 3,256 square feet (302.5 sq m) of cabin space.

1 year ago . 99 views

US Imposes Visa Sanctions On Pakistan For Refusing To Take Back Deportees

Pakistan is the latest to join the list of 10 nations that have been imposed with sanctions under a US law according to which countries refusing to take back deportees an...

8 months ago . 116 views

Eggs Exposed

Male chicks shredded alive at the hatchery

Recently posted . 14 views

FATED to be Rich and Successful
1 year ago . 568 views

English bulldog Zsa Zsa wins World's Ugliest Dog title

Zsa Zsa, a rescued English Bulldog from Anoka, Minnesota charmed her way into the judges hearts, it said. Los Angeles: Zsa Zsa, a 9-year-old rescued English Bull...

1 year ago . 201 views

Israel PM Netanyahu's Son Blocked on Facebook for Asking 'All Muslims to Leave'

In a message posted on his Facebook page after deadly Palestinian attacks, Yair Netanyahu wrote, "Do you know where there are no attacks? In Iceland and in Japan whe...

1 year ago . 107 views

Why young people don’t buy cars and apartments anymore

Nowadays, the traditional measure of success — owning an apartment and/or a car — is out of date. An increasing number of young people around the world don&rs...

7 months ago . 115 views

Miniature Silicone Baby Hayley
1 year ago . 238 views

Understanding the 'S-400 crisis'

The purchase of the S-400 does not mean Turkey is 'turning its back' on NATO.

5 months ago . 52 views

After Saudi, UAE To Give Over $6 Billion Aid Package To Pakistan: Report

According to a Pakistan government official, the UAE support package was finalised on Thursday evening and was similar to the one given by Saudi Arabia.

1 year ago . 132 views

The Giant Garbage Dump That's Floating In The Pacific Is Now Three Times The Size Of France

The amount of plastic found in this area, known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is "increasing exponentially," according to the surveyors, who used two plan...

1 year ago . 132 views

Nirma Success Story - Karsanbhai Patel Journey
2 years ago . 237 views

An Eye Opener Young Parents
11 months ago . 146 views

1 year ago . 421 views

Watch: Children Were Allowed Into A Lion's Cage. Then, A Girl Was Attacked

Fortunately, the young girl escaped with just a few cuts and bruises. The shocking footage quickly went viral with many asking why nobody - neither their parents nor the ...

1 year ago . 152 views

If you can adopt these 7 monk habits they will flip your life upside down

The world is chaos, with all of us running around and looking for some moments of peace. We are often envious when we see other people truly calm and collected while we s...

11 months ago . 122 views


At 100 million °C, the reactor attained the minimum temperature needed for sustained nuclear fusion.

1 year ago . 141 views

Never Give Up
3 weeks ago . 9 views

Happiness is simple when you're small.
1 year ago . 264 views

Asus ZenFone 5Z Review
1 year ago . 365 views

Islamic State suicide bomber a British native, previous prisoner at Guantanamo Bay

A suicide aircraft from the Islamic State gathering was a British subject kept at Guantanamo Bay, a relative revealed to The Times daily paper on Wednesday. The Briti...

2 years ago . 216 views

NASA spacecraft approaches asteroid, snaps first pic

The spacecraft is designed to circle Bennu, and reach out with a robotic arm to "high-five" its surface, then return.

1 year ago . 162 views

Office workers in these economies clock up the most extra hours

Most people will have stayed late at work to finish urgent tasks or might even have pulled an all-nighter to hit a really tight deadline. When those occasions are the exc...

8 months ago . 127 views

The Stunning Transformation Of Gal Gadot
2 years ago . 260 views

A must watch for all Indians
1 year ago . 285 views

Hands on: HTC U12 Plus review
1 year ago . 395 views

Samsung Notebook 9 (2018) review
1 year ago . 379 views

Trump government makes H-1B visa approval tougher, Indian IT firms to be hit

BENGALURU: The Trump administration’s new visa policy is expected to create an “indirect barrier” to technology companies that send engineers from India...

1 year ago . 186 views

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