Whose influence is stronger on a child’s language, mom or dad?

The change in lexicon reflects the differences in paternal lines, while phonemic dissimilarity reflects the differences in maternal lines, after removing the effect of ge...

5 months ago . 60 views

20 Million Rupees Released To Renovate Krishna Temple In Pak: Report

Krishna temple is the only functioning Hindu temple in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. There are two prayers held at the temple every day - one in the mornin...

8 months ago . 53 views

Why Italy is suddenly giving markets such a big headache?

NEW DELHI: Remember PIIGS – an acronym for the debt-ridden southern European economies of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, and Ireland?

7 months ago . 69 views

Devdutt Pattanaik Shuts Anti-Hindu Journalist
8 months ago . 106 views

Best Hot Air Heat Guns In India 2018 – Buyer’s guide
3 months ago . 77 views

China not expansionist but won't give up even one inch of territory: Xi Jinping to US defence secretary

HIGHLIGHTS *Mattis is visiting China against a backdrop of spiralling tension between Beijing and Washington over trade *Mattis has been highly critical of C...

6 months ago . 68 views

Do Married Men Really Get Paid More Money? Take a Guess

New European research has found that despite the popular belief, getting married may not boost a man's wages after all.

5 months ago . 47 views

US President Donald Trump's new disruptive H-1B visa move can be a boon for India

NEW DELHI: More than 500,000 skilled Indian workers might have to come back from the US if a proposal by the Donald Trump administration not to extend H-1B visa of those ...

1 year ago . 86 views

Vivo X21 Review
7 months ago . 123 views

6 months ago . 69 views

Caught on camera: Thousands of starlings flying in formation make for a spectacular sight

It is called murmuration, and that sounds about right.

10 months ago . 79 views

Watch: Footage from inside Soyuz rocket shows the moments before emergency landing

The spacecraft with US astronaut Tyler “Nick” Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin returned minutes after lift-off owing to malfunction.

3 months ago . 41 views

Russian operatives spent over $50,000 on ads on Google products: Reports.

Russian operatives likely spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads across Google products, including YouTube and Google search, according to reports. Accounts c...

1 year ago . 115 views

Infinix Hot 6 Pro Review
6 months ago . 94 views

6 months ago . 112 views

Fuel price hike: These 8 countries sell petrol at prices higher than in India

New Delhi: The average price of petrol around the world is Rs 79.86 per litre, according to However, prices vary across the globe depending upon va...

7 months ago . 82 views

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and UAE cut ties with Qatar over ‘terrorism

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain disjoined their ties with Qatar on Monday, blaming the affluent Gulf Arab state for supporting terrorism. Th...

1 year ago . 110 views

In an interplanetary first, NASA to fly remote-controlled helicopter on Mars

NASA said on Friday it will send a small helicopter to Mars as part of the US space agency's 2020 mission to place a next-generation rover on the Martian surface, mar...

7 months ago . 55 views

Little things that ruin your day
2 months ago . 19 views

Life at the Lab- Dummies Crash Planes!
9 months ago . 150 views

Top 5 Best Baby Bath Tub in India
3 months ago . 47 views

Australia abolishes skilled expat workers’ visas popular with Indians

MUMBAI: The most popular route to Australia—the subclass 457 visa category for skilled overseas workers— has been abolished by the Australian government. Inst...

10 months ago . 59 views

Justin Trudeau meets Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and the pics are way too gorgeous

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accompanied by his wife Sophie and kids, Xavier and Ella, met Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Aamir Khan, R Madhava...

11 months ago . 97 views

SpaceX launches Bangladesh’s first communications satellite

Bangabandhu-1, was placed into Earth orbit at 4:47 p.m. EDT (2:17 a.m IST), just 33 minutes after launch

8 months ago . 74 views

Why You Can't See Space Debris
10 months ago . 85 views

main Naari hu
11 months ago . 139 views

Top Schools in Delhi-NCR
2 months ago . 61 views

How to Spot and Avoid Credit Card Skimmers

The moment I started seriously worrying about credit card and debit card skimmers wasn't when my entire bank account was transferred to Turkey, or when I had to get t...

5 months ago . 51 views

Court Authorizes Cryptocurrency Firm to Reclaim 530 ETH Sent to Wrong Address

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has issued a major ruling in a case stemming from a dispute over ethereum (ETH) tokens mistakenly sent to an initial coin offering (...

3 months ago . 59 views

I am neither rich, nor famous. I am just a common man: Anil Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Group

What's your view on the 2G court ruling? Truth prevails. No individual or corporation should undergo this humiliation, slander, damage to individual and corp...

1 year ago . 94 views

main Naari hu
11 months ago . 139 views

Why Marriage Seems Harder Now Than Ever Before
1 year ago . 117 views

Intel SSD 760p Review
6 months ago . 101 views

Fight Breaks Out On Plane. Reason? Passenger Who Wouldn't Stop Farting

The Transavia Airlines plane had to be diverted after a fight broke out mid-air

11 months ago . 89 views

Maker of Jim Beam Whiskey Accused of Bribing Indian Govt Officials, to Pay Rs 55 Crore Fine

The whisky-maker’s Indian subsidiary reportedly bribed officials to speed up process pertaining to acquiring licenses and distribution, the US Securities and Exchan...

6 months ago . 50 views

US-supported powers catch Islamic State-held airplane terminal close Euphrates dam in Syria

Beirut: A United States-backed Syrian cooperation of Kurdish and Arab militias on Sunday took a military air terminal in northern Syria held by Islamic State, near the co...

1 year ago . 53 views

3 Mind Bending Movies
1 year ago . 131 views

Men Will Be Men
1 year ago . 138 views

5 Best External Hard Disks (1TB) in India
4 months ago . 92 views

4 months ago . 51 views

Ghost ship reappears 9 years after it was lost

A ship that was lost in 2009 in the Pacific Ocean mysteriously reappeared in the Indian Ocean last week. People are calling it a ghost ship. An immediate explanation has ...

4 months ago . 67 views

Samsung Heir Jay Y Lee Found Guilty Of bribery scandal; jailed for 5 years

Seoul: Samsung heir Lee Jae-Yong was sentenced to five years in jail on Friday for bribery, perjury and other crimes. The Seoul Central District Court indicted Lee, 4...

1 year ago . 124 views

As Pop Star Madonna Turns 60, A Look At Her Scandalous Moments

The pop superstar is turning 60 on August 16 and is again breaking barriers -- this time as a mature woman who is still brash, carnal and unapologetic.

5 months ago . 44 views

Top 10 Bar Trick Bets You Will Always Win!
9 months ago . 96 views

Tips for Healthier Screen Time
1 year ago . 109 views

Top 10 Unusual Facts About Taste
10 months ago . 230 views

5 Best Televisions Online in India 2018
8 months ago . 181 views

Saudi Arabia-led coalition used banned cluster bombs on school attacks in Yemen: HRW

The Saudi-led coalition fighting radicals in Yemen utilized banned bunch bombs as a part of assaults almost two schools this month, Human Rights Watch said. The guard dog...

2 years ago . 65 views

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