Indians Increased Salary Directly Related With Ease Of Falling Asleep

This survey might shock you! Indians have a direct correlation between increasing salary and ease of falling asleep, says an India Sleep and Wellness survey comm...

1 year ago . 135 views

Venezuela’s economy collapses: All your questions answered

Venezuela crisis: Hyperinflation, mass migration, food shortage, increasing number of crimes and grinding poverty has spiralled Venezuela into a deep turmoil.

12 months ago . 141 views

Worst is behind for the economy, but rising oil prices pose a threat: Economic Survey

Economic Survey says India set to grow 7-7.5% in FY19 on structural policy fixes, bats for less aggressive fiscal consolidation

1 year ago . 121 views

Fog continues to disrupt train services in Delhi - 41 delayed, 13 cancelled

The national capital on Saturday woke up to a moderately foggy morning with the minimum and maximum temperatures at 7 degrees and 23 degrees respectively.

1 year ago . 111 views

Trump administration arms officials to reject H-1B applications outright

HIGHLIGHTS *This step can be taken if the required ‘initial evidence’ wasn’t submitted or it failed to establish eligibility for the visa sough...

1 year ago . 98 views

15 Tea Tree Oil Benefits No One Talks About

For years, tea tree oil has been celebrated for its calming qualities, but this oil offers many more benefits. With antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, tea tree oil ...

3 months ago . 65 views

You're a Winner - Motivational Speech
1 year ago . 255 views

11 Signs of A True Friendship

With the days of having hundreds of Facebook “friends” upon us, real friendships built on respect, a common bond, and shared memories seem to be few and far b...

10 months ago . 84 views

Kuchibhotla murder: Congressman helps widow gets temporary work visa in US.

An Indian woman, who lost her residency rights in the US following the murder of her techie husband in a suspected hate crime, can stay in the country for now after an in...

1 year ago . 184 views

Extra Passenger On Board: People On Flight Freak Out As A Scorpion Crawls Out Of Overhead Bin

While flying can already be terrifying for some passengers, imagine what they must go through after spotting a HUGE scorpion in the overhead bin in the plane.

6 months ago . 93 views

8 months ago . 73 views

Top 5 Best Garment Steamers in India
11 months ago . 255 views

An island country of 12,000 stands up to China, demands apology for envoy`s `bullying`

Following protocol, Nauru`s President Baron Waqa refused to let China`s envoy speak before PM of Tuvalu at the Pacific Islands Forum. He later described him as `very inso...

11 months ago . 157 views

7 Signs Your Partner Loves You A Lot More Than You Think

Love is a magical feeling. The experience of falling in love is a rather wonderful one. If it is true, it can make things seem so much better for you. Every experience fe...

8 months ago . 133 views

UAE Sets Aside Law For Indian Couple, Gives Baby Birth Certificate

As per the marriage rules for expatriates in UAE, a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman but a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man.

3 months ago . 63 views

Top 10 Airplane Things You Don't Know The Purpose Of
11 months ago . 193 views

How You Can Confuse Your Math Teacher
1 year ago . 240 views

Canadian children sing ‘Om Jai Jagdish’ during a Christmas concert, video goes viral - Watch

The video was first shared on YouTube and later tweeted by Bollywood actor Raveena Tandon.

7 months ago . 182 views

Scientists Calculate Mass Of Milky Way Galaxy, Use Weight Of Dark Matter

In a collaboration between NASA and the European Space Agency's Gaia observation craft, a team of experts calculated our galaxy to be around 1.5 trillion solar masses...

5 months ago . 58 views

Scientists Explain 5 Hobbies That Make You Smarter

Any activity that stimulates your brain may improve your intelligence. Yes, you read that right. Even some television shows (think The History Channel or National Geograp...

3 months ago . 69 views

Review: GoPro Hero5 Black
1 year ago . 317 views

11 Most Profitable Businesses in India with low Investment
10 months ago . 210 views

Radio Stations Around The World Are Banning Michael Jackson’s Music

Radio stations all over the world are making the decision to ban Michael Jackson’s music in response to the Leaving Neverland documentary, which details the allegat...

5 months ago . 49 views

FaceApp: Chuck Schumer asks for FBI investigation

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has called for an investigation into FaceApp, which alters users' photos to make them look older or younger.

1 month ago . 46 views

Saudi Arabia implements end to travel restrictions for women

The authorities have also ended the ban on women driving cars last year

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Hands on: LG V35 ThinQ review
1 year ago . 254 views

Flickr has been acquired by SmugMug – so where should you store your photos?

Over the weekend, photo hosting platform SmugMug acquired Flickr from Yahoo – sorry, Verizon; merging two companies that have offered similar services for nearly 15...

1 year ago . 123 views

ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi acknowledges crush in Iraq, advises militants to either escape or explode themselves

Cairo: As Iraqi strengths are attempting to recover West Mosul, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has conceded the fear gathering'...

2 years ago . 135 views

10 Wealthiest Cities in the World: It’s Not New York or London at the Top

What does make a city rich? Is it the people? Is it the culture? Or is it a combination of a lot of things? In most cases, state of wealth at the city level is measured b...

7 months ago . 103 views

How Islam Began - In Ten Minutes
1 year ago . 208 views

The Universe- The Constellations - History
1 year ago . 189 views

Top 10 Most Watched Sports
1 year ago . 363 views

Top 5 Best Baby Bath Tub in India
10 months ago . 162 views

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review
5 months ago . 94 views

PHOTOS: The world’s first hotel with its own rainforest

ZAS Architects are building the world’s first hotel with its own rainforest, an artificial beach, and a glass-bottomed infinity pool 25 floors above the streets of ...

1 year ago . 168 views

Nature's 'alarming' decline threatens food, water, energy: UN study

OSLO: Human activities are causing an alarming decline in the variety of plant and animal life on Earth and jeopardising food, clean water and energy supplies, a UN-backe...

1 year ago . 121 views

Jogger Accidentally Crossed Into US From Canada, Was Detained For 2 Weeks

The 19-year-old recounted that she was frightened after Border Patrol agents put her in "the caged vehicles" to transport her to a detention center.

1 year ago . 121 views

Awesome Hairstyles
1 week ago . 7 views

Volvo XC40 First Drive Review - Not So Compact Afterall
1 year ago . 256 views

Illiteracy and it’s effect on the Country

Illiteracy is one of the common national issues we come across today in our daily lives. The lack of education among the people has turned out to be one of the very cruci...

1 year ago . 197 views

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