The farthest spacecraft from Earth has detected a 'hum' in the space beyond our solar system

More than 14 billion miles from Earth, NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft is listening to the background music of interstellar space.

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Sumerians Looked to the Heavens as They Invented the System of Time… And We Still Use it Today

One might find it curious that we divide the hours into 60 minutes and the days into 24 hours – why not a multiple of 10 or 12? Put quite simply, the answer i...

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Man wears mangalsutra, asks trolls ‘why can’t I wear it to signify my love for my wife’

Bride and groom Tanuja Patil and Shardul Kadam exchanged mangalsutras at their wedding. They, however, were taken aback by the backlash that followed.

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चोर गणेश मंदिर उज्जैन - मध्य प्रदेश

प्राचीन काल में चोरों के आराध्य रहे चोर गणेश  to यह दुर्लभ मंदिर उज्जैन में  अंकपात क्षेत्र के राम जनार्दन मंदिर के पास खाकचौक क्षेत्र में स्थापित है।&nbs...

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Remembering Russi Mody, corporate India’s original maverick

Rustomji Homusji Mody joined Tata Steel as an office assistant. By the time he left, he had quadrupled the company's production capacity and set the tone for ...

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Here are 5 cash transactions that can attract income tax notice

One needs to remain alert while doing any kind of high value cash transaction because the Income Tax Department has become highly vigilant about the cash transactio...

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The lessons Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan taught Mani Ratnam

In an hour-long conversation for his YouTube channel, Gautham Menon hesitantly asked Mani Ratnam to pick his favourite between Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan.

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This is to bring to your information a dangerous disease which is killing people by the hundreds AFTER they have recovered from the dreaded Covid-19 infection. ...

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Top 5 Best Side By Side Refrigerators in India
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OnePlus Watch review
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TVS XL Moped Modified To Look Like Harley Davidson Is A Valiant Attempt

While the mechanical configuration hasn’t been tinkered, it does with a custom-made engine casing which gives it the appearance of a V-twin

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Now self-quarantine, isolation facilities with meals available at premium hotels; how to book, what to expect

Uncertainty hits India's travel and hospitality segments once again! At a time when the travel and hospitality industry had begun to witness an uptick in terms ...

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5 breathing exercises to strengthen your respiratory system

Breathing exercises are a great way to develop the lungs as they improve lung muscles, clear out any secretion and increase the capacity by supplying an adequate ...

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Gujarat: Over 100 black fungus cases, govt announces separate wards for patients

On Saturday, the state government announced that it has placed an order for 5,000 injections of the antifungal drug, Amphotericin-B, at a cost of Rs 3.12 crore, use...

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12 Bollywood Movies That Fooled Us With Fake Locations

The larger-than-life persona of Bollywood has won many hearts over the years, whether it be in India or overseas. Bollywood is notorious for its over-the-top dialog...

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