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April Fool's Day: Watch how Ola plays a prank with flying cars

'Excited to unveil the world’s first and only fully autonomous electric flying car. The Ola AirPro,' Ola chairman and group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal annou...

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Dress up your deck this season by adding an outdoor rug to your lounge-chair setup or pool-side area. Not only do these resilient and versatile floor coverings comp...

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Indian-origin Nasa scientist controlling Mars Perseverance rover from a flat above hair salon in London

The mission control is at Nasa’s jet propulsion laboratory (JPL) in Southern California, where the Perseverance rover was built.

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While putting together the ideal gaming setup, a comfortable chair can sometimes fall by the wayside. Rather than investing in a nice, ergonomic chair, you might sp...

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A History Of Body hair Removal And Distorted Body Image

For centuries, society has dictated women’s choices over their appearance, by telling them how to dress and be ‘ladylike’. As a direct result of t...

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hair-Raising Video Shows Man 'Bathing' Huge King Cobra

Don't try this at home

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Your hair Is An Extension Of Your Crown Chakra

You know how a good hair day — a really, genuinely good hair day — has the ability to make you feel more alive, more connected to the world, more you? I...

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The Spiritual Roots Of hair

Hair is a central facet of our appearance, something that both men and women take great pride in, but does its purpose run deeper? Not only is hair a key represen...

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Herbs used in hair Oils made at SAO

HAIR OILS at SAO are not made with extracts....they are made the traditional way by soaking and cooking the actual herbs.

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The monsoon months can cause hair damage as the climate is sticky due to high humidity. It causes an increased risk of dandruff, hair fall, and frizzy lifeless hair...

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Azim Premji of Wipro donates more than Rs 50,000 crores to charity

GUWAHATI: Wipro founder chairman and managing director Azim H Premji has decided to make another humongous philanthropic contribution by donating R...

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Why do Buddhist Monks wear Orange Robes and Shave their Heads?

Being a visitor to Southeast Asia (especially in Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia), you’ll notice Buddhist monks wearing Orange Robes and an almost skin...

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The hair on our bodies has a particular structure and is divided into thin and thick hair. Thin hair, also called lanugo or vellus, is located on all skin surfaces ...

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10 Superb Benefits of Kokum Butter for Overall Skin & hair Health

Kokum butter is extracted from Garcinia Indica, commonly known as the kokum. Generally used as a substitute of cocoa butter, kokum butter contains anti-inflammatory...

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Ratan Tata has a suggestion for Modi govt on transition to EVs

• The Auto Expo 2020 bears witness to the tectonic transition from the internal combustion engine to the electric engine <...

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Woman Grows hairs Out of Her Gums in Extremely Rare Medical Case

From time to time, we all need to pull out the odd hair that's grown out of place. But we're willing to bet that one spot you've never needed to pluck...

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Playing With Fire: Barber's Blazing haircut Is Viral With 43 Million Views

In the footage, the barber uses a lighter to set the man's hair on fire.

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‘Government has a vision for India’: Ratan Tata’s thumbs up to PM Modi

Tata Group's chairman emeritus Ratan Tata on Wednesday effusively praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah for their "vision ...

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Madhya Pradesh to produce organic fertilizer from human hair

The Madhya Pradesh environment department and NGO Sarthak will set up amino acid growth promoter plants in Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur and Gwalior.

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Top 10 strange uses for human hair

You know when you get your hair cut and there’s just a pile of it left on the floor? Did you ever wonder what happens to it? In most cases, it’s just th...

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MK Stalin, DMK Chief, Takes Oath As Tamil Nadu Chief Minister

MK Stalin swearing-in ceremony: The DMK, which led an alliance that includes the Congress and other smaller parties, swept the April 6 election, winning 159 of 234 ...

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New 'very infectious' Covid-19 strain spreading fast among younger age...

The N440K is neither a 'variant of interest' nor is virulent now, the state Health Department has said quoting a study by the Centre for Cellular and Molecu...

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Post Office investment: THESE schemes will double your money quickly

If you’re looking to invest your money in secure schemes then what can be safer than investing in Post Office schemes. 

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Zebronics Orion Review
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तिरुपति बालाजी का रहस्य

भारत के प्रसिद्ध मंदिरों में से एक है तिरुपति बालाजी का मंदिर आंध्र प्रदेश के चित्तूर जिले में स्थित है। इस मंदिर में विराजमान भगवान वेंकटेश्‍वर स्‍वामी ज...

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An Elephant Recognizes The Vet Who Saved Him When He Was About To Die ...

If there is something that an animal is really grateful for, it is that their life has saved, even if they cannot speak, with their actions they show us that their ...

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In a historic first, Saudi Arabia releases pictures of Black Stone in ...

These pictures of al-Hajar al-Aswad, or the ‘Black Stone’, are up to 49,000 megapixels in size and took more than 50 hours to photograph and develop, Ge...

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Chaudhary Ajit Singh, former Union minister, dies of Covid-19

Chaudhary Ajit Singh, the founder and chief of the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD), was the son of the late Chaudhary Charan Singh, former Prime Minister of India. Ajit Sin...

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How to Grow Mango Trees at Home in Just 6 Easy Steps

What started as a curiosity to grow plants during her childhood, has turned into an active hobby with encouragement from family and friends for Hyderabad-based Nain...

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Recipe: Got an overripe banana? Use it to make blueberry chia jam bake...

Attention breakfast lovers! If you are running out of delicious breakfast ideas as you juggle work from home and household chores together amid Covid-19 lockdown, c...

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Best iems Under Rs. 5000 For Music Listening
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How to grow old with your fitness intact

The older you get, the more you need to work on your fitness. Lounge brings you expert tips on how to remain fit, strong and mobile

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Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5 Door: Launch Timeline, Engine Specs, Dimensions

It is no secret that Suzuki is testing the long wheelbase version of the Jimny off-roader in Europe. The new Suzuki Jimny LWB is reportedly to be introduced in the ...

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Shri Durga temple, Aihole, Karnataka

The Durga Mandir is a medieval Hindu temple located in Aihole in the state of Karnataka, India.

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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India – Detailed Review
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Five wittiest replies of Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag was a unique cricketer when he was playing the game. He always batted in his own way and never cared about the reputation of the bowlers when he w...

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10 Bollywood celebrities who nailed it as entrepreneurs

Any celebrities have the potential to motivate and empower people to launch their own companies. More specifically, these business owners did so with courage. Many ...

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#BudgetBuys: Top 5 Aloe Vera Gels under Rs 500 in India
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Top 5 Best Hair Colors in India for Men & Women
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Why didn’t Saif Ali Khan achieve stardom like Salman Khan and Shahrukh...

Saif Ali Khan, who is veteran actress Sharmila Tagore’s son, is an actor himself for the past 28 years. It was easy for him to enter Bollywood, like any oth...

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द्रोणगिरी गांव, द्रोणागिरि पर्वत, उत्तराखंड - इस गांव में हनुमानजी ...

इस गांव का नाम है द्रोणागिरी । उत्तराखंड के चमोली जिले में स्थित है । 

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The Great Indian Oxygen Famine

The artificial scarcity of oxygen and this oxygen famine is a result of bad policies and malicious political designs.

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Meet Manta, a sea-cleaning sailboat that feeds on plastic waste

Each year, an estimated eight million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean. According to the UN, if nothing is done, there will be more plastic waste than fish in ...

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