20 Rare Pictures of Anil Ambani

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Long before The Great Khali and WWE, there were Basanta Singh and Goba...

American wrestling was a gladiatorial sport in the 1920s and Singh and Goho were its ‘Oriental’ draws.  

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Tiberius, Imperial Detective

In ancient Rome, murder was a private business, unless the emperor took an interest in the case.  

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Lahore and Amritsar: Two cities joined at birth are dying together

A border drawn across the map severed centuries of bonds forged between the two cities. But memories of the past linger in the air.

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Ogedei Khan: Only His Death Could Save Europe from the Mongols

Ogedei Khan was the second Khagan (meaning ‘Great Khan’) of the Mongol Empire. He was the third son of Genghis Khan and succeeded his father in 1229. Og...

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