5 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S9 Beats OnePlus 6 to The Best Android Smartphone Spot
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As the OnePlus 6 goes head to head with the Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S9, there are some talking points that justify the Galaxy S9's higher price point. Here are a few of them.

OnePlus has brought out its latest ‘flagship killer’ in the form of the OnePlus 6, launched earlier this month. The device comes with the top-of-the-line specifications and living true to its name, does give the premium smartphones by other companies a run for their money. Earlier, we had listed five aspects in which the all-new OnePlus 6 scores over the flagship smartphones of Apple and Samsung, namely the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9.

Yet, there are some other areas where the OnePlus 6 falls short of matching the prowess of these two flagship smartphones. These are also the reasons why the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X retail at a higher cost than the OnePlus 6. Focussing on the Samsung Galaxy S9, here we list five reasons why the Samsung device tops the OnePlus 6, justifying its higher price tag and maintaining its lead in the market as a top Android buy.

1. Infinity Display

This is a major factor in Samsung’s success in the flagship smartphone segment in the past couple of years. The company, with its S7 Edge, had brought a revolution in the smartphone industry with a curved edge display. Building on it, Samsung proceeded to expand the curved display to cover the maximum play area on the phone and introduced it in its Galaxy S8 as the ‘Infinity Display’, which, to this day, stands apart from the rest of the offerings in the market. 

One look at the Infinity display and you will know why. The display is just mesmerizing to look at. A complete edge-to-edge display that eliminates the whole purpose of having an ‘edge’ in a smartphone. 

What’s more, Samsung uses its own Super AMOLED displays on these for the maximum resolution. If you go by the numbers, the Galaxy S9 comes with a 2960x1440 pixels resolution. In comparison, the OnePlus 6 is only able to offer a 2280x1080 pixels resolution, highlighting a massive difference in the display quality. This does not even match to the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge, which offers a 2560x1440 pixels resolution, and the device was launched back in 2016! What’s up with this OnePlus?

2. Camera

When Samsung brought out its Galaxy S9 back in February, the smartphone was widely acclaimed to carry the best camera modules on it, even pitting the Apple flagship. Not just with the S9, Samsung has a history of offering the best low-light photography on its flagship smartphones. With the Galaxy S9, it only got better, thanks to a variable focus, variable aperture, super slow-motion and a couple of other such camera-centric features.

Now OnePlus 6 cameras are not to be undermined. But the OnePlus 6, like many other smartphones in the market, relies heavily on AI enhancements to provide good quality images. There is a visible difference in the ‘natural’ and ‘AI enhanced’ quality of pictures. This is also part of the reason why the DSLRs are still preferred for photography over any smartphone, even with the top quality camera modules on them. 

3. Water water everywhere, not a drop to fear

Clear, isn’t it? The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with IP68 water and dust resistance to the extent that the device literally comes out unaffected even from the bottom of an average pool (Yes, we have tested this out). Samsung has always taken care of this aspect with its flagship smartphones.

OnePlus 6, on the other hand, offers no such IP rating to guarantee the device’s operability after getting submerged in water. The company does, however, mention that the smartphone can take most of the water splashes in real-world scenarios like use with wet hands, under rain and so. In our usage, we found this to be true to the extent and you won’t be left with a crashed smartphone until and unless it really falls into a pool.

4. Features Overload

This is what we personally love about the Samsung flagships. The smartphones are just loaded with features through and through. Even after months of using the devices, you tend to stumble across one or the other unexplored feature embedded in the smartphone. The same holds true for the Galaxy S9 as well. To give you a gist of it, the Galaxy S9 offers features like Samsung’s own voice assistant Bixby, an edge bar, Dex Pad support, AR Emojis, Gear VR support, super slow-mo GIFs, live translation (super handy), variable aperture, variable screen resolution, dual messenger, blood pressure monitor (yes!), Samsung Pay, blah..blah..blah. You get the point.

OnePlus 6 lacks way behind in this aspect. Though it has all the latest Android features, there is not much on offer apart from the regular Android features which can be found on any premium Android device. Certainly one or two features here and there like hiding the notch or changing the interface but mostly limited to customisations. 

5. The Samsung Ecosystem

OnePlus is still a budding company that is undoubtedly coming up with great products. However, a big plus that established players like Samsung and Apple have over companies like OnePlus is the fact that they are practically everywhere. And buying a premium device from any of these is a sort of a free membership pass to the entire Samsung or Apple ecosystem.

For instance, Samsung has its own voice assistant Bixby in addition to the globally available Google Assistant on androids. It also has its own digital wallet and payment gateway in the form of Samsung Pay, a security assurance in the form of Knox, shopping portal – Samsung Mall, virtual reality platform – Samsung Gear VR, own accessories like the Samsung Gear, Samsung UFlex, Samsung headphones and what not. It’s a complete parallel world that would have you hooked on to it.

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