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Ogedei Khan: Only His Death Could Save Europe from the Mongols

Ogedei Khan was the second Khagan (meaning ‘Great Khan’) of the Mongol Empire. He was the third son of Genghis Khan and succeeded his father in 1229. Og...

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Operation Eagle — The 1971 mission by RAW and Tibetan SFF that has no ...

In ‘The War That Made R&AW’, Anusha Nandakumar and Sandeep Saket write that with the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, spymaster R.N. Kao put India&rs...

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Sarah Joseph’s new novel imagines the life of the woman who was ostrac...

An excerpt from ‘Budhini’, by Sarah Joseph, translated from the Malayalam by Sangeetha Sreenivasan.

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The Mighty Red Fort of New Delhi, a Symbol of Mughal Power and Wealth

For various reason, buildings and structures become symbols of nations, for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the pyramids in Egypt, and the Red Fort in New Delhi,...

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