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  • #DNA : नए इरादों वाला भारत PoK में फहराएगा तिरंगा ?
#DNA : नए इरादों वाला भारत PoK में फहराएगा तिरंगा ?

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Chenab bridge, world's highest rail bridge taller than Eiffel Tower, c...

The length of the Chenab bridge will be 1,315 metres with 17 spans, of which the span of the main arch across Chenab river will be 467 metres. The viaduct portion c...

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‘Bandar mara gaya’: 15 min after missiles struck Balakot, a phone call...

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New Rules For Online News And Social Media: 10-Point Guide

The government will designate an officer of the rank of a Joint Secretary or above as the "Authorised Officer" who can direct blocking of content....

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NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court Tuesday cautioned a law student not to address the judges as “Your honour” as it was not the “US Sup...

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ASCI releases draft rules for influencers

The mainstay of the draft code is to clearly identify and label upfront that a certain communication is an advertisement

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