Top 10 Best Cycle Helmets in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Safety comes first whether you’re touring, commuting or mountain biking, investing in a vital piece of kit is a must-have. There is no wonder cycle helmet is one of an essential piece of kit if you commute to work via cycle or otherwise. Lately, reports suggest that 70% of severe head injuries can be avoided if the rider is wearing a helmet. Since helmets are designed in a way that reduces the chances of collision eventually reducing the risk of injury as much as possible. Always go for helmets that are used Multi-directional Impact System (MIPS). Your safety is our prime concern which is why we’ve come up with a list of top 10 cycle helmets that you can choose and prepare yourself for any severe situation. 

Top Rated Cycle Helmets Reviews

Here comes another option that we would suggest our customers to purchase, which is the Strauss Cycling Helmet. This is a cycling helmet that offers a normal size, furnished with an easy to use dial arrangement along with the side bands, which turns this nutcase cycling helmet modifiable to diverse sizes of head. This cycling helmet has been made up of lightweight components; the internal pad has been crafted having a breathable mesh for utmost comfort. The embracing of focused sweptback and air circulation design permits the air to get through the cycling helmet.

Are you a cycling enthusiast and want to purchase a cycling helmet to keep yourself safe whilst you paddle outdoors? Here we have the Cockatoo Professional Cycling Helmet, which is an adjustable cycling and skating helmet that comprises of a visor together with 21 air vents to keep the head properly ventilated. This cycling helmet has been crafted using the durable black EPS couples up with the dense PVC shell having multiple patterns. You don’t need to be stressed about the quality of the product since it is an ideal cycling or skating helmet for professionals.

If you’re looking for a helmet that is stylish, safe and comfy enough then look no further than Zacro Adjustable Thrasher helmet. It is made from PVC &PC, EPS foam material which is great for safety purpose. The distinctive aerodynamic design that makes air ventilated can keep cool throughout riding a bike. It is super light in weight and comes very light on the head and surely decreases the chances of any mishaps.

For every single person who wants to purchase a cycling or skating helmet but is short on budget, the Kamachi Cycling Skating Helmet is going to be the best choice since it provides the users with every single feature that he or she longs for and that too at a reasonable price. As the Kamachi Cycling Helmet has been made up of the lightweight fiber, we suppose that wearing it won’t add to the pressure on your head whilst paddling your way ahead in a cycle race. In addition, this cycling-skating helmet comes with a unique yet strong design coupled up with a decent ventilation system, which makes if even more confortable to wear.

This helmet from Zacro is lightweight, tough and durable PVC & PC, EPS foam material is safely and supportive to decrease the influence forces of the accident.  Zacro is a well-proven brand when it comes to helmets which are why we picked two models from the brand in our list.  The seat cover of the helmet comes with dust and water resistant. Since it is light in weight it will add no burden on the rider while riding.

Our next pick is from Giro Savant, just so you know it is a big name in the world helmets. They are known for the services they provide. They offer great services to their users in the terms of safety, protection and endurance. It comes with an authentic style and performance, with unmatched value. The helmet has a Roc Loc 5 Fit System with Wind tunnel ventilation with 25 vents that is designed In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner.

The Schwinn Thrasher helmet comes with dual fit adjustable design.  It comes with adult bike helmet and there is a built-in visor delivers augmented shade while riding. The moisture-wicking pads keep rider’s head dry. The 21 combined flow vents to keep rider cool and it easy-to-adjust webbing ensures a contented fit. If you’re looking for a helmet that’s stylish and full on value then without a shadow of a doubt pick Schwinn.

Skating is deliberated to be one among the most exciting, electrifying yet unsafe sport. Bearing this fact in mind, the sports gear brand Nivia has intended this effectual skating helmet so that the people might be able to courageously skate through on the rollers without experiencing any sort of fear of being injured by any means. The inner shells of this skating helmet from Nivia have been crafted out of top-quality stretched out polystyrene that is going to keep the head of the skater protected and secure from any sort of shock. In addition, this helmet also comprises of the chip straps, which you may also tighten or loosen according to your preference so that the helmet is always in a steady position.

This helmet from Critical cycle is US CPSC safety standard tested and approved. The classic skate design helmet with 11 vents to keep you cool and comfy and 2 sets of identical pads for a custom fit.  It is designed with a fully formed ABS surrounds high quality EPS foam to ensure safety on impact.  It keeps your head protected in this Critical Cycles helmet as you ride on your bikes, Skateboards, roller skates and scooters. You can pick from a variety of matte colours to flawlessly accent your bike and augment your personality.

In case you are searching for a professional grade cycling or skating helmet for yourself or your friend or family member who is really fond of skating or cycling, then you must purchase the Vector X H-50 cycling-skating helmet for sure. This helmet has been intended to diminish bearings to the head of the cyclist whilst they fall through diminishing the side effects like intrusion with outlying vision. Being a multi-sports safety helmet, you may use it for any kind of sport that necessitates wearing a helmet on the head. Owing to the adjustable fit, you may tighten or loosen the strap according to the size of your head so that the helmet remains steady all throughout.

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