3 Best UPS for PC in India

UPS is a device to prevent losing your computer data by providing battery backup on power surges. If you are a professional or home user, everyone needs UPS for their computer data safety. Most of the professionals have already lost their unsaved work due to the sudden power cut. So, It is better to have an uninterruptible power supply device with your system. In this post, we provide a list of best UPS for Personal computer in India.

But before proceeding further, we have made some points which you need to check before selecting best UPS or Battery Backups.

1. Power points – Check how many devices you need to run at a time e.g. Monitor, CPU, Speakers, etc. If you have any extra equipment installed like wifi router then must ensure UPS has that number of power points at the back end. In most cases, three points are enough for usage. Two for CPU, Monitor, and the remaining one can be used for a wifi router.

2. Battery backup time – Most of the UPS give power backup for 10 – 20 minutes. It will also depend on your monitor size, devices you have connected. Don’t always go for the higher backup time it will increase your cost. Instead, you need to one which satisfies your needs. Generally, 600VA is sufficient for home PC user.

Best UPS for Computers in India

In this list, we have listed three best UPS available in India to buy online. These are most rated, most sold UPS units for PC. So, have a look at these top 5 UPS and select best one for you.

APC Back-UPS comes with 600va power and three power points.


*It has beautiful contemporary design & Compact size.
*High-speed charging
*Weight – 5.4 Kg
*Easy to read display
*BIS Certified
*Battery Saver: Increases battery life up to two times.
*2 Year Warranty

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Customers Rating on Amazon – 4.0 / 5.0

It is the most sold UPS model ever on Amazon India and ruling the industry like a boss. It supports faster charging of battery & have 600va power capacity to give backup.


*It has 33% Faster recharging
*Weight – 4.5 Kg
*Protects you from data loss
*Auto restart while AC recovery
*Automatic voltage regulator for Boost & Buck
*Wide input voltage range
*2 Year Warranty

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Customers Rating on Amazon – 3.8 / 5.0


*Compact Size
*Excellent Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
*2-Step boost and 1-step buck AVR for Voltage
*Auto restart while AC is recovering
*Simulated Sine wave

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Customers Rating on Amazon – 3.9 / 5.0

Hope you’ll like our UPS review and found this best UPS for PC list useful for you.

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