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Top 5 Best Crompton Greaves Fans in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
19 June 2018 IST
Top 5 Best Crompton Greaves Fans in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
The weather conditions during this period of the year in India are really uncomfortable owing to the scorching heat that the sun transcends into the atmosphere. Hence, even the indoors of your house also become hot and humid, which might only be relieved through proper ventilation and circulation of air. In such conditions, a ceiling fan might come to your rescue by providing you with the best air circulation.

There are many brands that manufacture and sell ceiling fans on the market; therefore, finding out the best ceiling fan for you might not be that easy. Thus, we have listed down the Best Crompton Fans that you can purchase for your home for utmost comfort. With the features like high speed, excellent design, double ball bearing, low power consumption, and anti-dust body, the Crompton fans are the best that you can get on the market.

To further enhance the quality of your decision, we have come up with a comprehensive Ceiling Fan Buying Guide, which is going to tell you each and everything you need to know before buying a ceiling fan for your house or office. So, go through this entire ceiling fan review, and we are certain that your desirable ceiling fan won’t be any far from you.

Crompton Fans Reviews

For the people who want a chic and stylish ceiling fan for their drawing room, the Uranus 1200mm ceiling fan from Crompton is the best option for you. It provides you with both lighting as well as the air circulation that you need for relaxation. With a high speed of 320RPM, this ceiling fan from Crompton provides you a really comfortable breeze and powerful air throw. Further, this ceiling fan doesn’t consume a lot of electricity, hence brings down the energy bills considerably.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Offers an excellent gold finish design that augments the room’s appearance
*Comprises of 4 blades and 3 lamp shades to serve two purposes at once
*Provides you a dominant rotating speed to provide air in every corner
*Covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty for after-sales service
*Designed pretty effectively to deliver noise-less operation for comfort

The ceiling fan is a tremendously power effectual model, and works at a power of 74 W. It has been intended to assist you in diminishing those hefty power bills, lacking the need to negotiate on either luxury or extravagance. The Crompton Aura ceiling fan comprises of 3-blades for determined air delivery. The blades are 1200mm in length and have been coupled up with a motor, which provides it a high-speed of 360 rpm, distributes near about 230 cubic meters of air every single minute.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Comes with an attractive gold finish shanks & elegant border blades
*Offers an elegant design with the golden ring on the motor and canopy
*Provides you with the required safety, comfort, and durability
*Covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty for customer support
*Helps you save considerable amount of money with a low power rating

Here are we presenting the whole new panache of breezy familiarity through the Crompton Avancer Anti-Dust ceiling fan that grasps around 50% less dirt as compared to the standard ceiling fans. This fan comprises of a fashionable yet aerodynamic framing to offers the ideal breeze that easily stretches out to all the corners inside you room. These ceiling fans are effortless to clean with only a solo swipe of cloth, anti-stain, and glittering new appearance whenever cleaned.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Really convenient anti-dust fans to make the cleaning process a breeze
*Comes with a stylish aerodynamic design to provide air in every corner
*Covered with a 2-years manufacturer warranty for user assistance
*Makes use of really less energy hence diminishes the electricity bills
*The indigo blue colour of the Crompton Avancer further augments its look

There are many people who don’t want any frills or extravagance in the ceiling fan that they would buy for their home or office. The best for those people is the Crompton Hill Briz, which comes with a ribbed aluminium body coupled up with exclusive angle which permits it to distribute extra air in a really big area. The dominant motor comprises of double ball bearing which ensures that the ceiling fan functions smoothly deprived of generating noise. The fan offers high speed for the needed cooling experience by hurling air all over the room.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Crafted using aluminium for durability as well as attaining high speeds
*With the double ball bearing motor, you get an effective noiseless operation
*Works at a really high-speed for the most advanced cooling experience
*Consumes really less power with a rating of 75Watts to provide savings
*Helps in circulating the air effectively even in those large rooms in the house

Now it would be really easy and effortless to battle heat as well as uneasiness by purchasing this Crompton Aure Prime Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling Fan, which offers the most dominant air delivery rate. Together with being proficient of distributing cool and revitalizing air, the fan further chomps really less power as compared to the air coolers or air conditioners. This ceiling fan from Crompton comes in the eye-catching birken colour, which is really unique and the ring on the motor and the canopy further enhances its appearance.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Helps you beat the scorching summer heat and discomfort with ease
*Delivers cool and refreshing air in every single corner of your room
*Consumes really less power as compared to the air coolers and ACs
*Offers a really chic and stylish design to match any sort of room setting
*With the anti-dust material, cleaning the ceiling fan is really easy

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now comprehensively reviewed as well as analysed the Best Crompton Fans on the market, it would be really easy for our users to choose the fan that they require for their home or office. With the top-notch features that have been couple up with an advanced aerodynamic design, the Crompton fans are definitely the forerunners on the market. Additionally, the double ball bearing motors provide you with the noiseless operation, which allows you to have good night’s sleep. Apart from that, comprising of an anti-dust design, cleaning these ceiling fans is certainly a breeze.

In case, there are a few users who are dazed or confused so as to which Crompton Ceiling Fan they must opt for, they must readily go with our personal suggestion for sure. The Crompton Ceiling fan that we are going to recommend to our users is the Crompton Avancer Prime Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling Fan, which is going to provide you with the best features and design ar a really reasonable price.

What are the Aspects to Take Care of While Purchasing a Ceiling Fan?

The finest ceiling fans that are marketed today have been taken to a whole new level in comparison to their ancestors. They profit from the superior motors, extra strong materials, more striking finishes, and instinctual controls. You may be able to select out of the large range of configurations, styles, prices, and sizes. Here we provide you with the information to assist you in selecting the best ceiling fan as per your requirements and budget.

Ceiling Fan Controls

A majority of fans are installed at the ceiling box on which the light fitting was previously positioned. Normally, the light switch is substituted with the control that permits several fan speeds and in cases where the fan comprises of lights; the light settings come into consideration. It’s significant for this function to comprise of a capacitor design and be prepared from the same producer as the fan to eradicate any sort of noise.

The fans are usually positioned or set up at the electrical box that isn’t regulated through a wall switch might be operated though the pulling chain or, using a remote control with some brands. This function comprises of both fan settings and automatic lights. It also automatically regulates the speed of the fan to suit the alteration in the temperature of the room and turn off or on the fan light in an uneven sequence whilst you’re outside your house.

Fan Blade Sizes & Materials

The ceiling fans comprise of 3 to 5 blades. The total number of blades might not shake the overall performance that much. A few people state that more blades essentially transport lesser air since there is lesser space for the blades to grasp the air inside the room. However, the totality of the blades certainly affects the cost of the ceiling fans. In general, with an increase in the number of blades, the price of the fan also increases.

Blades are provided in numerous lengths, measured through the sweep-size of the blade they generate: 30, 42, 44, 46, 50, 52, and 60 inches respectively. A majority of the fan manufacturers solely prepare 2 or 3 distinct lengths. The longer blades provide more air as compared to the shorter ones.

Blades have been prepared making use of several kinds of materials and are provided with an extensive diversity of finishes. The painted or the natural wood blades are prepared out of cross-laminated veneer, solid wood, and the less costly veneered persistent-thickness board.

The finishes comprise of appliance white, natural, oak, cherry, burled camphor, walnut, white, bleached oak, rosewood, faux granite, high lustre, black, colours, and more.

A few blades comprise of a changeable finish—for an instance, they may provide you with a decolorized oak appearance on a side and the coated white finish on the second side. You only need to turn the fan’s blades to totally change its look.

The remaining kinds of blades have been prepared using the clear or smoked acrylic. The original outdoor fans from Hunter comprise of the blades of washable sailcloth hard-pressed above a frame; the cloth is obtainable in numerous colours. Together the Casablanca and Fasco fans provide identical assistances.

Sizing & Location of a Fan

Customarily, it is profitable to make use of the 52-inch ceiling fan for the spaces having an area of around 400-square-foot, the 44-inch ceiling fan for the spaces with area around 225 square feet, and the 42-inch ceiling fan for an area around the 144 square feet mark. For the rooms that are above 18 feet long, think through making use of 2 average-sized fans.

In case it is probable, install the fan in the centre of your room, adjacent to the position where people sit. Ensure that the tips of the blades are at best 24 inches from the walls or sloping ceilings. The fans that are installed near to the ceiling might generate a “cavitation effect,” which signifies that they distribute lesser air. A few fans that are surface-mounted and low-profile are intended to provide more air as compared to the customary models.

For the ceilings that are even taller than the 8 feet mark, you must hang the fan using a drop rod so that it is at the position where it might be even more effectual. The distance at which the ceiling fan must hang is going to rely on the height of the ceiling itself. A fan must never hang below the 7 feet mark when measured from the floor.

A robust support is needed for every single ceiling fan. The substantial weight along with the centrifugal working puts a lot of strain on the hangers. Owing to this, they should be fixed to the standard light fixture boxes on the ceiling that are steadily fixed to inclosing members or they should be attached to the metal crossbars, hooks, or the exceptional hangers destined for the ceiling fans.

Judging Ceiling Fan Quality

The cost of any ceiling fan might range from really low price to a really high price, which particularly depends on the overall quality of the fan. A top-class fan comprise of numerous features that you might not be able to find in the cheaper models. It transports the air quietly and to every single corner of the cabin or room. The components of the fan are really well planned, crafted out of top-quality materials, and comprise of enduring, eye-catching finishes. The motor of the fan comprises if numerous speeds. Further, it is supported through a warranty by the manufacturer to back its quality.

Even though the ceiling fans have been rated by the quantity of air they offer, which is calculated in the cubic feet per minute, and these ratings aren’t very relevant since they have not been grounded on comprehensively accepted criterions and since a fan is rarely utilized at top speed.

The movement of air relies on the length, pitch, and total number of blades; ceiling distance; and the RPM. A fragile motor might spin those short blades rapidly in case the blades are on a lowest pitch of around 10 degrees, although this kind of fan generally produces more noise as compared to the fan that spins with longer blades on a 14-degree pitch further gently.

A few of the low-priced fans that are marketed by the bulk merchandisers comprise of motors that are produced in China. These are confirmed to be undependable, as demonstrated by elevated return rates. The lower-end ceiling fans have absence of quality in manufacture and design— they probably tremble and hum even while they are working at lower speeds.

A motor must comprise of sealed bearings that don’t need any sort of lubrication. The finest measure of the quality of the motor is the brand’s repute and the offered warranty.


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Serving political interests in another person's illness is the lowest form of human value. A 70+ y old lady has cancer.

November 28, 2016 05:00 IST
Shibu Chandran
2 hours ago

Serving political interests in another person's illness is the lowest form of human value. A 70+ y old lady has cancer.

November 28, 2016 05:00 IST
Shibu Chandran
2 hours ago

Serving political interests in another person's illness is the lowest form of human value. A 70+ y old lady has cancer.

November 28, 2016 05:00 IST

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