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Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India 2018 – Reviews & Price List
20 June 2018 IST
Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India 2018 – Reviews & Price List
As the summer heat is increasing day after another, there might be several people who are going to search for the finest cooling appliance, which is going to provide the required relaxation. There is a really wide range of appliances on the market that are capable of doing that for you. But, if you are searching for a budget appliance to beat that summer heat, then the air coolers are surely the best choice which you may opt for. The air coolers are the best products to cool down your room while there isn’t any humidity in the air and the dry heat is prevailing all over the surroundings.

Comprising of features such as the dominant air delivery, cool trap technology, ice boxes, 4-way deflection function, rust-resistant body, and a lot more, the air coolers which we have reviewed down here will surely provide you with the comfort and cooling that you predominantly want. If there are a few users who are unable to find the best air cooler for their home, we have also provided a buyer’s guide for air coolers, which will help ease out the overall buying procedure for you!

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Best Air Cooler Reviews

Orient made its way into the market with the ceiling fans and since then has not seen back. The air coolers from Orient are also fabulous in each and every aspect and offer many sound features. Feel comfortable through its influential air throw and the superb cooling capabilities. Having a tank volume of 50 liters, an amazing air throw of 11-metre and its automatic fill proficiency, the snowbreeze super cooler makes sure that the winter season is back.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Comprises of 4 castor wheels to easily move the cooler from place to place
*This air cooler consumes really less energy hence is inverter compatible
*With 4-way air deflection arrangement, cools your room in no time
*Provides an air delivery of 3500 cubic meters per hour for utmost cooling
*The 3-speed motor further adds to the overall cooling performance

Product Details

Brand                     Orient
Model                   CD5002B
Colour                    White
Capacity                50 Liters
Stars Rating         4.2

Symphony gets you a portable cooler that turns your life relaxed. You may also effortlessly transport this convenient cooler to every corner and sense the breeze when it chills your home. This handy air cooler comes in with a 4 side highly efficient honeycomb pad, multi-directional wheel to offer easy mobility, and the much-needed empty water tank alarm. The air cooler is also energy-efficient and offers a large water tank capacity for longer cooling.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Provides you with a dominant 18-inch fan for powerful cooling performance
*Offers the dura-pump technology for effectively providing water to the pads
*Comprises of a 56-liters water tank capacity to provide cooling for a long time
*The whisper-quiet performance lets you sleep without any disturbance
*The powerful air throw helps in cooling down the area within no time

Product Details

Brand                     Symphony
Model                   Winter XL
Colour                    White
Capacity                56 Liters
Stars Rating        4

The Bajaj Desert DC air cooler comprises of a 3-way speed regulator, Castor helms for simple movement Chill Trap Technology Four modes air ricochet Honeycomb chilling media, effortlessly detachable pads Icebox for improved cooling. The cooler’s body has been made up of corrosion-free, planned thermoplastic stuff for hard-wearing performance. The air cooler offers quiet operation and it even works on an inverter.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*An appropriate air cooler for taking care of all climates and coastal regions
*Comes with a 54-liters water tank capacity to provide cooling for long
*The honeycomb cooling provides for a longer cooling performance
*Easy to replace the cooling pads since they are detachable
*Comprises of castor wheels which turns it easier to move the cooler

Product Details

Brand                     Bajaj
Model                    DC 55 DLX
Colour                    White
Capacity                54 Liters
Stars Rating         5

The desert coolers from Cello are commanding but never power starved. They are operational in the most sweltering summer heats but ingest really low energy. The wavering louvers and turbo chilling offer cooling in every corner. This solid air cooler merges a fashionable design having a big tank. It further has the enhanced and solid honeycomb chilling pads which turns cooling even further efficient. Since the air gushes through the honeycomb cooling pads, the air touches more water as compared to usual cooling pads and cools quicker.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Offers a water tank capacity of 60-liters ideal to provide longer cooling
*Suitable for cooling a room or space having an area of about 800 square feet
*A dominant large size cooler that comes with international styling & design
*Comprises of the effectual honeycomb cooling pads for advanced cooling
*Offers an air delivery of 5000 cubic meters per hour for cooling the room quickly

Product Details

Brand                     Cello
Model                   Marvel Plus
Colour                    White
Capacity               60 Liters
Stars Rating        4

This Havells Air cooler has been formulated with classy material and it has been particularly meant for rooms only. This is India ’s first advanced air cooler variety that has exclusive features such as – totally folding louvers, 3-side cleanable dirt filter nets, water chamber cover, and automatic drain as well. The humidity regulating system, display for temperature, cord twisting station, 3 edges honeycomb chilling pads along with very low noise are features that avoid dust & pests from arriving at the air cooler.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Offers you with triple-protection against dust and insects for safety
*Provides you with a large water tank for a longer cooling time
*The lowers a completely collapsible so that the dust doesn’t go inside
*Comprises of a specially intended fan for silent cooling operation
*The 3-side honeycomb cooling pads further enhance the performance

Product Details

Brand                     Havells
Model                    Freddo
Colour                    Silver
Capacity                70 Liters
Stars Rating        5

Voltas is a brand that has made its name in the market with its products like air conditioners, refrigerators, coolers, and lots more. The air coolers provided by the company are also as efficient as its air conditioning units. The Voltas VB P15MH air cooler is the unit that offers effective air throw, castor wheels for simple mobility, a really powerful blower, and the honeycomb pads to offer optimum cooling effect.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*An outstanding personal cooler for cooling down your room with ease
*Offers a 23-feet air throw to provide you with faster cooling performance
*Comes with honeycomb cooling pads for grasping even more water
*Covered with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product
*Provides a 15-Liters water tank capacity ample for working all night

Product Details

Brand                     Voltas
Model                    VB P15MH
Colour                    White
Capacity                15 Liters
Stars Rating         5

The home and kitchen appliances from Bajaj are known to be the best units in the market as company assures its customer on quality as well as nice customer service. This air cooler from Bajaj is also a nice unit with amazing features. The icon digital room cooler has a unique iconic design and styling, bigger capacity to offer longer cooling, anti-rust material structure, wood wool evaporative pads, and comes in with a remote as well.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*An air cooler ideal for cooling larger rooms up to 600 square feet area
*Comes with the effective wool wool cooling media for advanced cooling
*Comprises of 3-side cooling pads to provide you with amazing coolness
*Provides 3-way speed control along with the silent operation for relaxation
*The 4-way air deflection cools down the room within a short period of time

Product Details

Brand                     Bajaj
Model                    Icon Digital
Colour                    White
Capacity                43 Liters
Stars Rating         4.3

Kenstar is a prevalent brand in the sector of home and kitchen appliances. The brand provides effective cooling systems as well. Thus, you may buy the Kenstar Double Cool DX air cooler to make you feel relaxed and cool during the course of the summer season. This air cooler is corrosion free, the plastic body has been thermally re-engineered and it comprises of 50 liters of water tank volume. This air cooler is appropriate for arid and parched climates and is also perfect for any house or any room.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*An amazing personal cooler that provides cooling when and where you need
*Offers an air throw distance of around 35-feet for cooling down the room quickly
*Provides you with the vertical motorized louver movement for all-around cooling
*Equipped with the wool wool evaporative pads for enhances cooling ability
*Consumes really less electricity while working hence is inverter compatible

Product Details

Brand                     Kenstar
Model                    Double Cool Dx
Colour                    White
Capacity                50 Liters
Stars Rating         4.1

Crompton Greaves is a brand that deals basically in fans and air coolers along with many other fabulous products. The Crompton Ozone air cooler is a desert cooler for all those who want comfort at their home. This air cooler offers amazing air throw as well as air delivery providing a bigger cooling area. Along with these standard features, it offers you portability, honeycomb pads for better cooling, a very large capacity of 75 liters, and further, it saves a lot of power which makes it energy-efficient.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Comprises of an abundant 75-Liters water tank capacity for longer cooling
*Ideal for cooling larger rooms or space up to 550 square feet in area
*Comes with the effective honeycomb cooling pads for enhanced coolness
*With an air delivery of 4600 cubic meters per hour, the best in its price range
*Covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for after-sales service

Product Details

Brand                     Crompton
Model                    ACGC-DAC751
Colour                    White/Grey
Capacity                75 Liters
Stars Rating         4

The brand Maharaja Whiteline is a famous brand and provides a wide range of products for your home and kitchen. This time the product is an air cooler that has the capability to take the heat away from your room. This Altlanto from Maharaja Whiteline has a high cooling capacity along with 4-way air deflection. The air cooler has a rust-proof body, wheels for mobility, low noise along with high cooling capacity. It further comprises of an ice chamber to provide even more cooling to your space.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Offers you with a high cooling capacity do that you get utmost comfort
*With the 4-way air deflection, the cooling performance further gets enhanced
*Comes with a 3-speed regulator to provide you with the air throw you want
*Comprises of castor wheels to move the cooler from one place to another
*Offers a 1450 RPM along with an ice chamber to offer amazing cooling

Product Details

Brand                     Maharaja Whiteline
Model                    Atlanto
Colour                    White/Grey
Capacity                45 Liters
Stars Rating         5

Personal Recommendation

All the air cooler units provided in this listing are all effective in offering cool air along with many facilities and utilities. Choosing from even these 10 units might be really confusing; therefore, we are offering you a suggestion from our side so that you become a smart customer by choosing the correct and ideal air cooler for your house.

The air cooler that we are going to suggest all our users is the Crompton Ozone ACGC-DAC751 75-Litre Desert Cooler, which offers all the functionalities that a user searches for in an air cooler for their house. It offers you a nice 75-liter water tank capacity for longer cooling, really portable, and powerful cooling through the influential air throw and delivery.

Best Air Coolers – Buying Guide

Whilst the heat transcends to novel heights, you desire to do it all to turn your home into a cool space to relax. An air cooler provides you with a suitable and effectual way out to cool down the spaces within your office or home. This cooling appliance functions on the fundamental of evaporation and is ideal to utilize within places that possess dry and hot weather conditions. The air coolers assist in reducing the overall room temperature by nearly 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air coolers are provided in a wide range of styles, patterns, and models to match every sort of budget as well as inclination. This buyer’s guide for air coolers is going to assist you in understanding the variety of features and capabilities of the cooling appliance and assists you in choosing the appropriate one according to your requirements.

When you are selecting an air cooler, you need to bear the following aspects in your mind:

*Environmental conditions
*Size of the Room
*Room Ventilation
*Humidity Levels

What Features Do You Need to Verify Before Buying an Air Cooler?

Once you hit the market, you might often be dazed and confused after having a look at the variety of air coolers available. Here we have listed down the features that you may check to end up buying the best one:

Cooling Ability

The cooling capability of an air cooler is calculated in cubic feet per minute or CFM. The below-given formula is going to help you in measuring the CFM of an air cooler needed as per the size of the room:

If your room is of 100 square feet area and has a ceiling height of about 10 feet, then the cubic feet are going to be 1000. All you need to do is divide the cubic feet by 2 (CFM= cubic feet/2) that is 1000/2.

Thus, in case you desire to buy an air cooler for a 100 square feet room, you must opt for an air cooler providing a CFM of 500.

Blower Speed

The pace of the flowing air might be regulated making use of the blower control function. A majority of air coolers provide you with variable speed control functionality, comprising of the air flow speed control choices extending from 3 – 7.

Automatic Control

In case you would like to choose out of those higher-end air coolers, you might get the automatic control function. This function spontaneously switches the motor and the pump off following a predefined time.

Water Level Controller

The level of water inside the tank must be retained at a constant level to make sure that you get an optimal air cooler functioning. The flow of water over the inlet pipe is regulated through this function.

Water Level Indicator

This indicator is going to allow you to perceive the amount of water that is available inside the air cooler’s tank. While the indicator displays a low water level, you might be able to fill its tank with water according to the specifications of the model.


Furthermore, you must verify whether your air cooler comprises of castor wheels that are going to permit you to effortlessly take the cooler wherever you want to. In case the appliance doesn’t possess the castors, then you might probably require investing in a trolley.

Cooling Media

You might as well state the cooling media or the cooling pad to be the core component of the appliance. It takes in the water from the air cooler’s tank and whilst the air passes through the cooling media, its temperature diminishes, which permits the air cooler to blow the air out of the cooler. For optimal performance of the air cooler, the cooling pad must be prepared out of quality materials that might not be damaged that easily.

A majority of cooling pads are constructed out of high-quality cellulose and comprise of a honeycomb design. There are several producers providing a standby cooling pad. You must replace the older cooling media with the new ones to make sure you get that reliable performance and further diminish the development of microorganisms.


The portable air cooler is not going to need any sort of installation. It is going to comprise of castors so that you are able to effortlessly move it to the place you want. You only require filling the water tank, plug in the air cooler to the power outlet, and switch it on. The window air cooler might be installed on the open window or placed on a trolley facing the window. For security, every time make sure there is appropriate aeration inside the room where you might be able to use the air cooler. You might further install the air cooler on the balcony, verandah, or some other outdoor region as well.

Service and Maintenance

You might be able to enhance the air cooler’s performance and its lifespan whilst you regularly service and maintain it. An accredited dealer from whom you purchase your air cooler is going to be capable of providing the help in maintaining the air cooler.


A majority of prevalent manufacturers of air coolers provide you with a warranty. Whilst you purchase the air cooler from an authorized shop, you might be able to acquire the precise details of the warranty offered. You might as well openly inquire the dealers what kinds of cares and maintenance tasks are provided during the warranty period.

Air Cooler – Parts & Components

In this section, we are going to provide you with the parts and components which an air cooler comprises of:


These are the openings provided inside the air cooler by means of which the cooled air is blown into your room. The fan is positioned adjacent to the vents to improve airflow. Throughout milder weather environments, you might be able to regulate the settings to vent-merely to provide the cool air and diminish the overall consumption of energy.


This component takes the water out of the tank and dispenses it above the cooling pads installed. The flow of water inside the distributor channels is regulated through the pump as well as the motor.

Water Tank

The water tank of an air cooler is the container that holds the water for the cooling pads. Inside a few models, you might as well put in the ice cubes to generate an even cooler air.


You might be able to pronounce it as the core of an air cooler, which regulates the overall functioning of this cooling appliance. The performance and the speed the motor varies from one model to another.

Cooler Pump

This element pumps the water out of the tank and directs it towards the cooler pads through the distributor passages. The qualifications and the performance of this cooler pump rely on the model that you choose.

How Can You Effectively Maintain Your Air Cooler?

There are a few things that you must perform so as to upturn the lifespan of the air cooler. The tips using which you may do so are as follows:

*Recurrently oil the pump and motor
*Freshen up the water tank once in a while
*Check if there are any loose connections
*Freshen up those hose pipes
*Replace the old cooling pads with new ones every year


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Shibu Chandran
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Serving political interests in another person's illness is the lowest form of human value. A 70+ y old lady has cancer.

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Shibu Chandran
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Serving political interests in another person's illness is the lowest form of human value. A 70+ y old lady has cancer.

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