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Top 5 Best Paper Shredders Online in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Using a good paper shredder is one of the excellent ways to destroy sensitive documents, unwanted magazines, and any sort of paper waste or private documents which makes it an indispensable appliance for your office.  They come handy to destroy old credit cards. It is one of the most effective ways to avert identity theft and illegal imitation of sensitive or private documents which makes it an essential appliance for your office.

A paper shredder is an automatic device that cuts documents into either thin strips or micro subdivisions and turns them into biodegradable waste within seconds and suggestions a clean and easy way of taking care of your waste. Paper shredders can also be castoff to clean out your home by getting rid of loads of junk mails and waste paper.

Nonetheless, when it comes to selecting a paper shredder, you must always understand that not all shredders are made equal. Shredders have dissimilar shredding types, capacity, shredding speeds, etc. and it is significant to consider these features before you opt for an exact model.

Top 5 Best Shredders in India – Reviews

Want to buy a good Shredding machine for your office or home? Then you are at the right place because here we provide some useful information about shredding machines which you need to know before buying any shredder. Here we have also listed best shredders in India which you can buy online or offline.

Our top best pick is from Bambalio as it is the premium shredder for big companies or offices. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 and is famous among users for all the right reasons. It is energy efficient and environmental friendly. The product comes with one year warranty.


*This model comes with a duty cycle of 3 min on /30 min off, which means after usage of 3 minutes, give a rest time of 30 minutes.
*Cross Cut Shredders
*Shredding Capacity: 8 Sheets/1CD / Entry Width: 225MM
*Basket Capacity: 18L
*It offers rated voltage and frequency up to 220-240V-50Hz

Fellowes offers a stylish and sleek shredder that is known for delivering good safety features. It is a cross-cut shredder that easily shreds vertically and horizontally high level of security. This shredder can effortlessly shred up to 5 sheets at a time and its shredding dimensions. It comes with a 3 gallons capacity waste bin that easily stores with waste proficiently. It offers unique start/off reverse options. It comes with a patented safety lock feature that simply disables the shredders for additional protection and safety. This model comes with 2 years warranty period.


*Easily handles Up to 8 Sheets in Single-pass
*Shreds Through CD’s, Credit Cards, Paper Clip, Staples
*Shreds for up to 3 minutes before instinctive cooldown
*Potent Performance Shredding with Durable Motor and Steel Cutter
*Cross-cut shredder
*3 gallons waste bin – 11L
*Comes with a patented safety lock

Our next best pick is from Kores Easy Cut, it’s advertently designed micro-cut paper shredder which offers almost security. It is known for offering a P5 level of security safeguarding the safety of your documents. The product comes with one year warranty. Every shred cycle is of is of 40 minutes and easily shreds up to 8 sheets paper in one go. It is noiseless and quite easy to use while processing. It is designed uniquely and comes with a multi-colored body with LED lights. It also comes with a large bin capacity and caster wheels for easy mobility.


*It has a P5 level of security ensuring the safety of your documents.
*Each of its shred cycles is of 40 minutes.
*Shreds 8 sheets papers at once.
*It is easy to use and exceptionally quiet during operation.
*A heavy duty paper shredder with an overload/overheat protection.
*It has a multicolored body with a standby LED light.

SToK ST-20CC Cross Cut Paper Shredder is one of the bestselling shredders online and quite famous among users. It can easily shred 8 sheets at once and comes with a 21L wastage bin where all the shredded wastage can be easily stored. It comes with auto start off, clear and reverse features. It is ideal for home and office use. It is one of the most cost-effective shredders and that’s a reason why it’s most widely used among users.


*Shredding Capacity (at once)- 5 Sheets (A4 size paper can only shred)(Thickness of total 5 sheets should not be more than 0.5mm)
*Crosscut shredders
*Shred Size – 4 x 20mm & Feed Opening – 220mm
*It comes with 2 different slots for CD/DVD/Credit Card & Paper
*The product comes with one year warranty
*Bin Volume – 10 L

Bambalio is one of the best paper shredders brand available in the market. It easily shreds 10 sheets with 75gsm paper thickness. It comes with an autostart single-handed operation. It offers extra-large damage safety basket. It is designed in most in a stylish manner. It is energy-efficient, low noise offers a slot for C.D/D.V.D.


*Controls – on / auto / off / reverse.
*Slot for Credit & Debit Card
*Paper / CD / Credit / Debit Cards / Stapler Pins
*6 sheets at a stretch
*Crosscut shredders
*Throat width of 225 mm
*38 x 5 mm pieces

How to Choose a Paper Shredder?

Security Level/Shredding Type

The way in which the shredder shreds or cuts the documents is of prime importance. It all boils down to how the shredder cuts the document namely strip-cut, cross-cut, or micro-cut. If you know what type you want it gets even better for you to select the one for yourself.

A strip-cut shredder gently cuts the documents into long and thin strips. They can manage a high volume of paper and are easy to uphold, but they also deal the lowest level of security.

Cross-cut shredders are by far the most popular type of shredder used in workplaces and business organizations. It cuts the paper both steeply and parallels which in turn delivers better safety. But this type of shredder needs more concentrated upkeep and costs more than strip-cut shredders.

Micro-cut shredders are the well-organized type of shredder that turns the leaflets into micro particles by cutting a standard sized paper into over 2000 pieces and delivers the highest level of safety.

Shredding Speed

The next significant feature to reflect is the shredding speed of the device. If you have to scrap a large volume of paper then by a shredder with low slicing speed can turn it into a tiresome process. The shredders with speed of 5 to 12 sheets/2 to 8 minutes are acceptable for home use. But for a large office, it is best to select a heavy-duty shredder that can shred 30 to 35 sheets in 45 minutes.

Page Capacity

Page capacity lets you determine how many pages the shredder can shred at one. One of the most basic models can shred 5 sheets at once, while some high-end commercial shredders can shred up to 30 sheets at a time.

Special Features

The Jam proof paper shredders come with an anti-jam technology that helps to prevent paper jam.

Generally, paper shredders come with sensors that stop the shredding process in the consumer’s hand or any other item that come close to the opening of the shredder.

In the early days, paper shredders were seen more of creating a nuisance as they create high noise while processing. But nowadays modern paper shredders are way too much quieter and come with features that can reduce noise levels by 10 decibels.

It is best to choose a versatile shredder that can help you shred more than just a paper. These shredders are easy and simple to shred credit cards, CDs, DVDs etc.

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