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The Top 5 Best Cricket Bats in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

People all around the world and particularly in India are pretty crazy about the game of cricket. Introduced in the Indian subcontinent by the English people during their rule, the game is presently really prevalent at is played by people of all ages be it the youngsters or the adults. The reason behind this populace is Indian Cricket Team, which has never been shy in bringing honors to the nation with their superior skills of the game.

Everybody who desires to outshine at playing cricket would require enhancing his or her cricketing skills. The most fascinating skill associated with the game of cricket is batting and to get into the practice nets at first you would have to purchase a good-quality bat.

Hence, today we come up with an assortment of the Best Cricket Bats, which would allow you to have an edge over others as far as shaping your batting skills is concerned. Further, we would like to tell our users that every single cricket bat that we have reviewed down below is going to provide you with the best knocking ability and remain with you for a really long time.

Best Cricket Bats in India – Reviews

Now you may get ready to play your shots fearlessly. The design of this cricket bat comes with thick edges with delicate concaving across its body so as to make the bat feel really light in the hand as well as through the air. Its superior treble-sprung handle facilitates an additional finesse and touch whilst the bat speed offers an amazing level of accuracy and maneuverability. Having DSC’s advanced ENERGY PROFILE, this bat would allocate more oomph to the ball upon impact. On the other hand, the ENERGY PROFILE II would deliver additional zip whilst placing your strokes.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Manufactured out of high-quality handpicked Kashmir willow
*Provides additional protection on the edges with cross-wave tape
*Offers an extensive power zone spreading middle to lower section
*Comes with a toe-guard aimed at shielding the bat from moisture
*Delivers amazing maneuverability owing to the effective balance

If you are a cricket enthusiast and want to pursue a career in cricket, having quality equipment is a must. Therefore, if you want to enhance your batting skills, you would require buying a high-quality cricket bat from a prevalent brand like SG. The SG Phoenix Cricket Bat has been crafted out of select-quality Kashmir willow, which is going to help in delivering power-packed shots. The SG Phoenix Bat also comes with a full-length bat cover coupled up with an adjustable strap so as to defend it from moisture and other damaging factors. Comprising a short handle, the SG Phoenix has been aimed at the batsmen who majorly have a defensive-style of batting.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Crafted out of high-quality select Kashmir willow for durability
*An appropriate cricket bat for the new learners or beginners
*Comprises a full-length bat cover having an adjustable strap
*Comes with a short handle so as to facilitate crisp shot-making
*The taping on the edges helps in keeping the cracks at bay

If you are searching for a cricket bat manufactured with English willow, purchasing the GM Six6 Bullet would be a nice option. Every single English Willow Bat from GM has been crafted by their individual craftsmen in the factory situated in Nottingham, England. The GM Factory is the biggest one in the United Kingdom and has been recognized the most progressive all over the world. The GM cricket bats have been accepted by several professional players and competing brands as the finest cricket bats all around the globe. So, purchase a GM Cricket Bat and go for a net practice to perceive the difference.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Considered to be the best cricket bat manufacturing brand
*Offers an appropriate balance to impeccable shot-making
*Crafted out of top-quality English willow for utmost durability
*Comes with a concaved back profile for impact management
*An appropriate cricket bat for the professional-grade batsmen

Want to purchase a professional-quality bat at a reasonable price? Here is the Wolfer Vaulter Grade 4A Cricket Bat that has been crafted out of premium-quality handpicked English willow. These bats have been provided with a distinctive contour to the rear-side and added material under the sweet spot to supply additional power and thump. This cricket bat’s edges are thicker as compared to the other cricket bats in this price range. The WOLFER Vaulter comes with a 9-Piece import-quality cane handle, which offers an ultimate level of shock absorption that has been verified by the star players.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Crafted using fully-pressed English willow for superior stroke-play
*Provides an amazing pick up owing to the xpro-balance expertise
*Offers a curved blade comprising thicker edges for durability
*Comprises toe-guard coupled up with a padded bat cover for safety
*A lightweight cricket bat to facilitate advanced maneuverability

Do you like to bat in an explosive manner? The Spartan Combat is an iconic collection of bat that is endorsed by Chris Gayle, who is well-known for his aggressive batting intent. This cricket bat is going to help you deliver massive hits with immense power and is aimed at the batsmen who would like to negotiate on performance and quality. In addition, the Spartan Combat is an incredible blade as it delivers an amazing power owing to the well-balanced middle contour. The bigger edges coupled up with a minimal concave is going to offer any player to deliver a decent impact at the crease.

Why Do We Recommend It:

*Comprises of the cane handle for impact management
*Provides an amazing balance to facilitate superior timing
*Offers a bigger edge face to get away with bat cracking
*The toe-guard is going to keep the base away from moisture
*Comes with a 12-months manufacturer’s warranty over defects

Personal Recommendation

Since all our users would have now gone through the comprehensive cricket bat reviews and the detailed analysis, we suppose it is going to become easier for them to make a choice so as to which bat is going to suit their style of batting. Further, we would like to tell our customers that we have listed a cricket bat from each and every range and option so that everyone would find one falling under their budget. So, if you want to enhance your batting skills, get your cricketing blade now to win all battles.

On the other hand, if even after reading our cricket bat reviews, there are a few users who haven’t been able to choose a unit that would suit your batting style or fall under their budget, then they should go with our personally suggested model to make they get the appropriate worth of their money. The cricket bat that we would recommend our users to purchase is the GM Six6 Bullet English Willow Cricket Bat, which is going to provide you with all the facets that you would like to have in your piece of willow.

The GM Six6 Bullet English Willow Cricket Bat comes from a brand that has been popular for manufacturing the best cricket bats all over the world as asserted by a majority of professional players. As soon as you practice in the nets on one or two occasions, you are going to sense the difference.

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