Apple Users are Actually Drilling Holes into New Airtags Instead of Spending 33K on Accessories
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While the Apple Airtag itself is not very expensive at 29 USD, the accessories that you will need to use this device can cost you a nearly 450 USD.


Apple Airtags is one of the most affordable pieces of tech the company has come up with in recent times. The device basically is a Bluetooth key tracker that can be attached to your keychains and other stuff to help you find it when you aren’t able to locate it. While the Airtag itself is not very expensive at $29 (2,137.16 INR), the accessories that you will need to use this device can cost you a whopping amount of money. Some of these official accessories come with a price tag of up $449 (33,086.56 INR).
Wait, What?
While you may find a cheaper version of these accessories made by other brands, you will definitely need to purchase one, to use your device. Unlike other tracking devices, however, the Apple Airtag does not come with a predesigned hole to attach your keychains and other devices. This makes the purchase of these accessories a necessity for most users.
One may brush it aside as a ‘first world’ problem but the perceived ‘design flaw’ has not gone down well among users. Many people are going to the extent of drilling holes in the device to create room instead of purchasing the add ons.
A video that was shared on YouTube by Laterclips shows how people are drilling the Airtags so that the device could be used without a need of any accessory. Though it doesn’t look like a good idea and spending a few extra bucks seems to be a more viable choice.
However, if you are dead against the idea of buying an accessory in order to use the device, teardown experts at iFixit have shared just the video for you. The experts were able to drill the device and create a hole without touching any important components. The video suggests that there was enough space for apple to accommodate a hole in the device, but the company chose not to do it and instead came up with the idea of accessories for the device to be used.



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