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Now self-quarantine, isolation facilities with meals available at premium hotels; how to book, what to expect

Uncertainty hits India's travel and hospitality segments once again! At a time when the travel and hospitality industry had begun to witness an uptick in terms of dem...

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Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000 With 18:9 Displays
2 years ago . 580 views


Lakes of India India has numerous lakes spread across various states. Some are natural, some artificial, and then there are those irresistible Himalayan lakes to...

1 month ago . 109 views


Enter at your own risk We have rounded a few mysterious, and intriguing properties across the world that you can choose for your next adventurous getaway. Some o...

1 month ago . 92 views

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7 Roads and Highways That Are Infamous For Being Haunted

Whether you're a hard-core traveller or not, one thing that I am sure you love about vacations are road trips. After all, who doesn't love zooming over butter-smo...

1 year ago . 189 views

'Rival of Goa': Shivrajpur Beach, New Unexplored Destination for Tourists

“Shivarajpur” is a beach recently revealed and opened for tourists near Dwarka. The Government of Gujarat has decided to add this destination for domestic and...

1 month ago . 77 views

Lost in Rishikesh and Rajaji National Park: Into the wild with no Google Maps

Your Indian passport is pretty much useless till the skies open up once more and international borders are porous again. From Delhi, Rishikesh is a six-hour drive. If you...

3 months ago . 82 views

Chasing The Northern Lights? Here Are The Best Spots In The World That Offer An Amazing View!

Snowy landscapes, starry night sky and the aurora borealis! Sounds like the picture-perfect moment from the ultimate travel journey. Doesn’t it? Northern lights, al...

1 year ago . 196 views


While I have had the pleasure of growing up in various places in the North East as an Army child, I recently had the opportunity to revisit Meghalya as an adult with some...

1 year ago . 283 views

Uttar Pradesh has a beach and we’re just as surprised!

Chuka Beach Yes, it turns out that all these days, Uttar Pradesh had a beach and being a quite, non-touristy spot, it has been in the hiding. We’re talking...

1 year ago . 786 views

Why an 88-million-year-old island off the coast of Karnataka is a geological wonder

The unique polygonal rock formations on St Mary's Island remain a scientific mystery, but are marvellous to experience.

1 month ago . 81 views

10 Gorgeous Beaches In India Besides Goa That Are Worth Travelling

The moment someone utters the word beach, one of the first destinations that pop up in anyone’s mind is Goa. But there are countless other gorgeous beaches in the c...

2 months ago . 81 views

In Srinagar, a royal residence is about to open its doors for you

First look inside Karan Mahal, the residence of the erstwhile rulers of Kashmir, which is now an intimate 7-key hotel

1 month ago . 94 views

Shaksgam: This valley in India is not open to Indians!

A beautiful country that transforms itself in every few miles - India has got everything that you wish to see - mountains, deserts, canyons, beaches, marshes, mangroves a...

1 year ago . 211 views

Check out Where Your Favourite Bollywood Stars like to Holiday!

Bollywood stars set major holiday goals when they head to their favourite vacation destinations. While some like to relax in the lap of nature, others spend their time sh...

1 year ago . 190 views

3 projects that will change how we travel from Mumbai to Pune

These plans have the potential to change how regular commuters choose to navigate their work and time between these cities

3 months ago . 108 views

Highest Civilian Award Of India
3 years ago . 849 views

Travel Addicts In India, Pack Your Bags Because The Goverment Will Now Fund Your Travel!

To the point: How many times have you lustfully watched those Insta stories of people who make enough dough to travel 10-12 times a year? Is your social media flooded by ...

1 year ago . 186 views

10 Offbeat Destinations in #India that you won't even find on #Google Maps #offbeatdestinations

India offers great tourism potential and it is full of surprises. It caters a plethora of beautiful destinations to visit and explore. If you are a true travel lover and ...

1 year ago . 274 views

Focus on the Andaman islanders rather than tourists

There are a glut of tourist taxis in the overcrowded and narrow bumpy roads of Port Blair, but beyond this bustling capital city, the transport infrastructure remains poo...

1 month ago . 64 views

My Mobile Stopped Working During My Solo Trip To Europe

Our mobile phones have become such an integral part of our life that, it is hard to imagine life without a mobile phone. A gadget which was once introduced as a luxury it...

1 year ago . 156 views

Mana, The Mystical Last Village Of India Where Gods Live Next Door

Quite accidentally, sometime in August 2017, I found myself standing outside the famous town gate of Mana. The trip to Valley of Flowers and Badrinath should have ideally...

1 year ago . 514 views

Unexplored Konkan! #BestofMaharashtra

Hi folks! Have you explored the beautiful Konkan coast of Western India yet? Do you know there are beautiful beaches and landscapes lined up?

1 year ago . 204 views



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