Shahid Kapoor To Vidyut Jammwal: Meet Bollywood’s Fittest Vegetarian Actors
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Shahid Kapoor To Vidyut Jammwal: Meet Bollywood’s Fittest Vegetarian Actors


What has six-packs and defined pecs only by chomping garden-fresh produce? These Bollywood actors, of course! While the fitness struggle is real for the rest of us, a few months is all it seems to take for these Bollywood hunks to get a perfectly chiselled physique. Thanks to hotties like Rajkummar Rao, Vidyut Jammwal, Shahid Kapoor and others, fit bods seem achievable. Scroll below and we’ll fill you in on the deets...
Rajkummar Rao
Fans of Rajkummar Rao found one more reason–or maybe six–to love him, when the actor showed off his ripped new physique for Junglee Pictures’ ‘Badhaai Do’. The hunk went shirtless for a photo that put his abs on full display. Although proud of his new buffed up physique, he admitted it was no easy task what with a vegetarian diet and his resolve to avoid steroids. "Being a pure vegetarian and to strictly avoid any kind of steroids, it wasn't easy to get this transformation but nothing seems impossible when you love what you do," Rajkummar wrote.
Vidyut Jammwal
If you thought Rajkummar had it tough, you can imagine all the efforts Vidyut Jammwal puts into his 24x7 ripped physique. The actor, whose physique is a study in anatomy, is a vegetarian too. There is apparently not an ounce of meat on his beasty form. Vidyut, who has been a favourite on PETA’s sexy vegetarian lists, revealed that he ditched his carnivore diet for a plant-based one at the age of 14 and noticed the phenomenal results it had on his body.
Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor and his eight-pack abs, worthy of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali-directed slow-mo shot, is also the result of a pure veg diet. The actor reportedly owed this change in diet to a book that altered his perspective towards food. Wife Mira Rajput, who is also very particular about the menu in the Kapoor household, helped Shahid achieve his perfectly ripped physique by switching up some ingredients and introducing vegan elements to their diet.


John Abraham
Bollywood’s one-man-army, John Abraham is a hard-core vegetarian. The actor has made no secret of the fact that a plant-based diet and gruelling fitness routine are the key elements behind his sculpted physique. The hunk, who is an advocate for animal welfare, makes sure to lead by example and that includes, following a pure-veg diet
Sonu Sood
Besides playing a superhero to people, Sonu Sood has also been doing his bit to help animals. The actor was voted as the sexiest vegetarian Bollywood star of 2020 not just for his fit physique, but also for taking an active part in trying to get a famous burger chain to introduce and promote vegan options in their menu.



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