Who Does AR Rahman Listen to When He is Sad? Yashraj Mukhate Gets Composer to Spill the Beans
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Chatting with Yashraj Mukhate of Pawri fame about everything music, A R Rahman spoke about the inspiration, conversations that set him on the path to turn producer, the one song that changed his life and more.


A R Rahman’s music is the world’s answer to every emotion one can have bubbling inside of them- happiness, sadness, calmness, anger, nostalgia, you get the drift. The genius composer’s tunes have stayed with us all these years, whether we heard it in Bombay, Dil Se, Guru, Swades, Rockstar or the Tamil hits like Roja. So one might wonder, who does Rahman listen to? The Oscar-winning music composer dipped his toes into producing and writing for movies for the movie 99 Songs, a
multi-lingual romance film apart from composing the soundtracks for it. And in a no-holds barred chat with none other than internet’s favourite ‘Pawri’ boy Yashraj Mukhate, Rahman spilled the beans on the music that hooks him on when he is sad.
Sitting to chat with Mukhate on everything music, Rahman spoke about the inspiration, conversations that set him on the path to turn producer, the one song that changed his life and more. In the midst of some intense discussions on music, Mukhate asked Rahman about the kind of music the latter listens to when he is sad.
“When we are feeling sad, or happy or low or energetic, we listen to your music and we spiritual connect. What do you listen to?,” Mukhate asked, to which Rahman quipped, “I listen to you.” A visibly elated Mukhate then goes on to say that he will frame this little video clip for ever.
Elaborating on it, Rahman said sometimes the listener needs some fun and Mukhate’s music provides exactly the same. He also said how he likes going back to an app that has classic FM music to hear symphonies. His favourites included Nusrat Fateh Ali’s music, Kumar Gandharva.
Social media users loved the interaction between the duo and many thanked Mukhate for asking the questions they wanted to.
“This is what social media should be used for. Genuine talks, artist appreciating another artist. Full positive vibes”, said one.
“I have never seen A R Rahman talking so much or expressing himself so much. I am quite surprised !!!! as he is man of a few words,” said another.


Another user noted, “The only interview of AR where he had genuinely poured his heart out and spoken comfortably in front of the camera of what he truly feels. Cheers to Yashraj.”
Talking about his decision to turn to writing for the movie, Rahman also recounted his conversations with English composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and Shekhar Kapoor that made him realise how storytelling apart from the way he does with his music can also materialise. The idea of having different perspectives gave rise to the idea of him writing a story came about.
99 Songs is directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy and stars Ehan Bhatt and Edilsy Vargas in lead roles. It will release on April 16, 2021 in theatres.



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