Follow these fashion rules from specialists for a successful job interview
Fashion & Style   Tuesday, May 30, 2017 IST
Follow these fashion rules from specialists for a successful job interview

Follow these fashion rules from specialists for a successful job interview

Before taking off for a job interview, ensure you are wearing solid colors and proper clothing, propose specialists. Salesh Grover, Business Head at OSL Luxury Collections Pvt, Vandana Anurag, Founder of The Parisian Boudoir (online-multi-mark boutique) and originator Sunil Mehra have recorded a couple tips:

* Make beyond any doubt your garments are perfect and appropriately pressed, this will draw out your certainty. Wrinkled and messy garments leave an exceptionally negative impression. Try not to wear filthy and sloppy shoes as they will make you seem unhygienic and apathetic.

* Always pick a tie that supplements your suit and your shirt. Ties with little and preservationist prints mix with all styles. Organize the tie with the suit. You can likewise coordinate the shade of the tie with your shoes.

* Wear suits that are in darker shades like dark and naval force blue. Ensure it fits appropriately with the goal that you look and give a valiant effort.

* Your clothing mirrors your identity, so dependable wear garments that make you look great as well as can rest easy. Continuously destroy an outfit that brings your internal certainty for an everlasting impression.

* For ladies, spruce up in styles like pantsuits, sheath dresses, and pencil skirts. For an earnest and develop look, a moderate dressing is the best alternative.

* Choose an outfit that runs well with the organization culture and clothing standard. Your appearance will make the business consider you an ideal fit for their corporate culture.

* Avoid wearing awkward garments and shoes as this will occupy you from the interview and decrease your certainty.

* Do not wear uncovering and skin-fit outfits regardless of how easygoing the workplace condition is.

* Avoid suits with huge prints as they are more appropriate for easygoing events.

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You Won’t Believe How Old is This Woman ''frozen beauty, 61 Years Old''
Fashion & Style   Wednesday, April 26, 2017 IST
You Won’t Believe How Old This Woman

You Won’t Believe How Old This Woman ''frozen beauty, 61 Years Old''

Meet Liu Xiaoqing, the 61-year old ageless beauty, she will be 62 on October 30 this year. One of the main on-screen characters in China in the 1980s and now a business woman.

Video Shot in 2015

Ms. Liu is known as a 'frozen beauty' in China for her everlasting magnificence. She said that she's never had any plastic surgery.

At 30 years old she acted basically mainland movies and won various honors. She was also recently named the most delightful lady aka most beautiful woman on the planet over 50 by Japanese TV. Xiaoqing is a business person and a published author. In 1999, she showed up on Forbes' of the 50 wealthiest businessmen and businesswomen on the planet.

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