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Mother Left in Tears after Son’s Bride Turns Out to Be Her Missing Daughter in China

Mother Left in Tears after Son’s Bride Turns Out to Be Her Missing Daughter in China


In a bizarre turn of events, a mother in China found out that the woman her son is supposed to marry is her long-lost daughter. The mother was left in tears following the incident at her son’s wedding in Suzhou, Jiangsu province in China on March 31. After seeing a birthmark on the hand of the bride, the mother was shocked and recalled her daughter having a similar one.
The mother-in-law soon approached the bride’s family and asked them whether she has been adopted. The question left the family in utter shock as the news of her adoption has been a secret for all these years. However, they went on to reveal that she was adopted around twenty years back when the family had found out a baby girl by the roadside, according to reports.
On learning about her biological parents, the bride too burst into tears and claimed that having met her real mother is “happier than the wedding day itself”.
However, the real dilemma cropped up when the daughter was left confused that she is set to marry her elder brother! The mother-in-law soon gave her consent and revealed that even he is an adopted child and there wouldn’t be any problem as they are not biological siblings.
The woman said that she had adopted a boy after losing all hopes of finding her missing daughter. After trying to locate her daughter for years, she had finally given up hope, a Chinese media reported.



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