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Worried about travelling to the Caribbean post-hurricane? Here are the places safe to visit.
Hindustan Times

Some travellers looking ahead to winter and spring getaways may be wondering what their options are, with all the headlines about hurricane damage in the Caribbean. Some islands like Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and St. Martin have a way to go in recovery from the storms. But many others were relatively unscathed. Destinations where it’s business as usual include Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.
Here are some recommendations from a couple of travel experts about other places you might consider if you had your heart set on a destination that’s now off-limits, but you’re still hoping for sun, sand and sea:
Beaches, history and diving
Brian Major, executive editor for the Caribbean and Latin America for the trade media company travAlliancemedia, says if you look on a map, it’s easier to understand the storms’ path. The hurricanes mainly impacted the Caribbean’s northeastern Leeward Islands, which include among other destinations Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Dominica, Anguilla and St. Barts. Largely unaffected were islands located farther south, like Grenada and Trinidad, and farther east, like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.
Major offered a few other ideas as alternatives to hurricane-impacted destinations:
* Consider Martinique or Curacao if you’re looking for the European cultural mix found on St. Martin. There’s terrific air service to Martinique, he said, and an excellent highway system if you care to rent a car, wonderful food and mostly boutique hotels, along with interesting historic sites like the Schoelcher Library, named for a famed abolitionist. On Curacao, you’ll find great diving, Dutch-style gabled houses on the waterfront, and local food vendors at Plasa Bieu.
*Consider Montserrat for rugged landscapes and outdoor adventures like what Dominica is known for. Montserrat is a volcanic island with soaring mountains, inland rivers, waterfalls, diving and snorkelling.
*The Bahamas, like the Virgin Islands, offer a little of everything, with easy access from many US cities (about 300 km miles or 480 km from Florida). They offer every stripe of resort, from all-inclusive to small historic. Travellers who want to experience the famed Atlantis waterpark on Paradise Island without paying for lodging at the resort often stay across the street at the Comfort Suites. For adventurers, head to Exuma Island. There are even small private islands where you can pitch a tent.
* Try Barbados for cosmopolitan flair and nice beaches. A former British colony, it offers everything from UNESCO World Heritage sites to horse racing. Hotels range from all-inclusives like Sandals to three- and four-star and boutique hotels. It’s easy to rent a car and drive around (though Americans must learn to stay on the left) or hire a driver for a tour.
Eco-adventures, casinos and culture
Kelly A. Luf, a Boston-based leader for Liberty Travel’s Northeast region, offers these ideas for travellers looking for alternatives to hurricane-impacted islands.
*Consider St. Lucia for a customer who was maybe hoping for something like St. John, where they could have a lot of outdoor eco-adventure. Experiences include hiking, hot springs and mineral baths, and diving to underwater national parks.
*Try Aruba if you love a vibrant downtown and shopping like you’d find on St. Thomas. Aruba also offers excellent casinos and gaming and incredible beaches.
Barbados might work if you enjoyed the refinement and food on the French side of St. Martin. It’s got European-style culture and great dining options that make it the only island that’s Zagat-rated. You’d be equally wowed with an upscale meal at The Cliff or a fish sandwich from a chattel house, a traditional local eatery.


Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands have always been favourites and travel agents are rebooking travellers whose trips to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico were cancelled because of the hurricanes. Another option: Norwegian Cruise Line trips out of Honolulu.
Cuba has cleaned up hurricane damage and prices are lower than in recent years. Just be aware of warnings from about unexplained sonic attacks in Cuba and be sure to comply with travel regulations.


Russian operatives spent over $50,000 on ads on Google products: Reports.

Russian operatives likely spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads across Google products, including YouTube and Google search, according to reports.
Accounts connected with the Russian government spent $4,700 on search and display ads, while another $53,000 was spent on ads with political material that were purchased from Russian territory, from Russian internet addresses, or with Russian currency, The New York Times reported . The Times cited an unnamed person familiar with the ongoing inquiry by the search giant.
The Washington Post earlier reported that the technology behemoth uncovered the Russian-backed disinformation campaign as it considers whether to testify before Congress next month, also citing anonymous sources familiar with the investigation. Social media companies Facebook and Twitter have already agreed to testify.
The reports said the company discovered the Russian presence by analysing information shared by Twitter and Facebook, as well its own research and tips from outside researchers.


In a statement, Google said it has a “set of strict ads policies including limits on political ad targeting and prohibitions on targeting based on race and religion.”
“We are taking a deeper look to investigate attempts to abuse our systems, working with researchers and other companies, and will provide assistance to ongoing inquiries,” the statement continued.
Facebook recently shared about 3,000 Russian-backed ads with Congress.
US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed a disinformation campaign aimed at helping Donald Trump win the presidential election. 


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