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Old world charm
Europe's reputation as a travel destination stems from the fact that it is home to some of the most historic sites. Often one can find the answer to a lot of historical questions here in Europe. Europe is home to some of the most ancient buildings in the world, dating all the back to a different time. While it is considered to be a great destination for World War buffs, there are things you can see in Europe that far precedes the wars. As old as time.
Churches of Europe are some of the oldest, and grandest. So here is a look at some of them.
Cathedral of Saint Domnius, Croatia
Considered to be the oldest Catholic church in the world, this imposing architecture is a prime tourist attraction in Croatia. Dating back to the 4th century it is named after the Patron Saint of the city of Split. It is one of the best preserved ones in the world, and the exterior still has the original colonnade of 24 columns.
Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran, Italy
This beautiful Baroque and Neoclassical style church is one of the most important churches in the Diocese of Rome. It is the highest ranking of the papal major basilicas, and is just beautifully maintained to this day. It dates back to the 4th century. Its central dome is made of bronze, and the church is full of beautiful statues, and frescoes.


Church of Saint George, Bulgaria
This beautiful round-shaped church is considered to be the oldest building in the city of Sofia. This one too was built back in the 4th century, and is currently under the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The church has some beautiful frescoes in the Byzantine, and Bulgarian style inside the central dome. Today the church is surrounded by government buildings, but is open to public.
High Cathedral of Saint Peter, Germany
The oldest church in Germany, it finds a spot in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The church was completed in 1270, and today it is an integral place of interest in the country. The interior has beautiful Gothic vaults, and of course the eye-catching relic of the Seamless Robe of Jesus.



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