10 Best Welding Machines In India In 2019

Are you looking for a welding machine? Whether it’s for home, job, or business, I’m going to list the 10 best welding machines you can buy in India. These are available for online order. They will be delivered directly to your address.

Welding is the process of joining metals or thermoplastics using high heat, in order to combine or shape objects. It’s commonly used in construction.

Here are the top 10 welding machines in India:

1. BMB Technology Inverter Welding Machine
This is the best welding machine to buy in India
It has a 200 Amps inverter
It’s lightweight and easy to maintain
Available in orange and yellow colours
Comes with accessories – Holder and earthing clamp with cable

2. iBELL Inverter ARC Welding Machine
It has a wide voltage input between 160 and 250 volts
It is energy efficient
Offers protection from overheating
It is suitable for professional welding use

3. Shakti Technology Inverter Welding Machine
200 Amps power and IGBT technology
Included: Welding goggles, welding holder, cable, and gloves
6 months warranty and 5.5 kg weight

4. BMB Technology Shakti Inverter Welding Machine
It has impeccable design and comes with necessary accessories
Includes 1 earth clamp with cable and 1 welding holder
It has low maintenance and low weight
6 month warranty

5. iBELL 200A Welding Machine
It has an electronic cable which is good for professional welding
Electric holder
200A current

6. BMB Inverter Metal Welding Machine 250A
It’s safe to use
Protects against overloading and heat
It’s portable, lightweight, and compact
Environmentally friendly and safe

7. BMB Technology Shakti Inverter Welding Machine
It comes with all the accessories needed
200A power and IGBT technology
6 months warranty and 5 kg weight

8. GK36 ARC200 Welding Machine
It comes with 1 cable
Weighs 8 kg
12 months warranty

9. BMB Metal Inverter Welding Machine 400A
Powerful 400A inverter
High quality features and performance
Safe and easy to use
1 year warranty

10. Bmb Technology Inverter Welding Machine 200A
It has advanced IGBT inverter
160 – 250 volts and 200A current
Anti-stick, compact,and energy saving
It has automatic stabilizing performance; reliable and safe

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