Best iems Under Rs. 5000 For Music Listening

If you’re a music buff like us then this post is made for you. As in this post, you’ll find different music listening iems under 5000 and enjoy music like never before. Why settle for less, when we have the best ones listed here. All you need is to grab a cup of coffee and sit and go through all the amazing listed items on the list. Yes, it’s that simple. Enjoy!

Below is the list of iems Under Rs. 5000 For Music Listening:

1More Dual Driver

1 More Dual Driver Taking attention to audiophiles around the world in a small interval of time. The company offers a small but eclectic range of headphones, several price categories. The three-ear-in-ear headphones 1More items of excellent evaluation at Gadgets 360, and we now have the earbud headphones to two 1Plus drivers more affordable to test.

Each earphone in the 1More Dual Driver is a balanced armature driver, a driver controller, a balanced armature driver. This pair of headphones has an MRP of Rs. 4,499 but it is available at Rs. 3,999 on e-commerce sites such as Amazon India. Let's see if the 1More In-Ear Dual Driver headphones are worth their price.

Design and comfort of 1 More dual driver earphones

The 1More In-Ear Dual Driver earphones have an aluminum casing, a 3.5mm L-shaped jack to reduce tension and a braided nylon cable. A three-button control with microphone is aligned to the earpiece, touch and responsive. It works with iOS so after Android smartphones.

Most headphones are three or three rather big drivers. In comparison, the 1More driver doubler earphones have reasonable dimensions that are tilted at 45 degrees to make them more comfortable. The build quality is excellent and there are no rough edges to find. The braided cable is original long (1.25 m) and high quality, but it is quite easy.

Meze Audio is a Romanian company founded in 2009 that offers a range of EMI and helmets ranging from 11 Neo at £ 49 to the high-end Empyrean headphones at over £ 2500. They are approved by many artists, including CHVRCHES, Igor Presnyakov, and Rabea Massaad, and are distributed in the UK by SCV.


The experience of unpacking was nice; all the cardboard used in the packaging is robust and does not feel at all fragile. You are greeted by the earphones carefully packed in foam packaging, as well as in their convenient carrying case for pockets, in which you will find a range of tips suitable for most sizes. A pair of Comply memory foam tips that I decided to use is also included.

Design of Meze 11 Neo

The Meze 11 Neo is very well built and feel sturdy. Their aluminum body, rubber coated copper cable and clicky break/read/ avoid button give a high-quality feel. They are very light and sit well in your ear once.

The Gunmetal look looks good and the Meze logo is not too “in front of you”. Overall, the Neo 11 looks sober and built for a purpose. We could say that they look a little boring or generic, but up close, we can see and feel the excellent manufacturing quality of these headphones.

Meze 11 Neo definitely adopted the industrial design approach rather than complicating things too much.

Sound quality of Meze 11 Neo

For the purposes of this review, I used the headphones with various devices, including a Sony XZ1 smartphone, a laptop, and a Nintendo Switch game console. Regarding audio, I decided to use a combination of Spotify premium (downloaded files with optimal MP3 quality) and FLAC audio files for specific songs.

The Meze 11 Neo is definitely adapted to the basses. They offer rich mediums and warm bass but are slightly lacking for high frequencies.

They are great for hip hop and shine on Gorillaz's album Humanz in 2017. The song Moments (De La Soul) had a fantastic sound, the constant percussion of drums and bass impressed, while Rich, deep voices were still able to break through to take center stage. To be fair, the entire album sounded brilliant through the headphones.

Characteristics of Sennheiser CX.3:

Earphones with detailed sound and improved bass

*Optimal adjustment in the ear canals and high attenuation of ambient noise
*Elliptical cable without entanglement
*Practical carrying case included
*Available in black, white or red
*2 years warranty

What's in the box?

*Headphones CX 3.00
*Ear adapter kit (XS, S, M, L)
*Transport case

Soundsly Apaisant

The Apasaint comes in a brilliant package with the brand name and image of the headphones in the front. On the sides, you will find specifications and other details related to the earphone. Overall, the packaging is neat and simple.

When opening the box, you will find the headphones themselves as well as replaceable tips. Accessories such as the clamp, the small carrying case and the standard user manual are provided in the box.

Quality of design and construction:

Soundsly Apasaint has a simple and minimalist design with good build quality. The materials used by Soundsly are very good and reflect the same product. The cable is made of good quality materials (reinforced with Kevlar), which makes it robust and should last longer. The length of the cable is quite long and should be enough for most users. Surprisingly, the soothing is open-back, which makes it possible to get a sound at the back of the ears. This is done through a small grid in the earpiece. As it is open, you may be wondering how to escape from it. Fortunately, the sound leaks do not bother many people sitting next to you.

The Soothing focuses more on sound quality than on design. So, if you are a person looking for the best headphones, this may not be for you. Overall, the manufacturing quality of the headphones is very good.


Soundsly Soothing is one of the few headphones in India to support the Hybrid-Driver system at this price point. It features a dynamic speaker and a balanced armature in each headset, which enhances the sound quality and provides an outstanding listening experience for users. As for the sound signature, it is balanced and neutral on Soundly Soothing.

It has a frequency response of 20-22 kHz and an impedance of 32Ω. This earpiece comes with a microphone and dedicated buttons to increase/decrease the volume.

Sound Magic is truly magic if you’re a music buff like us. We understand the pulse, here’s why you will find nothing but the best in this list. Take your pick.


*It is good for casual listeners and audiophiles
*Original studio level sound without flaws
*Designed to work best with high-resolution DAPs and headphone amplifiers
*Comfortable cut and distinctive design
*Twisted core cable with rugged construction and anti-tangle design
*Robust housing for all-metal earphones

If quality is what you eye for at the reasonable price then this could be your pick. Enjoy music like never before, at the most economical rates.


*Decent sound quality.
*Good design.
*Great insulation and leak.
*Have detachable cables which can be simply changed with a suitable Bluetooth cable

TRN V80 works just fine if money is a constraint. Never let your passion for music at a halt when TRN V80 is around to offer the best music for its users.


*Very reasonable in rates
*Have detachable cables with Bi-pin connector design
*Made up of the metal body

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