Top 5 Best Inverter for Home Use in 2018 – Review & Comparison

Power Supply has been a major issue in India in both urban and rural spread areas. The situation becomes worse during summers. Frequent power cuts during summers, at nights or during exam times sounds more than horrible. When power cut occurs, life comes to half. There should be a proper backup plan. An inverter at home is the best exit plan to such a situation. It beats the heat, illuminates the darkness and saves you from the hazards of being powerless. The performance altogether depends upon the brand and quality of inverter you are using. Here is the description of five popular inverter brands.

Top 10 Best Inverter for Home Use in 2018

After looking for all other inverters which are available on market, we have compared some of the popular inverters with their features and price. Do check out the comparison of best inverter for home use.

#001 Luminous HKVA 2 KVA 4.9/5 Latest Price
#002 APC UPS Model : BR1000G-IN 4.9/5 Latest Price
#003 Luminous Zelio 1100 Inverter 4.8/5 Latest Price
#004 Microtek UPS SEBz 1100 VA 4.8/5 Latest Price
#005 Sukam Solar Home UPS inverter ECO 1100 4.8/5 Latest Price
#006 Luminous 1050Va/12V Eco Watt Inverter 4.7/5 Latest Price
#007 LUMINOUS 1500 VA SINE WAVE 4.7/5 Latest Price
#008 Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter 4.7/5 Latest Price
#009 Exide Solar Home UPS Inverter 1450VA 4.6/5 Latest Price
#010 APC BX600C-IN 600VA 4.6/5 Latest Price
After Long research, we have shortlisted some of the popular inverter which you can use for home use, which are low priced, have good battery life and long durability. Do check out our review for Best Inverter for Home Use.

This model from luminous will shed all your worries. It uses double batteries and changes Eco and UPS mode according to the requirement. It comes with a warranty which starts from the date you buy it.

Design and Technology: this compactly sized inverter comes in square size and is ideal for smaller homes. There is a slot on it to display. Rollers are attached to its body so that it can be easily moved in cases of emergency.

Control Buttons: there are control buttons to adjust the mode and a display on its body. This heavy machine is compatible with sensitive electrical appliances.

Audio Alarms: There are low battery alarms and pre-low battery alarms. Also, there is an alarm for battery overload.

Battery charging: The battery gets fully charged in 10-12 hours. It is easy to clean and maintain. It comes with over-volt protection.

Power input and output: it needs a constant power supply of 220V and works at 45 degree Celsius. It does not come with a floor mount or wall mount.

Today’s generation relates to the availability of power and voltage without any failure. The main feature of this device is that it can be used with a variety of gadgets and devices. It also has a special feature naming green mode which optimizes energy usage.

Design and Technology: this special UPS comes in standing shape and in jet black color. Figures are displayed on the front slab.

Control buttons: It has special on/off buttons and green feature mode button on it. This product is specially made for heavy gamers. Status is shown on front LCD panel. The UPS easily recovers from the condition of overload.

Battery: It uses Lead-acid battery with a suspended electrolyte which is leak proof. This battery is maintenance free and provides a warning in case of emergency or fault. This intelligent battery system maximizes performance. The replacement of this battery is a very simple process and does not require any tools.

Input and Output: The input voltage is nominal 220V. It controls voltage so that gadgets are not affected by it. The output capacity of this UPS is 600/1000V.

#3 Luminous Zelio 1100 Inverter with RC 18000 150Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous Zelio 1100 InverterThis is a combo pack of home UPS with power back up. A very basic fee is charged by the company for its installation and it is done within 2-4 working days within its purchase.

Design and Technology: This 29-inches wide inverter is made up of Lead Antimony alloy. The

Battery has robust tubular plates and is a Lead Acid Battery. It supports heavy appliances like


Control Buttons: There is a LED display slot on its body which shows remaining time and

percentage of the battery.

Audio Alarms: There is no low battery or over loaded alarms.

Battery: The battery gets completely charged in 10-12 hours. It operates at 27 degree Celsius.

This 150 Ah tubular battery is easy to maintain. This battery type is highly suitable for long

power cuts. The battery can accept very deep discharges.

Input and Output: The input is nominal 230 V at a frequency of 12 V. It comes with no floor

mount or wall mount. You have to arrange a special stand for it.

Microtek UPS SEBz 1100 VA SinewaveIf you face frequent powercuts, this inverter is an ideal product for you. This pocket friendly product support almost all kind of appliances and it has brilliant power back up. It works noiselessly and when there is a power cut you don’t even come to know.

Technology:  The sinewave technology enhances the battery life and requires minimum efforts for maintenance.

Control Buttons: It uses the IPS technology for the LCD display. The display indicates battery status and fault, if any.

Audio Alarms: There are audio alarms for low battery and full charging indications.

Battery: The battery of this inverter is charged quickly and efficiently. It has a good transformer which decreases the consumption of electricity and hence longevity of battery. The inverter comes with a special feature which protects the battery from over discharging or getting over charged.

Input and Output:  The standard input is 180-260 V. There is over voltage protection in this inverter.

Sukam Solar Home UPS inverterThis inverter fulfills the requirement of uninterrupted, continuous power supply without any halt. This inverter uses solar energy and maintain your power supply without letting your electricity bill increase.

Design and Technology: This inverter has been loaded with a photovoltaic panel which automatically converts solar energy into electrical energy. This inverter is a powerful source of renewable energy.

Control Buttons and Visual Indicators: Display panels are quite user-friendly and informative. It updates on/off status, battery percentage and battery charging etc.

Alarms: There are blinking alarms for battery overcharging or low battery status.

Battery: The battery can be charged by both ways – either it is solar energy or grid power. It prefers solar energy though. Once the inverter is fully charged, it starts using solar energy and thus saves your energy bill.

Input and Output: It comes with a power input of 240 V. There comes a trolley with the inverter to increase its portability.

Conclusion: This is a good research to find the best inverter. Though all inverters are good yet w can say Sukam Inverter is a bit more efficient. The usage of solar energy is a great step taken by the company. It will actually help us in saving the extra electricity bill.

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