Top 5 Acoustic Guitars in India 2018 – Comparison & Reviews

Do you want to get started with acoustic guitar? Have long pending desire to learn guitar playing? If yes, you are on right page. Here we have listed (and reviewed) some of the best acoustic guitar which are popular in India, have good user feedback and long lasting as well. If you are beginner and want to start with new guitar or have started guitar classes and looking for special guitar, here is list of popular acoustic guitar which suits your style.

Below we have listed a comparison table under which you can find different brand’s of acoustic guitar and from different price group as well.

Compare Best Acoustic Guitar in India 2018
In India, guitar is getting big craze and fan following as well. New college students (who like to perform in events) want to prepare for professional training are going to buy new guitar. There are many brands are popular and provides good acoustic guitar. Brands like Yamaha, Jixing, Pluto, Kadence are quite popular in India. Out of all, Yamaha is too popular, has great fan following and recommended by many popular guitarist.

In last few years in India, there is sudden craze for guitar is increased. Many great guitarists from India have made India proud in international platform. Also, now more bollywood songs and albums of guitar based songs have been liked widely, and the reason, many people wants to have hands on acoustic guitar. And the good things are that now all acoustic guitar from different price range and different brands are available online as well.

How to select the best acoustic guitar in India?

To get the best guitar, you need to check the following things while buying new acoustic guitar. Below we have listed some of the important points, which you need to consider while buying new acoustic guitar.

Body and Neck of Guitar: – The body of guitar is most important as the durability can be predicted from its body only. We recommended buy tonewood body of guitar as it is the most long lasting and best body type for guitar.

Sound output: – The 6 strings of the guitar are the soul of guitar. If the strings are perfectly working, you can go ahead and start having good sound output. Under our review, we have listed and tested guitars which we personally tested and checked sound output.

Hardware: – the hardware of the guitar should be strong enough. The handle and string quality should be great that it cannot broke easily.

Price: – you can get many best acoustic guitar under price of Rs.10,000/- but to get good and quality guitar, you might need to pay even more. But for beginner, under 10k budget is good enough. In fact, for beginners and kids, budget of 2000 is also good.

Warranty: – Not sure if all acoustic guitar company are providing warranty but if they are providing, than its well and good.

These are the points you need to consider while buying acoustic guitar. Now check out the reviews of top acoustic guitar below.

Best Acoustic Guitars in India Review 2018

We have listed and selected some of the most popular guitars which are popular, got positive reply from the users, recommended by masters and low priced. Do check out the reviews before you buy.

#1 Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F310Yamaha is one of the popular brand whose name has been listened by any music lover. Yamaha is UK based guitar manufacturing company which also produce Piano, and other music instruments. But they are most popular in acoustic guitar. Yamaha F310 is most popular acoustic guitar in India and under price of beginners.

The body and neck both are having strong material, which is long lasting and has lacquer finish (too smooth and easy to hold). The sound quality is amazing of Yamaha F310. You can easily tune the 6 steel strings which are having good pins. You can do reliable tuning in minutes without many efforts.

The more you go down in the neck of guitar, it plays more accurately. Yamaha has given 3 years of warranty on this guitar which is good. It is available online at under Rs.8500 price. Do check out online and check latest price below.

Price: – Check price on Amazon and Flipkart.

Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic GuitarHere is Kadence’s Slowhand Series guitar which is having perfect tonewood body, long neck, fret board and much more. This one from cadence is also falls under Rs.9000 price category which might fix the beginner’s budget as well.

Kadence has 42 inch of longneck and 21 frets. The 6 steel stings give the best output which you must be looking for. It has many features, which you must be looking for in best acoustic guitar. It has been finished with premium matt finish mahogany body and the fret board with Indian rosewood.

It has 5 band equalizer and a plug to connect it as well. If you are looking for quality guitar with warranty, this is good option.

Price: – Check price on Amazon and Flipkart.

#3 Yamaha FS-100C, 6-String Acoustic Steel Guitar

Yamaha FS-100CIf you are right handed and looking for master piece from Yamaha, here is Yamaha FS-100c which is having spruce back and good long neck as well. It has snorkelling frets of 20 and nato fret board. It comes with black wooden body which looks too good.

If you want to customize the graphics, and add some more light colors, it might look good. One of the minus point is that Yamaha does not give guitar case with this product. So, you might need to buy it extra.

The sound quality from open chrome tunes is too perfect. Also, it falls under Rs.10k of price. Yamaha has given 1 year of warranty on this product. FS100C comes with great design, quality and has quite smooth and focused tone.

Price: – Check price on Amazon and Flipkart.

Fender CD-60Another good body, design and sound acoustic guitar from Fender, Fende CD60 is having good sound and no of frets as well. Fender is also good company which is known and popular in india and internationally as well.

The features and design it supports, you must get it in costly guitars only. You won’t find such guitar in this price for sure. It is priced above Rs.10k but it is surely total value of money. Fender has given classic Design series, has dreadnought body type.

It has Nato style of neck, and sonokeling finger board. Total 20 no of ferts are given in this guitar. It comes with hard case (easy to carry and travel), and fender has given 1 year of warranty as well on this guitar. It has great sound output, which you might not get match in any other guitar.

Price: – Check price on Amazon and Flipkart.

Jixing JXNG 6With more no of frets, great look, design and lowest price range, this is best acoustic guitar from Jixing. If you are beginner or want to gift someone this guitar, this is best choice you can get it. Jixing JXNG 6 has 18 numbers of frets and comes with great innovative design.

It is 38 inch long guitar, and has linden wood finger board, which is long lasting and comes with great finishing. Jixing has given west belt if you want to carry it and a cover also. The sound quality is not good but good enough to start with.

The bridge is of plastic, so obviously its not that long lasting material but as said above, good for gift or for kids. Jixing has given 1 year of warranty on this guitar and its quite light weight guitar of just 1.5kg.

Price: – Check price on Amazon and Flipkart.

Final Words: – We have listed all the popular, high rating and user recommended guitar with great sound here. If you are beginner or want to start career with professional training, we have listed all kind of guitars above. Do check and make your selection.

Our editor has recommended to go with the Yamaha F310, which is ultimate best acoustic guitar with 6 steel strings, tonewood body and amazing sound quality. Do check the price and buy it online.

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