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Egg is one of the most eaten food item in India. Whether you are a vegetarian or non vegetarian egg is eaten by all. There are thousands of different dishes that can be made using an egg. One of the most common form of egg that is consumed in India is an boiled egg.

Boiling an egg is usually considered a simple task, but boiling multiple amount of eggs can be a daunting job. This is mainly associated with the massive amount of energy in the form fuel wasted in boiling the required amount of eggs. Hence the device, that can help you right now is an egg boiler or an egg cooker.

There are quite few egg boilers these days each having few different features. Hence we have listed the best egg boilers available in India. We have researched and explained in simple words on how to choose the right egg boiler.

Reviews of Best egg boilers in India

We have spent countless hours researching on the best egg boiler to buy in India, finally we were able to shortlist and roll out our recommendations. Here are the top egg boilers available right now in India.

1. Goodway – 5 egg electric egg boiler

Goodway electric egg boiler is the best electric egg boiler in the market right now. It perfectly cooks and boils all the eggs in with very less amount of time. The approximate time taken by this boiler to boil the eggs is 7-8 minutes. The power consumption while boiling the eggs is little over 200-watts. This device has water capacity of 25 ml. It’s automatic cut off feature cuts of the power supply immediately after the eggs boil, thus saving you the task of checking on them.

Different types of eggs varying in sizes can be easily used on this device. Although this device includes a lot of features there is no warranty for this product. If you are looking to buy a good egg boiler then goodway 5 egg boiler is the device for you. Numerous people have bought this product and have great opinions to express.

Key Features

*5 egg boiler
*Efficient egg boiler
*Great customer opinions
*Faster cooking

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2. HSR 7 egg boiler

HSR 7 egg boiler is one of the cheapest and best egg boilers in the market. It has an stainless steel heater to the the water, which is run by 400-watt power supply. The capacity of this egg boiler is 25 ml which is very sufficient for daily purposes.

This product looks amazing in terms of design and all the parts are perfectly sculpted to fit the eggs properly. Thermal protection is incorporated in this device for heat protection. If you are looking to buy a budget egg boiler then this egg boiler is the top contender.

Key Features

*7 egg boiling capacity
*Faster and efficient
*Budge egg boiler

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3. Russell hobbs reg300 300-watt fully automatic egg cooker

Russell hobbs 300-watt egg boiler is one of the most advanced egg cookers. You both soft boil and hard boil eggs very easily using this device. It can work effectively just by switching it on and adding water. Auto cuttoff is embedded in this egg boiler to stop boiling once the eggs are cooked and dry boil protection is also added.

Russell hobbs 300-watt egg boiler includes a measuring cup and 2 egg trays. 50 ml to 60ml of water is added to soft boil eggs and hard boil eggs respectively. If you are looking for a modern and smart egg boiler then Russel Hobbs 300-watt egg boiler is the one. It has very good customer opinions about it’s working and performance.

Key Features

*7 egg boiler
*Efficient premium egg boiler
*Auto cut off feature

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4. Inalsa oggi 360-watt electric egg boiler

Inalsa oggi 360-watt egg boiler is stainless steel egg boiler compared other ordinary egg boilers. It can cook upto 7 eggs at a time. This device looks fantastic in terms of design boasting a solid build. It includes with it removable egg tray along with a measuring cup to measure the water to be added.

With long lasting stainless steel design inalsa oggi 360-watt egg boiler is a low power consuming efficient and effective egg boiler. Lot of customers are satisfied with the product and have good options about it. It has a service warranty of 1 year included in it.

Key Features

*Warranty of 1 year
*Better cooking

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5. Stvin Electric Egg Boiler Poacher

Stvin electric egg boiler is capable of boiling 1-7 eggs at a time, with a modest power consumption of 200-watt and great stylish design. It is one of the best egg boilers in India, therefore has made to our list. It is faster and efficient taking only 7 mins to boil eggs. It has an motor with a rated power of 350-watt.

Along with the egg boiler comes egg trays and measuring cup, it has auto cutoff feature once the eggs boil. But stvin egg boiler can also be used to steam and heat food. The plastic covering at the top of the device is solid and is unbreakable.

Key Features

*Boil 7 eggs at a time
*Low power consumption
*Cheaper rate

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6. Curiocity electric egg boiler poacher

Curiocity 7 egg boiler and poacher is one of the top selling egg boilers. It has double thermal protection for faster and efficient cooking process. It consumes a power of 400-watts and boils eggs in just over 7 mins. The eggs will be perfectly cooked and nutritious. 25 ml of water can be used in the egg boiler by using the measuring cup to measure the quantity of water. The egg boiler looks fantastic in terms of design and is very light and compact.

This egg boiler is one of the cheapest and best egg boilers in India. The egg boiler has good opinions and reviews from thousands of customers who have purchased it.

Key Features

*7 egg boiler
*Cheap cost
*Efficient in cooking time

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Factors to be considered while selecting an egg boiler

Egg boilers have some key factors which must be considered before buying them, so that you buy the right egg boiler for your daily needs.

1. Capacity

The capacity of an egg boiler can be of prime importance because you may find the need to cook more eggs, if they have little capacity, then you have to spend extra time boiling additional eggs. The purpose for an egg boiler is make the job of boiling eggs easy hence it is better to have more egg space in egg boiler.

2. Power consumption

Power consumption for egg boilers should be as low as possible because additional power usage or high power usage will make the use of egg boilers it self irrelevant. Hence the ideal power consumption for egg boilers is 200-300 watts.

3. Time

The single most important reason to buy an egg boiler will be the time taken to boil eggs. Egg boilers are expected to take very less time to boil the eggs than the traditional methods used to boil the eggs. Most of the egg boilers boil and cook the eggs under 7 mins, and few of them take 10-12 mins.

4. Different methods of cooking eggs

Eggs can be cooked in varying types like hard boiled and soft boiled eggs. You can even poach eggs in some egg boilers. These different methods of cooking eggs can be useful and meet the preferences of different people.


We have listed the most popular devices for boiling the eggs. Selecting the right egg boiler will depend on how many eggs you want to boil at a stretch. The machines we recommended are the top best selling egg boilers right now. After reading this guide you can easily decide which is the best egg boiler.

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