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There is no best feeling in the world than to see your baby taking their first step and surely a moment to celebrate. But it comes with a little trial and error in her early months, assistance is required to help her move around and explore better is always a good idea. And, there is nothing best than a baby walker to assist your baby in walking in the initial stages.

By the time when a baby reaches the age of one, they learn to balance themselves while there are some babies who take longer than usual which is absolutely normal. In order to help a child take her initial step before she can truly walk, a baby walker is a must-have.

Generally, baby walkers come in bright colors with a number of musical toys and lights to capture the attention of a newborn. When it comes to selecting the one for your baby it gets vulnerable as we want nothing but the best for the baby, don’t we?

Here’s why to help you choose the correct baby walker for your little one, we have drawn up a list of the top 10 best baby walkers in India online easily.

Best Baby Walker to Buy in India

Our first pick from in the list from Grand Baby Walker by LuvLap, a renowned kids’ products brand that imitates to European standards. It is accessible in four different colors – green, blue, orange and pink.

This walker is multi-purpose and can also function as a rocker for babies and is apt for kids aged 6 months and beyond. It can be accustomed to 3 different heights, dependent on your baby’s well-being and has a safety lock for extra security. The detachable toy tray devoted to the walker can also double up as a dining tray at mealtimes. The toy tray is armed with striking music, horns, and lights to keep your baby opportunely occupied. An additional foot mat provided at the bottom of the walker is contented for the baby though rocking and can be detached when walker.

Why we recommend it

*Walker cum Rocker, Toy Tray is detachable and can be converted to dining tray
*3 position height adjustment with safety lock, for added comfort and safety
*Attractive Toy tray with removable toys with music, light, and horn, stimulates senses and keeps baby engaged
*Detachable foot mat, used in rocking mode and removed when in walking mode
*Cushioned detachable and washable padded seat, for easy clean and comfort
*Push handle behind the seat, allows a parent to push the baby in a walker

Mee Mee Baby Walker is one of the best walkers in this price range and with all the features. The best part is the International Standards of safety and hygiene it is famous for. It is sturdy in design and makes it safe for the baby as well. Individually designed footrest which can be used when the walker is being pushed.

Why we recommend it

*Conforms to International Standards of Safety and Hygiene, Made of premium quality materials that are safe and durable
*Sturdy design to support and nurture baby’s first steps, Cushioned seat for maximum comfort
*Adjustable height settings allow the walker to grow with your baby
*360° rotational wheels for ease of movement
*Removable electronic toys tray with cheerful music to keep your child entertained
*Feeding section functionality to serve meals after the tray has been removed

Mothertouch round walker is one of the best walkers in the list and also the best-seller. It is quite famous among the users and for all the right reasons.  It comes in attractive colors and adjustable seats and is designed in a good manner.

Why we recommend it

*Adjustable seat pad with backrest
*Attractive colors and prints
*Very easy to fold and carry
*Durable tray with toy
*Specially designed lock

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker comes with adjustable height and stopper that allows a parent to easily stop the walker from moving. Its detachable foot mat can be used as a rocking mode and can be removed as well. It is washable with a padded seat for easy clean and hygiene.

Why we recommend it

*Stopper, allows a parent to easily stop the walker from moving
*3 position height adjustment with safety lock, for added comfort and safety
*Push bar, allows the parent to push the baby in walker effortlessly
*Attractive toy tray with a removable toy with music and light stimulates senses and keeps baby engaged
*Detachable foot mat, used in rocking mode and removed when in walking mode
*Washable padded seat, for easy clean and hygiene

Ask any professional in the field and you won’t miss Chicco in the list. It is ideal for a baby up to 3 years. It is multi-functional and can be turned into step push toy. You can adjust the same into multiple height positions like we said it’s multi-functional.

Why we recommend it

*The only multifunctional baby walker that also turns into a first steps push toy and ride on toy
*Compared to the standard baby walkers this offers longevity
*Suitable from 6 months up to 3 years of age
*Removable and interactive toy panel with lights sounds and mechanical activities
*Possibility to personalize the product by downloading letters from the Chicco Website
*Adjustable to 2 height positions
*Ergonomic seat
*Rear opening to allow the child to position autonomously

Amardeep and Co baby Walker offers unbreakable material made with high precision machines, what else you could ask for. It is designed in such a manner that it is safe from every corner and gives sharp edges and a comfortable seat for a baby to sit.

Why we recommend it

*Unbreakable material (virgin plastic)- made from high precision machines, 100% Indian made
*Folds quickly and compactly for storage and travel
*Comes with eight smooth moving wheels that provide extra stability and grip
*Wider and Comfortable Seat for a baby to sit
*Beautiful base design and no sharp edges

Get nothing but the best for your baby’s comfort. Panda baby walker is truly a must-have walker in the gear list. All you need is this walker and you’re sorted. It keeps your baby so engrossed that chances are they might not miss you. And, that’s how you can relax and at the same time keep an eye on them.

Why we recommend it

*Animal Shape Walker, Adjustable Height
*Rattles, Electronic Musical
*Wide Frame for Child Safety
*Comfortable Seat with Back Rest
*Assorted Colors

Truphe Truphe baby walker comes with music which keeps the baby engaging and in a playful mood all day every day. And, if your baby is in a good mood, then you’re golden. If you’re a new parent then you surely know what it cost to keep a baby in a good mood.

Why we recommend it

*For music, please put in batteries under the from top panel or contact us. Normal watch batteries to be used and have to be purchased separately
*New Electronic Musical Buttons; Attractive Removable Toys & Rattles
*Wide Protective Frame for Child Safety; Smooth and Strong 360 Degree Rotating Wheels
*Comfortable Padded Seat with Back Rest; Washable Seat for easy clean and hygiene

With strong 360-degree rotating wheels Panda Goyal’s baby musical walker is a great walker to invest in for your baby. It is attractive removable toys and rattles are truly attractive and easy to use and maintain. Your baby will surely love it.

Why we recommend it

*3 Position Height Adjustment Levels With Safety Lock
*Easy And Compact Folding
*New Electronic Musical Buttons, Washable Seat For Easy Clean And Hygiene, Smooth And Strong 360 Degree Rotating Wheels
*Attractive Removable Toys & Rattles

When it comes to our babies we want nothing but the best and Toyboy is the best baby walker you can have for your baby. It is colorful and uniquely designed for the baby to keep him entertained every. The special color schemed and the design helps to stimulate baby’s imagination and coordination skills.

Why we recommend it

*The child supports himself/herself and takes first steps, learning how to coordinate the movements and developing balance.
*The baby walker is also an activity center that helps stimulate your baby’s imagination and coordination skills.
*Activities include flipping panels, spinning balls. Walker folds for portability and storage.
*Product Size – (L)24 x (W)41 x Height With Handle 43 CM, Height Without handle 34 Cm.
*PP plastic/non-toxic material

Benefits of Baby Walker

Maximum baby walkers have a number of toys to engross the baby, making him cheerful for a few minutes and giving you some much-needed breather. That being said, it is better to get an action center for your baby in its place as it doesn’t have any of the difficulties of a walker.

It is a rescuer for moms in a nuclear family. You will be able to bring on with your household errands and your baby will be capable to shadow you on his own, making him liberated and happy.

You can minimalize the dangers related with a walker if your house doesn’t have any steps/ stairs and if it is totally baby proofed.

Personal Recommendation

Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of devices like baby walkers you buy because of money. Appreciated baby walkers are easily available on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have identified a good option for you. Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar (Blue) is a worthwhile, performance oriented and a reasonable product. It is also sturdy and has a well-engineered design that will provide the best for engaging your baby for years to come.

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