Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2018 – Reviews of Chimney
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If you love to cook but withdraws yourself with the thought of watery eyes, odor or grimy kitchen then Kitchen Chimney is a boon for you. Over a period of time the grim collects over tiles and kitchen cabinets and makes your kitchen a cumbersome place. Exhaust fans can only draw smoke from kitchen but other impurities like carbon and food particles, oilyness and heavy gas particles can be removed by using chimney only. The cleaning tasks are reduced by using chimneys. Unlike exhaust fan, kitchen chimney is installed 26”-30” exactly above the cooktop.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2018 – Comparison

We have shortlisted and compared the Top 10 Kitchen Chimney which are having good features, low price and great functionality. Do check the comparison of kitchen chimney below;

These are the comparison of top kitchen chimney’s. Now check out the chimney types and reviews of the kitchen chimney’s in india.

Kitchen chimneys are of two types:

1. Ducting or extracting chimneys – In these chimneys the air that is sucked is passed through filters and meshes. Filters absorb grim and oilyness of kitchen and the rest of air is passed into the environment with the help of pipes or pvc outlets. The number of bends and the length of the pipe have a direct impact on the efficiency of the chimney.

2. Ductless or reducing chimneys – These chimneys have motor and fan or blower. The absorbed air is passed through charcoal filters which absorb heat, odor and smoke. The fresh and cleaned air is again circulated in the kitchen.

Generally, a ducting chimney is more efficient than ductless chimney.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2018

Here is a review for best chimney for Indian kitchen, based on user ratings, features, functioning and performance of the kitchen chimney.

*Overview: If your kitchen is devoid of ventilation and you are tired of spluttering smoke and aroma of your kitchen then this chimney is an ideal product for you. The elegant white tone chimney has a futuristic design and is of great effectiveness. The product has 1-year comprehensive warranty and 5-years warranty of motor.
*Control: The hood offers you complete control through the 3 speed touch control. The control system works via touch-sensitive interface. The maximum noise recorded of the product is 58dba.
*Suction: The chimney has a powerful suction of 1200 cubic meter/Hour. This indicated low electricity bills and smoke free home; no matter how much you cook.
*Cleaning and Lightning: This hood comes with a self-cleaning filter and thus relieves you from hassles and risks of cleaning chimneys. This hood lights up your kitchen with a pair of 1.5W LED lights. This much light is quite sufficient to light up the required area.

*Overview: This kitchen appliance ensures that your kitchen is smoke-free and free from foul odor and grim in a hassle-free manner. This easy to set up chimney has a unique design. This reliable chimney comes with a warranty of one year and is made up of stainless steel and glass.
*Control: This stainless steel chimney comes with push buttons and a simple LED indicator. The push buttons are used to turn it on and off or change the settings. It has an important feature of auto On/Off which reduces the electricity consumption.
*Suction: the suction force of this chimney is 1000 m/h. So there will be no more choking or coughing of the family members.
*Cleaning and Lightning: The filter of this powerful chimney can be easily replaced when it is clogged. 2 LED lights of 40W each are enough to lit up your kitchen.

*Overview: This is a power packed performance product. It takes care of your kitchen and keeps it clean and tidy by eating away all your smoke, odor and fumes. The appliance comes with a one-year warranty and 5 years warranty of motor.
*Control: The function and working of this product is maintained by push buttons. The auto-off button reduces energy consumption.
*Suction: The suction capacity of this product is 1100 cubic metre/ hour. It keeps your kitchen clean and smoke free.
*Cleaning and Lightning: The chimney contains baffle filters and they are replaced after a fix interval of time. The hob has 2 LED lights of 1.5W each.

*Overview: This product redefines your cooking experience. It gives a fresh breath and a healthy experience to your kitchen. This kitchen appliance is so stylish that it blends perfectly with your kitchen interiors. The product comes with a 2-years warranty.
*Control: The product is controlled by a touch panel. A remote control is also provided with the appliance. The chimney fan comes with 3-speed options.
*Suction: This stainless steel chimney has a suction power of 760 cubic meter/hour. It sucks all the bad odor and smoke from your kitchen. The chimney is also provided with an oil collector to enhance its performance.
*Cleaning and Lightning: It has 2 baffle filters. Double filters mean double efficiency. The product is provided with 2 LED bulbs to increase the visibility and accessibility in your kitchen.

*Overview: In this hood motor is replaced with blower RangeHood to increase its efficiency. It consumes less power and suction power almost doubles. It is wide from most of the chimneys to cover a larger area and looks impressive. It has a new feature “Smoke Sensor”. This feature means that the chimney will start automatically in case you more smoke, leakage of gas or higher flames. The appliance comes with a 1-year warranty.
*Control: It has the traditional three speed option fans and a timer.
*Suction: The suction power is highest of all the available chimneys thus making it the best kitchen chimney. It is 1400 cubic meter/hour.
*Cleaning and Lightning: The cleaning of this chimney is very easy and it hardly takes one minute. It is also provided with two RangeHood LED bulbs. These two bulbs are covered by two plain glasses and enable more visibility and clarity on the hob making it easier to work at the night-time.

Conclusion:  While talking about the best kitchen chimney in Indian kitchen we got these above discripted products. While choosing the best chimney for kitchen always look for suction power and cleaning process of the chimney. Smoke sensor is an extra special feature that should be taken care of.

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