Top 5 Best Tripod Legs for DSLR Cameras

After ranking DSLR cameras, today we have decided to shortlist five best tripod legs for DSLR cameras which are must be needed for professional and static video shooting. This ranking is based on Amazon bestseller list and rating given by customers. If you like the product you can directly buy from the links given with the product below.

Serious about photography or videography? First of all, you need to decide the purpose or situation in which you are going to use it. Where you expected to mostly use it while traveling or on sets of professional shooting or anywhere else. In the case of traveling you need to select a compact design which is easy to carry.

How to choose the best tripod? It is a simple question which comes in mind while comparing tripods. Check out below points which you considered as a point of comparison:

*Compact Design – The tripod must be compact and portable for easy to use or carry from one place to other.
*Maximum Height – Adjustable height should have an extreme range to create various angles while shooting.
*Tripod Head – A tripod head is something which allows you to attach your camera to the tripod legs. There are various types of heads such as ball head, pan head, Panoramic heads & Gimbal heads.

Got some points, now have a look at the list of top 5 tripods which we found bestselling in the Indian market.

Best Tripod Legs to Buy Online in India

1. Fotopro MGA-584N Tripod

It is one of the best in the market which we found. Little expensive but you want some professional functions you need to spend more. Till now it has overall rating of 5.0 out of 5 which is really good and impressive. You can check its specifications below:


*MGA-584N this tripod has all the functions you require for a professional tripod with the addition of a built-in monopod
*The reverse folded function enables this to be of a compact size and the construction using Fotopro’s advanced manufacturing technology creates a very durable and stable tripod
*Using an ergonomic T-lock design, you only need a turn to lock or loosen the leg sections
*The molded rubber locks are easy to handle even when wearing gloves
*Weight: 2.6 Kg

Price: ₹10,220

Buy Now: Amazon | Flipkart

2. Sony VCT-R640//C Complete Tripod Unit

It is the best buy because it has useful functions at an affordable price too. It comes with quick release head for easy attachment of the camera.


*Adjustable height and three-way head allow for creative camera angles
*Quick release head allows you to remove your camera quickly and easily
*Lightweight design makes it perfect for travel
*Weight: 998 g

Price: ₹3,233

Buy Now: Amazon | Flipkart

3. Benro T880EX Digital Tripod Kit


*The tripod is compact and extremely portable
*The trivet also comes with the capacity of holding a load of up to 3000 grams
*The tripod can be extended to an impressive 1460 millimeters
*The camera essential is equipped with a three-way pan head
*The Benro T-880EX is embedded with reliable features and helps freeze the best images
*Weight: 1.8 Kg

Price: ₹3,270

Buy Now: Amazon | Flipkart

4. Photron Tripod Stedy 450 with Pan Head 4.5 Feet

It is a bestselling product on Amazon in tripod legs category. It is simple to use lightweight comes with the pan head, quick release plate.


*NonSlip Foam For Firm Grip.
*Bubble Level to Adjust horizontal position
*3 Way pan Head and self-adjusting camera
*Mount flips up automatically with quick release lever
*Quick Flip lever leg locks
*Weight: 930 g

Price: ₹899

Buy Now: Amazon | Flipkart

5. Smiledrive Mini Foldable Handy Tripod

It is an extremely tiny or lightweight tripod with the weight of just 100g. Its open up height is too small you can just use it to hold your camera at base height.


*Tabletop Mini DSLR/Digital Camera/Mobile Camera Tripod
*Foldable, Light Weight and Sturdy
*Opens up to height of approx 12-13 cm
*Can take weight of approx 3 KGs
*Must have for all DSLR owners
*Weight: 100 g

Price: ₹549

Buy Now: Amazon | Flipkart

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