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The wonders of chai: Tea drinkers are more creative and focused, says science

Presence of elements such as caffeine and theanine, which are known to improve attentiveness and alertness, is the main cause, states a new research.

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Airborne: No need for coughing or sneezing, flu may spread just by breathing

The study provides new evidence for the potential importance of airborne transmission because of the large quantities of infectious virus researchers found in the e...

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Being close to nature can make you develop positive body image

Both of these studies indicated that spending time in a natural environment resulted in significantly higher body appreciation.

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Study says 80% people play online games to relax, tier II cities have most active gamers

  A new study says that just 20% people play online games for fun and recreation, while 80% play to unwind.  

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37 Amazing Benefits Of Radishes (Mooli) For Skin, Hair, And Health

I have a rather love-hate relationship with radishes.   On the one hand, I cannot pass winters without having my weekly dose of...

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What’s The Healthiest Cookware to Use?

What’s The Healthiest Cookware to Use?   One of the most common questions that my cl...

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Latest GST Cuts: Complete List Of What Just Got Cheaper

A panel of federal and state finance ministers on Thursday decided to revise GST rates on 29 goods and 53 services, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told reporters a...

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20 Mesmerising Photos Of Uttarakhand That’ll Make You Forget Switzerland

  One of the most beautiful and (newest) states of the country, Uttarakhand is a treasure trove of sorts for tourists. Dotted with picturesque...

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120 children hospitalized in Kerala after eating school meal

  Nearly 120 children were taken ill after eating a meal at a school and admitted to a hospital in Kerala

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Effortless skin care and make-up hacks that every woman should know

  Your daily skin care ritual and favourite looks need not be complicated. Here are some expert tips to ensure you look flawless every time yo...

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