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How School Girls From Bulandshahr Stopped Child Marriages During the Pandemic

Preeti was 5 when she joined the school. Besides learning English and Maths, Preeti was told that she needs to demand for her rights and not meekly accept her fat...

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Bipasha Basu, Tamannaah Bhatia and other divas swear by onion juice to stop hair fall - here's how that helps

Bipasha Basu went on to reveal that she uses onion juice for all her hair care problems. We've listed down why you must also use onion juice for hair fall, scal...

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Truth Of Life
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2019 Maruti Suzuki Alto review, test drive
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The Fiji Mermaid: What Was the Abominable Creature and Why Was It So Popular?

The Fiji (also spelled as ‘Feejee’) mermaid was a sideshow that gained popularity during the 19th century. The original Fiji Mermaid was displayed in 18...

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Experts Explain Whether a Nighttime or Morning Shower is Healthier

Do you like to take a morning shower, or do you prefer to clean up before going to bed? Whether you choose to cleanse your body in the morning or night doesn&rsqu...

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10 Incredible Benefits of Walking with Bare Feet

Walking with bare feet offers many benefits to your well-being and health. This healthfulness is due to the grounding properties of the earth and the electrical act...

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Vivo V11 Pro review: Almost perfect for the price
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Here are 10 of the worst foods you can ever eat before sex. You’re welcome!

While certain foods can enhance your sex drive, there are others that are a complete no-no before sex.  

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SIM swap fraud: What is it, how you can avoid it and other questions answered

These days as most of us have our phone numbers linked to our bank, email and social media accounts, it is easier for a person with access to a phone number to take...

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7 New Hatchbacks Likely To Be Launched In Next 1 Year

  While SUVs have gained immense popularity in the last couple of years, the Indian market still loves compact cars, and hence, manufacturers ...

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Fantastic HDR Pictures
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Best Inverter ACs (Split and 1 – 1.5 Ton) In India 2019
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