Swami Om's weird antics get him kicked out of house:Bigg Boss 10
Entertainment & Fun   Thursday, January 5, 2017 IST

Swami Om may have been helping TRPs soar for Bigg Boss 10, his weird antics ultimately proved too costly for him. The self-proclaimed Godman was kicked out of the house on Wednesday.

Bigg Boss threw him out of the house as a part of a stringent punishment for his recent misdemeanour.

According to media reports, Swami threw his urine on inmates Bani J and Rohan during the captaincy task. After this, Bigg Boss decided to kick him out of the house.

During the latest captaincy task between Swami Om and Bani J, the two were asked to make their individual pyramids. The housemates were given the choice of supporting one of the two whom they want to be the coming captain. Since Bani J received overwhelming support, Swami Om got infuriated.

He was later seen throwing his pee on Bani and Rohan. This attracted united protest from the housemates and ultimately Bigg Boss obliged.

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'Drama king' Om Swami re-enters house to ruin 'Maalgadi' task: Bigg Boss 10
Entertainment & Fun   Wednesday, January 4, 2017 IST

Day 79 - The housemates wake up to the dancing tune of "Ye maalgadi".

The M3 gang - Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar and Monalisa are seen talking about Nitibha Kaul and how she has decided to exclude herself from rest of the housemates.

Rohan Mehra tells Bani J about his previous day argument with Lopamudra Raut and how he was astonished to see her unpredictable reactions towards him. Here, Rohan is pointing towards Lopa getting aggressive during a conversation and started to throw his luggage despite him asking her not to do so.

Bani J checks with Nitibha if everything is okay with her to which she mentions about her argument with Manveer. She adds that they are that they are not talking to each other anymore.

Nitibha further adds that she feels Manveer and Manu don't respect her as an individual. She also expresses her disliking as Manveer though she didn't deserve to be in the top five.

Bigg Boss calls Monalisa and Rohan inside the confession room and announces a new luxury budget task - 'Maalgadi' which will also give the contestants an opportunity to add to the prize money. Bigg Boss asks Monalisa and Rohan to put a certain amount against the name of all contestants, that will remain a secret till the task ends.

Monalisa and Rohan believe that Lopamudra will give her best to the task and attribute the highest amount of Rs 11 before her nameplate. Followed in the list is Manveer with Rs 10 lakh, Rs 7 lakh for Manu Punjabi and Rs 6 lakh for Bani. Accrediting the least amount to Om Swami and Nitibha, the two bid the lowest on them with Rs 444 and Rs 1 lakh respectively. 

Elaborating on the task, Bigg Boss tells Rohan and Mona that they will act as the jailers in Maalgaadi task while the rest of the housemates will be the 'qaidis' (prisoners). Every prisoner will be chained with fetters as they sit inside the Maalgaadi and whenever a whistle is blown, jailers Rohan and Monalisa will take one of the 'qaidis' out of the maalgadi.

The amount bid on the respective contestant who will be asked to leave the Maalgadi will be added to the prize money! The qaidis can voluntarily get down from Maalgaadi but the amount bid on them won't be added to the prize money! However, by doing so they will be nominated for captaincy.

Bani, Lopa and Nitibha discuss that the feel Rohan and Monalisa have been given a secret task by the Bigg Boss.

The Maalgadi task begins and all housemates get on the maalgadi. Rohan and Monalisa gear up to get into the role of jailers. The housemates are in a dilemma as they are unaware of the amount bid by jailers on them and are unable to decide when to step down from the maalgadi.

After two hours, Bani J announces that she wants to leave the jail and compete for captaincy! The other housemates try to convince her to stay back but Bani tells them that she wants to compete for captaincy.

Manveer mocks Bani J and her New York resolution 'of performing every task with dedication'.

Om Swami, who had made an exit from the show yesterday, enters the house. He has explained the rule of the task and joins the housemates as a 'quid'. Known to be a troublemaker during tasks, Om swami jumps to move out of the train, as soon as Monalisa tells him that he can be a contender for 'captaincy' by doing so! Om Swami manages to leave the jail despite Manu and Manveer's efforts to stop him. Bigg Boss orders Swami Om to get back to train for violating the game rule.

After the siren rings, Rohan and Mona decide to let out Lopa from the maalgadi as the money riding on her is Rs 11 lakh. Om Swami once again escapes from the jail to join the captaincy race.

Upon the completion of day first, of the task, Rohan says that he finds no difference between Bani and Swani as they both are only after captaincy.

Meanwhile, Manu is seen sitting with Nitibha and Monalisa and shares that he Manveer is very supportive of Om Swami. He also questions Manveer's friendship for him and tells the girl that he feels Manveer doesn't behave like a captain.

On the other hand, Nitibha is seen sharing her problems with Manveer and tries to sort out their differences. Later, Manu checks with Nitibha about her discussion with Manveer.

Lopa tells before Rohan that she feels Bani's over-friendliness with him is fake! Rohan rejects her claims and goes to sleep. 

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