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Is it true that one has to be spiritual to be happy?


■ Being spiritual means having a positive attitude towards life; feeling serenity in nature; honouring life and recognising the power of forgiveness. We have to make efforts to keep the mind happy. For this, we have to change the way we think; keep a check on desires; avoid getting irritated by petty issues; pay attention to what we speak; always keep a smiling face; accept what has happened; stop complaining and be grateful for what we have. The moment the mind gets stuck in past negative events, we start feeling gloomy and depressed. 
Similarly, when the mind starts thinking of an untoward incident that may happen in the future, or when it thinks that there are little chances of getting one’s desires fulfilled, it becomes disillusioned. The wandering mind keeps us trapped in some negative thought or the other. It fills our hitherto happy life with sadness and despair. Therefore, never let the mind ever bother you. 
There will be difficulties in life, but with time, they will be dealt with and resolved. Do not entangle your mind much in them. Realise that life is an admixture of happiness and sorrow. Happiness lies in not just amassing wealth but in taking care of the mind as well. Because if we do not strengthen our mind, no matter how much wealth we have, we will not be able to live happily.
The spiritual aspect of yoga keeps the mind happy all the time. Yoga is not just doing asanas. Only by following the subtle aspects of yoga can we be completely healthy.That is why we don’t just learn asanas and pranayamas in yoga classes.A complete yoga session also includes daily or weekly satsangs.■ 



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