#WorldBloodDonorDay: What can you do? Donate blood. Donate now. Donate often.
Food & Health   Wednesday, June 14, 2017 IST
#WorldBloodDonorDay: What can you do? Donate blood. Donate now. Donate often.

#WorldBloodDonorDay: What can you do? Donate blood. Donate now. Donate often.

New Delhi: Today, the fourteenth of June, is commended as World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) around the globe every year. The occasion, built up in 2004, serves to bring issues to the light of the requirement for safe blood and blood items and to thank unpaid blood contributors for their life-sparing blessings of blood.

This year, the crusade concentrates on blood gift in emergency and crises. Since nobody knows when calamity will strike. In any case, each catastrophe has casualties, and numerous casualties require blood.

Along these lines, the motto for the 2017 WBDD is: What would you be able to do? With the secondary message: Donate blood. Donate now. Donate frequently.

So what would you be able to do? Try not to hold up until disaster strikes. Donate blood. Donate now. Donate regularly.

The video beneath talks volume about the significance of blood gift, underlining the part each and every individual can play in helping other people in crisis circumstances. Look at the WHO video underneath!


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Giving your kids a smartphone resembles giving them a gram of cocaine, says addiction expert
Food & Health   Tuesday, June 13, 2017 IST
Giving your kids a smartphone resembles giving them a gram of cocaine, says addiction expert

Giving your kids a smartphone resembles giving them a gram of cocaine, says addiction expert

Giving your tyke a smartphone resembles "giving them a gram of cocaine", a top habit specialist has cautioned.

Time spent informing companions on Snapchat and Instagram can be similarly as perilously addictive for young people as drugs and alcohol, and ought to be dealt with accordingly, school pioneers and instructors were told at a training meeting in London.

Talking nearby specialists in innovation dependence and immature improvement, Harley Street recovery facility expert Mandy Saligari said screen time was again and again neglected as a potential vehicle for compulsion in youngsters.

"I generally say to individuals, when you're giving your child a tablet or a phone, you're truly giving them a container of wine or a gram of coke," she said.

"It is safe to say that you are truly going to abandon them to thump the entire thing out all alone away from plain view?

"Why do we give careful consideration to those things than we do to drugs and alcohol when they chip away at a similar mind driving forces?"

Her remarks take after news that youngsters as youthful as 13 are being dealt with for advanced innovation – with 33% of British kids matured 12-15 conceding they don't have a decent harmony between screen time and different exercises.

"At the point when individuals tend to take a gander at fixation, their eyes have a tendency to be on the substance or thing – all things considered it's an example of conduct that can show itself in various diverse ways," Ms Saligari stated, naming sustenance fixations, self-hurt and sexting as illustrations.

Concern has become as of late over the quantity of youngsters seen to be sending or accepting explicit pictures, or getting to age wrong substance online through their gadgets.

Ms Saligari, who heads the Harley Street Charter center in London, said around 66% of her patients were 16-20 year-olds looking for treatment for habit – an "emotional increment" on ten years back - yet large portions of her patients were considerably more youthful.

In a current overview of more than 1,500 educators, around 66% said they knew about students sharing sexual substance, with upwards of one in six of those included of grade school age.

More than 2,000 kids have been accounted for to police for violations connected to foul pictures in the previous three years.

"So a large number of my customers are 13 and 14 year-old-young ladies who are included in sexting, and depict sexting as 'totally typical'," said Ms Saligari

Numerous young ladies specifically trust that sending a photo of themselves exposed to somebody on their smartphone is "typical", and that it just turns out to be "wrong" when a parent or grown-up discovers, she included.

"In the event that kids are shown sense of pride they are more averse to adventure themselves in that way," said Ms Saligari. "It's an issue of dignity and it's an issue of personality."

Talking nearby Ms Saligari at the Highgate Junior School meeting on adolescent advancement, Dr Richard Graham, a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Nightingale Hospital Technology Addiction Lead, said the issue was a developing territory of enthusiasm for specialists, as guardians report attempting to locate the right adjust for their kids.

Ofcom figures recommend more than four in ten guardians of 12-15 year-olds think that its difficult to control their kids' screen time.

Indeed, even three and four-year-olds devour a normal of six and half hours of web time every week, as per the telecom controllers.

More noteworthy accentuation was required on rest and advanced curfews at home, the specialists proposed, and a precise approach inside schools, for instance by presenting a smartphone pardon toward the start of the school day.

"With 6th formers and adolescents, will get resistance, in light of the fact that to them it resembles a third hand," said Ms. Saligari, "however I don't believe it's difficult to intercede. Schools requesting that students invest some energy far from their phone I believe is awesome.

"In the event that you get [addiction] sufficiently early, you can show youngsters how to self-manage, so we're not policing them and instructing them precisely," she included.

"What we're stating is, here's the calm carriage time, here's the extra time – now you should figure out how to self-manage. It's conceivable to appreciate times of both."

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