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Fitness watch: Some types of sitting are better for you than others

While we may not be able to eliminate all of our sitting, we can all be mindful of how much we can reduce it.

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Bengali Tomato Chutney

Tomato chutney is one of the most popular chutneys that is prepared in almost every part of the Indian sub-continent but comes with its own regional twist. Here is a Beng...

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Do you really need to lift heavy weights for muscle growth?

A competitive environment in gyms can lead you to risk injury by ego-lifting very heavy weights. But do you need to?

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We Tried 5 Tricks for Peeling Eggs and Found a Clear Winner (No Matter How You Cooked Your Eggs)

With Easter right around the corner, many of us will find ourselves with pastel-hued hard-boiled eggs that we don’t want to go to waste. Ugh, but there’s the ...

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Trending in Food & Health

Sleep for 7 Hours to Keep Your Heart Younger: Study

The study showed that excess heart age is the lowest in adults who sleep seven hours a night.

2 years ago . 253 views

A woman has a rare condition that prevents her from hearing male voices. Yes, we're serious.

*After a night's sleep, a woman woke up unable to hear all men's voices including that of her boyfriend, The Daily Mail reported last week.

2 years ago . 257 views

Winter coats to rule this season

Ashima Sharma, owner of Ashima S Couture and celebrity stylist Anuj Lalwani share some details about the trending winter jackets and coats.

2 years ago . 294 views

6 Great Breakfast Places In Delhi Where Under 200 Bucks You Can Start Your Day On A Delish Note!

The mist-laden mornings of Delhi winters call for some mouth-watering, fresh off the pan brekkie-delicacies. There’s an abundance of crowd-pleasers in town which sp...

3 weeks ago . 37 views

Cannot do without your soft drink? It can lead to tooth wear and obesity

Researchers have recently found that the common factor between obesity and tooth wear are the sugary soft drinks.

1 year ago . 207 views

Healthy diet plan is key to joint pain relief, here’s what you should choose to eat or ditch

Joint pain relief: Experts say that obesity, gout or even a sprain can trigger joint pain. A healthy diet can help you from joint pain relief. Here’s what ex...

2 years ago . 364 views

7 Reasons Why Your Hands Are Always Cold: Tips To Keep Them Warm During Winter

Under usual circumstances, cold hands are a result of body's natural response during cold temperatures. Here are some effective tips to keep your hands warm this wint...

2 years ago . 534 views

What Is Bulletproof Coffee And How It Can Make You Lose Weight

This drink, created by Dave Asprey has taken the world. Hundreds of people post pictures of this drink every day over social media and boast about their weight loss regim...

3 years ago . 298 views

7 reasons you should not skip meals (EVER!)

Don t you dare to get out of your house without eating. Here's why! The clock has struck 9, it s getting late for the office skip breakfast. Reached home lat...

2 years ago . 626 views

Movies Ranbir Kapoor rejected that made Ranveer Singh a superstar!

Ranbir and Ranveer are two of the most popular faces in Bollywood. They share similar names along with similar interests. I'm not talking about Deepika Padukone here ...

2 months ago . 151 views

Calcium Deficiency In Women: What It Is & How You Can Prevent It !!

Calcium is important for all babies and children but it is especially important for women. This is because women require calcium more than men as they are more prone to b...

3 years ago . 329 views

Makki Paneer Pakora Recipe

Ingredients: 1.1/2 tsp cumin powder 2.2 tblsp coriander leaves chopped 3.oil for deep frying 4.6 tblsp Bengal gram flour besan 5.salt to taste 6.2 tsp ginge...

4 years ago . 325 views

Decoded: How Eating Red Meat Affects Your Heart

People with the symptomatic form of the allergy can develop hives, stomach upset, have trouble breathing or exhibit other symptoms three to eight hours after consuming me...

2 years ago . 342 views

Exercise tips to burn off calories after consuming your favourite junk food

These infographics of your favourite junk food - from burgers to fries and pizzas - will tell you the calorie content of each food item and how much you need to work out ...

2 years ago . 214 views

7 Heart Tests That Could Save Your Life

Your physician has you come into his office and run on a treadmill while you're hooked up to an EKG. For the next 8 to 12 minutes, he'll evaluate your heart rate,...

2 years ago . 394 views

Top 5 Proteins Bars That Can Be Made At Home For Weight Loss

Protein Diet: Trying to figure out what food to supplement your intense workout? Here are 5 protein bars that you can easily make at home, for the much needed protein boo...

1 year ago . 245 views

stay healthy and fit this winter,Include these 5 foods in your diet

In the wake of a summer season within which temperatures bounced up and down, it may be that your system is ill-prepared to face the wide selection of ear, nose and throa...

3 years ago . 370 views

How the colonisation of India influenced global food

The British, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Danes; India was colonised by many countries and each had an influence on its produce and cuisines. But less is known about the...

1 week ago . 48 views

The 10 Best Treadmills You Can Buy

A good treadmill can make or break your workout When you can't run outside, a treadmill is the next best thing. But the difference between a quality treadmil...

2 years ago . 417 views

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the twins born a YEAR apart after their mother's premature labor on New Year's Eve ended either side of midnight

*Maria Ontiveros, a farm laborer from Earlimart, California, was due January 27 *She went into labor prematurely on New Year's Eve at 7pm *Despite planning to...

3 years ago . 236 views


1. Always wash your vagina after sex to avoid odor 2. Drink plenty water everyday so as to wash bacteria and infections out of your body

1 year ago . 293 views

Protein Powders: Best Home-Made Protein Powders Which Can Help You Lose Weight

While protein is extremely important for muscle strength, it is also essential to select the right one which should be included in your weight loss programme.

2 years ago . 294 views



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