Adobe Photoshop Camera is an AI-powered camera app for Android and iOS
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When it comes to third-party camera apps, there are quite a few options available on Android and iOS. These apps come with a variety of different features, including manual controls, live filters, built-in photo editors, and much more. Now, Adobe is jumping in on the action with its own AI-powered camera app called Adobe Photoshop Camera.


According to a recent report from The Verge, the Photoshop Camera app makes use of the company’s artificial intelligence platform Sensei to recognize subjects in photos and then automatically suggests which filters to apply. It allows users to try the filters in real-time or apply them to images taken from the camera roll. The app is currently available as a preview to a select group of users on Android and iOS and it features a variety of different filters from select artists.
The Adobe Photoshop Camera app aims to simplify the way users edit photos and completely eliminate the need to learn image editing in more powerful, yet complex, apps like Photoshop and Lightroom. In order to do so, the app will automatically make adjustments in the viewfinder, based on various aspects, including dynamic range, tonality, and scene type. This will help users make the right edits to their photos.
Additionally, the app will also give users manual controls over the edits so that they can fine-tune details like shadows, highlights, vibrance, and exposure. When the app finally rolls out to all users, it will also include a curated selection of lenses created by artists and influences and will also take applications from artists to create custom lenses for it. Adobe has already roped in Billie Eilish, who has released a limited edition lens for the app. Users will also be able to create their own lenses for the app using Photoshop and the process is expected to be simple enough for the average user.
Furthermore, the app will also include an auto-masking feature, which will make use of Sensei to automatically make a clean selection around the subject. This will allow users to make adjustments to the area around the subject without going through the tedious process of making a clean selection. If you wish to try out the Adobe Photoshop Camera app before it’s officially released and create lenses for the app, you can sign up for the limited preview by following the link below. The app is expected to roll out to users early next year.



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