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Four getaways around Hyderabad that are great for a single-day trip

From serene sunrises and sunsets to long drives away from the city bustle - these getaways have you covered.

2 weeks ago . 46 views

Lost in Rishikesh and Rajaji National Park: Into the wild with no Google Maps

Your Indian passport is pretty much useless till the skies open up once more and international borders are porous again. From Delhi, Rishikesh is a six-hour drive. If you...

2 weeks ago . 33 views

Trending in Travel and Leisure

Make These Simple Requests To Get A Bigger Hotel Room For Free

When it comes to vacations, choosing the perfect hotel room to meet all your needs, would definitely be on your priority list. And the cherry on your cake would be gettin...

1 year ago . 160 views

Unexplored Konkan! #BestofMaharashtra

Hi folks! Have you explored the beautiful Konkan coast of Western India yet? Do you know there are beautiful beaches and landscapes lined up?

12 months ago . 153 views

Some Best Massagers By Tokuyo
2 years ago . 873 views

3 projects that will change how we travel from Mumbai to Pune

These plans have the potential to change how regular commuters choose to navigate their work and time between these cities

1 month ago . 55 views


While I have had the pleasure of growing up in various places in the North East as an Army child, I recently had the opportunity to revisit Meghalya as an adult with some...

1 year ago . 242 views


Thailand was my first international Solo trip and like any other solo trip, I had to be cautious of many things that were not just related to safety and my security but a...

1 year ago . 138 views

10 Offbeat Destinations in #India that you won't even find on #Google Maps #offbeatdestinations

India offers great tourism potential and it is full of surprises. It caters a plethora of beautiful destinations to visit and explore. If you are a true travel lover and ...

1 year ago . 220 views

Malaysia Declares Country Visa-Free Entry For Indians In 2020

Are you checking your holiday calendar, mentally making notes of the places you can visit? If you are nodding, then we have a great suggestion for you. Let’s give y...

1 year ago . 249 views

From Full Refunds To No Cancellation Charge, Here Are The New Rights Passengers Should Know

Tired of waiting for long hours after a delayed flight or paying exorbitant cancellation charges, despite cancelling the flight on the same day as your booking?

1 year ago . 131 views

10 Lesser Known Hill Stations In India To Plan Your Next Holiday

When mountains call, you must go. But the question is where? The touristy mountains in India are filled with swarms of crowds and it’s tough to find a quiet spot to...

11 months ago . 138 views

Mana, The Mystical Last Village Of India Where Gods Live Next Door

Quite accidentally, sometime in August 2017, I found myself standing outside the famous town gate of Mana. The trip to Valley of Flowers and Badrinath should have ideally...

1 year ago . 427 views

7 Roads and Highways That Are Infamous For Being Haunted

Whether you're a hard-core traveller or not, one thing that I am sure you love about vacations are road trips. After all, who doesn't love zooming over butter-smo...

12 months ago . 131 views

7 Small Towns In India That Have A Distinctly European Feel

Maybe you can’t manage a Europe trip because of the price tag, or perhaps it’s not a budgeting concern, and you don’t love to fly. Or maybe you don&rsqu...

1 month ago . 56 views

10 Worst Mistakes People Make While Booking A Hotel

Booking a hotel room is one of the integral aspects of planning an independent trip. But sometimes, the hotel room reserved online can turn out to be a headache for us. O...

1 month ago . 67 views

11 Secret Hotels In India Where You Can Truly Get Away From The Internet

These hideaways are the sacred saviors from the city rush. You not only need tranquil swish of wind and the silence of the forest but also a calm and undisturbed retreat ...

9 months ago . 131 views

Forget The Blue Grotto, This Bat Cave In Meghalaya Is The Perfect Destination For Adventure Seekers!

Imagine dark mysterious stalactites, lakes and exploring your way through delicate rock formations. If this sounds exciting enough, then caving is the perfect activity fo...

1 year ago . 110 views

Shaksgam: This valley in India is not open to Indians!

A beautiful country that transforms itself in every few miles - India has got everything that you wish to see - mountains, deserts, canyons, beaches, marshes, mangroves a...

9 months ago . 150 views

Uttar Pradesh has a beach and we’re just as surprised!

Chuka Beach Yes, it turns out that all these days, Uttar Pradesh had a beach and being a quite, non-touristy spot, it has been in the hiding. We’re talking...

1 year ago . 591 views

My Mobile Stopped Working During My Solo Trip To Europe

Our mobile phones have become such an integral part of our life that, it is hard to imagine life without a mobile phone. A gadget which was once introduced as a luxury it...

11 months ago . 115 views

This 22 Yr Old Bangalore Girl Has Already Gone Solo Travelling To 20 Countries

Notriphobia is the fear of not having any trips booked, and this is something that I constantly suffer from. Having solo travelled most of the times, my goal is to cover ...

1 year ago . 330 views

The Dark Side Of Goa

I had always heard that there's more to Goa than meets the eye but never experienced it myself. On a recent visit to the sunshine state, I decided to put on my Sherlo...

1 year ago . 157 views

Austrian Village That Inspired The Township In Disney Movie ‘Frozen’ Is Now Getting Ruined Because Of Overtourism

Remember the beautiful town of Arendelle from the iconic Disney film Frozen? For those of you didn’t know, it is a real village that is located in Austria. The smal...

11 months ago . 173 views

Chasing The Northern Lights? Here Are The Best Spots In The World That Offer An Amazing View!

Snowy landscapes, starry night sky and the aurora borealis! Sounds like the picture-perfect moment from the ultimate travel journey. Doesn’t it? Northern lights, al...

11 months ago . 137 views



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