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Salagram is a word that many people often say, What is Salagram?

The Hindu people who are engaged in idolatry are worshiping their idols by giving them the spirit. The idols of the idols thus made have certain peculiarities, beliefs, sculptures and Vedas.


The river Gantukki, which flows through Nepal, originates from Shalagram, which is believed to be a special type of potato and stone found in Vaishnava.
Therefore, the idols of the idol are considered to be supreme if they are made of salagram.
The river Kandaka (Gandaka) came when Mohini vomited after Lord Shiva gave birth to Lord Vishnu in disguise of Lord Vishnu in order to retrieve the nectar which had been abducted by the Asuras during the Palayamdharana. In it the insects of Vajrandantham. They made them clay clay and lived on the riverbank. Even if the insects are destroyed in a flood, the firm nests will not be destroyed. In the midst of them, great symbols are formed. These are the nests that were formed from the vomit of Vishnu. Since Shiva is also involved in creation, Shiva Puja and Salagrams are used to see a hole in the Salagram. Looking through it you can see the spiral lines inside. Depending on the number and the nature of these documents, it is possible to identify which of the decades.
Several categories of salamas are defined:
1.The color of the target is black
2.Laxmina recitation is a perforated, four-wheeled, forest-like line
3. Varnish black, very short cycle
4.Raghunathaam two-pointed, four-wheeled, cattle hoof mark
5. Very small two-wheeled, not black, like forest
6.Remains of the two arrows and the quiver, the medium size
7. Large dark rock, two wheels, no forest
8.Antilashyamayamakrishna, fourteen chakras
9. Rajarajeswaram Seven Chakras
10.Modernation is a cycle of two magnificent splendor
11.DiscoveryOne cycle
12. A chakra is a glorious wheel
13.Hygrave Two-wheeled, horse-faced
14. Narasimha Lion form, two chakras
15.Laxmina lion
Two chakras, forest-like stripes, 16.Color gray, microscopic wheel, single pore with many chords
17. Vasudeva crystal likeness
Two-sided, 19.All rounded shape
Bhagwan Hari is present in the Salagram village. Srilakshmi too lives there. Worshiping the Salagram can take away all sins. Even the sins of celibacy can be worshiped and abolished.
In the umbrella-shaped umbilical cord, the splendor of the umbilical cord is opaque, and the umbilical cord is fatal. The deformed salagram will bring poverty. Pingala is harmful. Cutting marks cause sickness and broken salograms cause death.
Dedication, worship, shraddha, pujas are performed in Salagrama. Its presence will bring forth baptismal fruit in all tirthas. The results of participating in many Yajnas will be given. Those fortunate ones can stay with Salagrama. The results of study and penance can be achieved in one go. He who baths in the sacrament of perpetual bathing can take away the virtues of earth circulation and gifts.
He who worships the Salagrama Silai daily will get the pleasure that even the gods seek. All the good deeds desire the proximity of Him. He attains Vishnu after death, in the service of a lord
May abate as long as the natural flood.
Even the sins of celibacy in such a person would flee like the snakes that saw Garuda. The place where his footstool fell is pervasive. His birth protects his parents. Vishnupada practice is certain if the Salagrama Silai can serve in the last days. His karmic relationship has ceased.


Whoever lies in the grapevine and falsifies the fire will go to hell as a flame. There he will suffer a Brahmaus. Whoever swears falsely in the hand of Salagram will be thrown into hell for lakhs of sins. A person who does not use tulasidam for Salagrama Pooja will have to live in comfort for the next seven births. He who takes away the tulsidas from the Shankam Tirtha becomes sick and sick in the seven births.

He is the beloved of the Sreehari, who preserves the Salagram, Tulsi, Sankh and three. Once the wife is sick, she is sad. Bhagavan Shankha is added to the sudan because she has had a recession with the Goddess.
Most of them are worshiped during the fire. There are also worshipers at home. Store in separate containers with water. Flowers and basil are used for puja. The belief is that hydration should never dry up.
Lord Vishnu worships Salagrama and gives devotees health, wealth, intelligence and happiness. The holy water of the sacrament is collected and drunk. Salagramath


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