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Snake bites man, he bites back. How UP farmer's revenge quest landed him in hospital

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and maybe for an Uttar Pradesh farmer, it is best served biting off a snake's head and chewing it before spitting it out.


A farmer identified as Sonelal hailing from UP's Hardoi, to seek revenge, bit off a snake's head and chomped it because the momentary lapse of reason clearly facilitated the vendetta.
The snake when bit him, his infantile retribution was awakened and he too did the same.
Farmer Sonelal fell unconscious and was rushed to a community health centre. However, upon inspecting, the doctor could not find any bite marks on him.
The state-run 108 ambulance service at Moghaganj community health centre (CHC) got a call on Saturday. The ambulance service was asked to rush to Shuklapur Bhagar village where Sonelal was lying out of his mind.
When the UP farmer was taken to the health centre, the doctor and another pharmacist attended him.
"His neighbours Ram Sewak and Ram Swaroop claimed that Sonelal had been bitten by a snake. So, we started looking for bite marks but could not find any."
"His nephew Nanhe said Sonelal was alone when the incident took place but someone told him that a snake had bitten him. We administered emergency medicines and kept him under observation," the pharmacist told TOI.
When Sonelal was back in his senses, he was asked to shed light on the vendetta-event. Sonelal shared the story and explained how he was grazing his cattle when the snake bit him.
The snake bite set his teeth on edge and a furious Sonelal then grabbed the snake and bit off its head and chewed it before spitting it out.
According to the doctor, Sonelal was never bitten since they could not come across any snake bite mark on his body. He fell unconscious because of consuming the snake's body part which could have had venom.
When the townspeople learnt about the incident, many were quick to visit the health centre where Sonelal was admitted. Amongst them was secretary of state mental health society and according to him, this is not a normal behaviour on anybody's part and he added that someone has to be aggressively deranged to behave that way.
According to locals, Sonelal was even addicted to drugs.




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