NASA plans to create ‘coolest spot in universe’
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NASA is planning to send an ice chest-sized box to the International orbiter (ISS), wherever it'll freeze gas atoms to make the good spot within the universe, AN advance that will offer new insights into gravity and substance.

Inside that box, lasers, a chamber And a magnetism “knife” are wont to eliminate the energy of gas particles, swiftness them till they’re virtually nonmoving. The suite of instruments, developed by NASA’s reaction propulsion Laboratory within the United States of America, is termed the Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL). it's set to ride to the house in August aboard the SpaceX CRS-12. CAL’s instruments square measure designed to freeze gas atoms to a mere billionth of a degree higher than temperature - quite a hundred million times colder than the depths of the house.

Studying these hyper-cold atoms may reshape our understanding of matter and also the basic nature of gravity,” aforesaid CAL Project human parliamentarian Thompson of JPL.

“The experiments we’ll do with the Cold Atom research laboratory can provide United States of America insight into gravity and dark energy - a number of the foremost pervasive forces within the universe,” aforesaid Thompson.

When atoms square measure cooled to extreme temperatures, as they'll be within CAL, they will kinda definite state of matter called a Bose-Einstein condensation.

In this state, acquainted rules of physics recede and physics begins to require over. The matter will be ascertained behaving less like particles and additional like waves.

Rows of atoms move united with each other as if they were riding a moving material. These mysterious waveforms haven't been seen at temperatures as low as what CAL can succeed.

NASA has newer before created or ascertained Bose-Einstein condensates in a house. On Earth, the pull of gravity causes atoms to repeatedly settle towards the bottom, which means they're usually solely discernible for fractions of a second.

However, on the ISS, ultra-cold atoms will hold their wave-like forms longer whereas in freefall. that provides scientists with a extended window to know physics at its most simple level.

Thompson calculable that CAL can enable Bose-Einstein condensates to be discernible for up to 5 to ten seconds; future development of the technologies used on CAL may enable them to last for many seconds.

Bose-Einstein condensates square measure a “superfluid” - a form of fluid with zero bodies, wherever atoms move while not friction as if they were all one, solid substance.

“If you had superfluid water and spun it around during a glass, it'd spin forever. There’s nobody to slow it down and dissipate the mechanical energy,” aforesaid Anita Sengupta of JPL, Cold Atom research laboratory project manager.

“If we are able to higher perceive the physics of superfluids, we are able to presumably learn to use those for additional economical transfer of energy,” aforesaid Sengupta.



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