No card, no mobile wallet only Aadhaar will enable you to make online transactions from today
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The government's pet project 'Aadhaar Payment App' will be launched on December 25. it's widely believed that the new app will easily update the debit/credit playing cards and point of sale machines (PoS) which can be taken into consideration to be the backbone of the cashless society.

It's also speculated that once the app is released, service companies like card agencies consisting of credit card or Visa which charge the price for payments will get hold of a large setback.

The app could be very inexpensive for the traders in villages.

The Aadhaar charge App can easily be downloaded on Android phone to be had with the service provider.

The merchant desires to download this app on the smartphone related to a biometric reader, which presently fees around Rs 2,000. The Aadhaar number of the customer will then be fed into the app. Then one has to choose the financial institution via which the transaction will take place, and the biometric experiment will paintings as a password for the transaction to be authenticated.



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