Royal Enfield, top 10 reasons to buy them
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If you are planning to buy a Royal Enfield, here are top ten reasons to buy one:


The motorcycle market is on fire right now. Or would be in a few months when Royal Enfield brings in their retro-styled 650 twins in the market. With avid marketing and the machismo character of the Royal Enfield motorcycles, there is a special place for them in the Indian motorcycling scene right now.
If you are planning to buy a Royal Enfield, here are top ten reasons to buy one:
Torquey torquey love
I can almost feel the approval of RE enthusiasts on the word torque. Yes, the Royal Enfield motorcycles have a decent amount of low and high-end torque to conquer almost every terrain, except sand maybe.
Stable AF
Of course, the Royal Enfield is one of the most planted motorcycles around. No amount of wind speeds hitting an RE rider is enough to sway it around. Considering almost every RE motorcycle weighs in at above 190 kilos, wet, with the rider weighing at an average 78 kilos, the motorcycles stay planted on the road easily.
Ride Quality
The Royal Enfield is easier to ride, and with leather-bound seats, the motorcycle is sometimes a sofa on wheels, provided you don't go all Rossi. It is no wonder the cruiser is one of the most sought-after motorcycles in the world. Couple that with a low-end torque which means changing gears not very often which equals happy rider and pillion.
One for all, all for one
Until some time ago, the Royal Enfield used to be an acquired taste. But with the advent of new features like electric start, the Royal Enfield is not a far-off thought. Everyone can ride an RE now. The process of riding a Royal Enfield has become much easier thanks to new technology.
Road presence
The road presence is simply astounding. No, we are not kidding. The resounding thump from the Indori Botal exhaust tail-pipe on an empty road during a lazy morning makes up for a picturesque dream for any Royal Enfield enthusiast. No
matter which model you go for, a Royal Enfield will always attract attention.
Also, its retro looks. Yes! A Royal Enfield gets that old-world charm with its retro-styled looks and a thumpy single-cylinder motor to boot. With its curvaceous nature, chrome fittings, hand-painted fuel tank, the Royal Enfield is in every sense of the word, retro.


Kitna deti hai
Yeah, one of the bigger questions which every new buyer of the retro cruiser has is the fuel efficiency. Surprisingly, even though the motorcycles have larger engines of 350cc and 500cc, the mileage for most of the vehicles is around 35kmpl. Unless the motorcycle has not been maintained properly, a 35-40kmpl is a normal fuel efficiency figure.
Built like a gun
That is actually true. The Royal Enfield boasts of an all-metal construction with very less number of plastic parts (except the Himalayan) and is capable of withstanding decades of use if the motorcycle is maintained properly. You know we are not joking when there are RE motorcycles on sale today which are at least 10-15 years old and still runs to this day.
Customizations galore
Almost every RE which is operating on the roads today, there is a sizeable chunk of them which has had customizations on it, whether it be a full-fledged cruiser with double sided panniers, windshields, auxiliary headlamps, exhaust tailpipes, and what not. The best part about the customization is, anyone can do it. Even the roadside mechanic you avoided locking eyes with.
And these are the normal customizations we are talking about. Royal Enfield has a whole separate event for its custom motorcycles.
Price and resale value
The one motorcycle which demands a close-to-market price even when it is being sold as a used one is the Royal Enfield. To put things in perspective, a standard Royal Enfield 350 bought for Rs 1,30,000 will still sell for Rs 1 lakh considering usage and proper maintenance after 5 years. For REs with a cast iron engine block, the prices go even higher, sometimes surpassing the actual price of the motorcycle.
This is the final and the most important feature in a Royal Enfield after a long long time. There has been a lot of cynical discussions over the absence of ABS in Royal Enfield motorcycles and the fact that they have lagged behind in a number of important features which are standard on the premium motorcycles of today's market.
RE kicked off the ABS saga with the Classic 350 Signals ABS and moved on to its entire range of motorcycles including the Himalayan, and the Classic 500. The Thunderbird X variants are also slated to come with ABS in the future.
Are you going to buy one?



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