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India to grow crops to meet UAE food demand

India and the UAE are reportedly engaged in making a “farm-to-port” special economic zone to fulfil the latter’s food security interests.
In a joint statement issued throughout the visit of United Arab Emirates's capital prince sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed to India in Gregorian calendar month, the 2 countries in agreement that food security remains a vicinity of high priority for the 2 sides.
The statement declared that the Indian facet welcome proposal from the UAE for establishing food security parks, as well as through the creation of top quality food process infrastructure, integrated cold chain, price addition and protective technology, packaging of food product and promoting.
The Times of India quoted Amar Sinha, secretary, a ministry of external affairs, as an expression that the initiative is almost like a special economic zone however within the variety of a corporatised farm, wherever crops square measure grown up keeping the particular UAE market in mind, with dedicated provision infrastructure all the thanks to the port.

The construct has been accepted by each government. The dynamical food security laws in India might not apply to the manufacture from these special food zones. If prosperous, it'd produce a full new sector for agro-industries,” he said.
Last month, Alpen Capital same the Gulf countries were vulnerable to world food value shocks because of high import dependency.
The UAE has, in fact, developed a comprehensive decide to secure food offer, which incorporates investments in farmlands across African country, African country, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan and Egypt and up domestic productivity by victimisation new technologies.
However, poor security and political risks affected a number of these comes with the UAE currently shifting its focus to safer havens like Japanese Europe, Australia, and North and South America, the practice same.




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