This drop-dead gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador is ACTUALLY a Honda Accord [Video]
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Admit it, we all want to attract every eyeball on the road in a really swanky car. Sadly, however, hardly some of us can afford a drop-dead gorgeous set of wheels to live this dream. That said, some take the replica car route and make their rather ordinary ride stand out by making it look like a much more desirable model. Here’s a Lamborghini Aventador replica that started life as a 2007 Honda Accord V6.


Modded by Mumbai-based Executive Modcar Trendz, this Accord-based Lamborghini Aventador replica costs Rs 25 lakh (excluding the cost of the donor vehicle). While this modified Honda Accord doesn’t look exactly like the mighty Aventador, there’s enough resemblance with the highly revered supercar. To an untrained eye, this car will look as special as the real deal. This modified Accord wears a very Lamborghini-ish orange paint scheme and has a similar two-door coupe body form. Like we said, this Accord doesn’t look completely like the car it’s trying to replicate. Much of this has to do with the proportions. An actual Aventador is lower and wider than this copy.
That said, the customizers have successfully managed to capture the essence of the famous Italian supercar. Every panel of this replica bears a passing resemblance to the Aventador. It gets similar looking headlamps and tail lamps and even gets largely similar bumpers. Akin to the original, this Aventador replica offers scissor doors. Like we’ve been saying, the new body makes this Accord look a lot like the actual supercar. It’s mostly the proportions that make the car look slightly different from the real deal.


Even the interior of this Accord has been given a thorough makeover. You get a similar dashboard layout and even a similar centre stash. The original seats have been replaced with sporty racing seats and the new steering wheel looks much sportier. Like the exterior, even the interior isn’t an exact replica. However, it looks a fair bit like that of the real supercar. While the Aventador comes equipped with a 6.5-litre V12 engine that outputs 690 bhp, this Accord has a 3.0-litre V6 engine with only 244 bhp on offer. The motor doesn’t get any kind of performance modifications except for a new end-can for a meatier exhaust note.



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