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Whether it is lazy weekends or active weekdays, sometimes we don’t feel like cooking or don’t want to spend much time preparing breakfast. To counter such situations, a bread toaster is the best equipment one can have. It lets you make tasty toasts within minutes and that too, with minimal efforts.


As we know the importance of the toasters, let’s move forward to see which type of toasters are there in the market with a detailed list of best toasters in India that one should consider for themself.
Pop Up Toasters
It is the most popular and favorable choice for home users. The workability of such toasters is great and any beginner can learn to make toasts in it within minutes. One just had to insert the bread slices vertically inside the slots and push the button downwards. The pop-up toaster will automatically turn on to start the browning process, and once it completes, the toasts will pop out. After that, the machine will reset to its previous mode and ready to bake another piece of bread.
However, the performance may be subjected to individual brands or models. So, consider all the features like browning settings, defrost, slot size, number of slots, etc. before buying any pop-up toaster. The functions are explained briefly in the buying guide at the end of the post.
The advantage of this type of toasters is that they’re easy to use and has an affordable price range as compared to other categories. It is designed performing only toasting operations; that’s why the process made so easy for the beginner. It’s a disadvantage too in a certain way because the user can’t bake toppings at the same time.
Toaster Ovens
It’s a kind of smaller version of the oven where one can place bread slices horizontally on the grill and make toast out of it. The advantage of such oven toasters is that the toppings can be cooked with the bread slice. It also has an auto shut off function but it takes a longer time as compared to the pop-up ones.
Not only that, but the power consumption and bulky size are also significant drawbacks of it which is the primary reason people tend to avoid such toasters.
Commercial Toasters
They’re also known as conveyer belt bread toaster because the belt keeps moving and the bread can be inserted anytime after turning it on. It can works continuously and best suited for commercial shops, food corners, etc. The price of such toasters is also at higher-end, which makes it unsuitable for home users.
Considering all factors, It’s clear that the Pop-up toasters are most suitable and recommended for standard usage. Therefore, after comparing various toasters, we’ve made a list of best pop-up toasters in India that would help you shop quickly.
1. Philips Daily Collection HD2582 Pop-up Toaster
Philips toaster HD2582 is currently the best choice in the market, with 830 watts of powerful performance. It’s a two-slice pop-up toaster that comes with eight browning settings to get the perfect shade according to the user. One can set it using the dial easily and make the toast out of bread.
The Phillips HD 2582 is designed precisely where every small thing considered to improve user experience. High lift is one such function that helps take out even smaller pieces of the bread which may be left in other toasters.
The functions like auto shut off, cool outer body, and cancel button (cancel the process anytime in the middle) covers the safety aspects of the device. Whereas, the defrost and reheat options ensure you’ll always consume a better version of the toast in less time.
2. Bajaj ATX 4 Pop-up Toaster
The Bajaj toaster ATX 4 is one of the bestselling popup toasters as it has the most desirable feature at a much affordable price. It has six browning settings that are not extraordinary but sufficient for an average user cause most of the time, we like to have only the same brown setting.
Apart from that, it has a removable crumb tray to clean the residuals easily after cooking and a cord winder for managed storage. Perhaps it has some limitations as there’s not any defrost or auto shut off option, but the price tag is a significant advantage over this.
3. Borosil BTO750WPW11 Krispy Pop-up Toaster
Borosil Pop-up toaster is a finely designed product where browning setting dial and three additional buttons are given upfront. There are six settings or levels to control the browning intensity of the bread.
The three buttons are there to perform defrost, reheating, and to cancel any ongoing process. Whereas the anti-skid feet ensures the placement of the toaster on the slab remains the same and prevent any skidding.


4. Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster
Morphy Richards Toaster AT-201 is another two-slice model in the list where users can toast two bread slices at a time. The design is quite simplified, which helps the user to clean it easily with minimal efforts. There’s a dial given to control the browning level of the toast from 1 to 7, higher the level higher is the intensity of the browning.
The two slots are wide enough to adapt the various size of the bread, whereas the high lift lever is given to remove small pieces of the bread conveniently. Considering power It has slightly lower wattage as compared to others, but that has negligible effects on the toasting duration.
5. American Micronic AMI-TSS1-85Dx Stainless Steel Pop-up Toaster
It is one of the most potent toasters with 800 watts capacity to complete the desired operation quickly. The unique stainless steel insulated body design gives a completely different look and makes it stand out of the crowd. The insulated body remains cool and entirely safe for touch during operations.
Defrost function is given to toast frozen foods; these features become critical if you have a habit of using frozen food multiple times. Defrosting them prevents the original taste of the food while making them better toasted.
6. Havells Crisp Plus Bread Toaster
Havells bread toaster is the new beast in the market with 750 watts power and two slots to cook toasts at a time. Just like others, it also has defrosted, reheat, and cancel buttons to serve their purposes.
The design looks straight classical with a black and dark grey combination. The core is made from stainless steel cage housing to increase the durability and service life of the appliance.
7. Usha 3720 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster
Usha 3720 is a double slice bread toaster model that comes with a higher lift option to remove smaller bread slices easily. Whereas the plastic shockproof body and plug with earthing make it secure & convenient for the user.
The cord length is 1.2 meters, which is sufficient enough to reach any nearby socket from the place of cooking (slab/counter area). The mid-cycle cancel button is given to abort the process in case of any mistakes by the user.



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