Twitter eases 140-character limit in replies
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Twitter has found a lot of artistic ways that to ease its 140-character limit while not formally raising it.

Now, the corporate says that after you reply to somebody — or to a bunch usernames can not count toward those one hundred forty characters. this may be particularly useful with cluster conversations, wherever replying to 2, 3 or a lot of users at a time can be particularly troublesome with the character constraints.

When users reply, the names of the individuals they're replying to are on high of the text of the particular tweet, instead of a locality of it.

Last year, Twitter aforementioned it'd stop count photos, videos, quote tweets, polls and GIF animations toward the character limit. Twitter additionally aforementioned it'd stop count usernames, however, the modification failed to get in result hitherto.

Twitter, that has been troubled to draw in new users, has been attempting to charm to each proponent and opponents by projected to the present limit whereas permitting a lot of freedom to precise thoughts, or rants, through pictures and different media.

Twitter’s character limit was created in order that tweets might match into one text message, back within the flush of SMS electronic communication. But now, most of the people use Twitter through its mobile app. There isn’t identical technical constraint, simply a want on Twitter’s half to remain faithful its roots.

Of course, there ar ways that to induce round the limit, like causing out multi-part tweets, or taking screenshots of text written elsewhere.



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