WhatsApp to soon roll out Snapchat like Stories feature in iOS
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ABetaInfo, the site that is known to unveil new features of the app, has tweeted an alleged image of the upcoming feature on iOS.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp might be planning to soon add a new feature that might be very similar to Snapchar’s Stories feature.

However, the feature will come to iOS (for iPhones) first and then later might be rolled out to Android. This means that iPhone users will be able to put forth photos and videos in their Status with their contacts if the latest leaked image is believed to be true. The feature is similar to Snapchat Stories, which will disappear after 24 hours.

WABetaInfo tweeted an alleged image of the upcoming feature on iOS along with the text that read, “Status introduction text updated in WhatsApp beta for iOS 2.17.4+.” The feature has been on the cards since November 2016.

The image that was leaked also shows that the new feature will come with privacy settings as well and there is a high possibility that the update will be soon rolled out. Facebook has been emulating Snapchat features and the new speculative feature comes as no surprise. Earlier reports also indicate that WhatsApp will soon allow users to track friends and follow them. Another new feature is also on cards which will notify users once their contacts change their status. Users will also be able to comment on the new status.

Other reports also indicate that the company might be working on a feature that helps users edit sent messages or revoke them altogether.



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