‘Illegal’ shopping mall sealed by Meerut Development Authority
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A shopping mall on Garh road was, on weekday, sealed by officers of the Meerut Development Authority (MDA). The authorities stuck a notice on the walls of the building that scan that the mall was housed in AN black building. It is, however, imperative to notice that the mall has existed within the same building for the last decade.
When the staff of the mall entered this morning, they were certain  a rude shock as they found the building sealed. "There was tape everywhere the place with MDA written thereon, there was a notice expression that the building has been sealed. we tend to failed to understand what to try and do. we tend to failed to have any data concerning this", same Manoj Kumar, World Health Organization works at the mall.
The house owners of the building claim that they too were aghast once they detected concerning the protection. "We failed to receive any previous notice. and also the biggest question is what was the MDA doing since ten years? Weve been operational out of this building since 2007. however has it suddenly become illegal? No rationalization has been offered", same one amongst the house owners. Despite many tries, authorities at MDA declined to comment.



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