12 Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Insured Their Body Parts!
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No one can deny that for famous people, one of  their greatest part of their body is organ. These identities have some body parts that are so extraordinarily attractive  that these celebs have them safeguarded for walloping sums. What’s more, why not?!! All things considered, it is  something incredible and one of a kind that they have! Here is the rundown of Bollywood big names who are so possessive of their specific highlights that they have protection for them:


1. Amitabh Bachchan
There would scarcely be an Indian who wouldn’t know this incredible man ! Also, similarly amazing is his voice. The 75-years of age yet beguiling on-screen character of Bollywood has got his extraordinary voice copyrighted.
2. John Abraham
John made a large number of his fans passianate avoid a beat when he demonstrated to them a look at his butt in on in ‘Dostana’. What’s more, it was obviously after this that the star settled upon to have his butt was insured for an astounding Rs 10 crore when drawn nearer by an insurance agency.
3. Lata Mangeshkar
Known as the ‘Nightangle of India’, Lata Mangeshkar hasn’t just given various songs however countless recollections nostalgia to her audience members. There is no denying that there is no compitition of her voice in this world. So well meriting, she has got her voice guaranteed.
4. Mallika Sherawat
This is nothing unexpected that Mallika Sherawat could consider getting a protection for body! In any case, this in fact is a shock that the on-screen character thought of protecting her body by getting its entire safeguarded!
5. Minissha Lamba
Minissha Lamba has constantly gotten compliments for her derriere. It appears this made her so pleased with her butt that she thought of guarding it for life by getting a protection.
6. Vijender Singh
A widely acclaimed boxer, Vijender Singh made his Bollywood make a big appearance with film ‘Fugly’ in 2014. Be that as it may, since his essential occupation is boxing, he got his fingers insured, a body part without which boxing is almost unthinkable.
7. Adnan Sami
Fit for playing 35 melodic instruments, Adnan Sami is known as the quickest console player on the planet. What’s more, to have the capacity to do this through life, the artist got his fingers insured.


8. Neha Dhupia
As indicated by Neha Dhupia’s announcement, the organization that had protected Jennifer Lopez’s bum had moved toward her for getting her butt safeguarded. Thus the previous Miss India completed it!
9. Rakhi Sawant
A frank and unmistakably self-fixated performing artist, inflated of her benefits, Rakhi Sawant too has her bum protected.
10. Sunny Deol
Nobody can deny the way that the artist with a Dhai Kilo Ka Haath has a one of a kind voice and exchange conveyance. So rather than his arm, he got his voice and discourse conveyance style licensed.
11. Rajinikanth
Rajinikanth isn’t only a performing artist yet a legend. Known for his phenomenal voice separated from various different characteristics, the performing artist got his voice protected and copyrighted with the goal that nobody can impersonate it.
12. Priyanka Chopra
A heartthrob of millions over the globe, Priyanka Chopra has an extraordinary pouty grin that nobody else has. So the performer thought of ensuring it with a copyright!



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