15 Best Earphones Under 1000 – Top List Ultimate Guide 2019
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If you think to purchase earphone or you budget under RS1000 then you should read our best earphone list, In this list I gonna share with you 16 Best Earphones Under 1000 in 2019. I Pick 16 earphone for you to make easy to decide to purchase. All 16 Earphone are different in their sound quality, features, Bass, volume and Design. Now Checkout my list and pick Best Earphones Under 1000 .


Here, 15 Best Earphones Under 1000 according to Oceanofreview.com
-- 1More Piston Fit
-- Sennheiser cx 213
-- Sony MDR-AS210AP
-- Audio Technica COR 150
-- Altec Lansing MZX147
-- Sennheiser cx 180
-- Mi Earphone
-- JBL T100A
-- JBL C200si
-- Brainwavz Omega
-- Evidson Audiowear R5
-- Philips SHQ1205TFL
-- Audio Technica CLR 100
-- Sony MDR-EX150 Earphones
-- boAt BassHeads
You Budget under Rs 1000 ? Don’t worry we have Nest list of earphone.
Best Earphones Under 1000 in India 2019
1- 1More Piston Fit Earphone
1More piston fit is the best earphone under rs 1000, 1More piston fit have greate sound quality, it is more comfort that help to listen for long hours, Music can be control by their lead button and pick up calls and get response with microphone. Earphone Earbuds is easily adjust according to your ear shape. It is made by aluminum alloy body and with retro design.
1More Piston Fit have 2 Drive layer. one is Titanium and another PET. One Drive is for create powerful Bass and another drive create sound quality response. This earphone is lightweight and comfort with 45* degree angle for more comfort of your ear. In this have Sonic Balance features which is balance noise isolation, This earphone is long durability to used. This is best earphones under 1000.
It is the best earphone, I recommend you should buy now at online and this earphone online price is Rs-799.
-- Great Sound quality with hing bass.
-- More comfortable with earphone.
-- Log Durability.
-- Microphone and button to control music.
-- High Bass in some song vocal didn’t listen perfectly.
2 – Sennheiser CX213 Earphone
Sennheiser cx213 is the best earphone, cx213 provide high quality sound and average Bass. Their frequency response 20Hz -20,000Hz. It is built with great quality design it is suitable when you go out-door and walking on the street every people attractive toward this earphone. Their drive auto cancels noise and perfectly balance sound and bass. This earphone have higher sensitivity of 16 Ohms. This is one of the best earphones under 1000.
I recommend you should purchase this earphone and buy online at Rs-749.
-- Great Sound quality with high Bass.
-- Lightweight earphone.
-- Great Design
-- No Microphone
-- No Button
-- Tangles
3- Sony MDR-AS210AP Earphone
Sony Earphone is great earphone and i find under 1000  is AS210AP. It is full comfort and help to enjoy your favorite songs. Their earphone is high sensitivity driver units which is 13.5 mm. This earphone come with latest features that provide great experience songs.This earphone is one of the best earphones under 1000.
Loop Hangers clip for while you running it make secure earphone, You can pick up call while listen music and can be change song form earphone button. It come with the great frequency range that is 17-22,000Hz for more quality sound. This earphone build up with the great and stylish design. The best features which I love is that it is water and sweat or spray proof it help when you training in gym.
I recommend you should purchase online at Rs- 866
-- Great Sound quality with high Bass.
-- Latest features – Microphone and button.
--  water and sweat proof.
-- Thin Wire.
-- Microphone have in below of wired.
-- Noise cancellation.
4- Audio Technica COR 150 Earphone
Audio Technica cor 150 can be best earphone for you if you budget under 1000. This is great earphone because high sound quality with textures bass, great build design, Their Driver is provide Bass, it is fully comfortable for your ear, This earphone is perfect for traveling and outside the door.But this earphone build quality is low, it can be destroyed in short time may be any speaker stop working.
I Don’t Recommend but you should purchase this earphone online at Rs 891.
-- Great Sound quality
-- Noise Cancellation.
-- Design.
-- Low Wire Quality.
-- Average Bass.
5- Altec Lansing MZX147 Earphone
Altec Lansing MZX147 earphone is the best quality earphone in under Rs 1000 in india. It is great quality sound and Bass and perfectly music audio balance. This is full comfortable for you ear and it provide good music experience with this earphone. This earphone have wide range frequency and their driver perfect for every music beat. It perfect for outdoor or travelling. That great earphone under 1000.
I recommend you should purchase this router online at Rs 780 in india.
-- Sound quality.
-- Audio Balance.
-- Low Build Quality.
--  Average Bass
6- Sennheiser cx 180 Earphone
Sennheiser cx 180 Earphone is the great sound quality earphone. it is perfect for you if you bass lover like me. In this earphone have a lot of features which make easy to used and provide great good experience with this earphone. Their earbuds is perfect for to block outsider noise into ear.Their design also good which is look official looks.Earphone sensitivity is 16 Ohms and frequency is 18-20,000 Hz. Also have other features which is necessary of earphone. But I love this earphone because this is best earphone for punchy Bass under Rs 1000.
I recommend this earphone if you Bass lover, because their Bass is too high, you should purchase online at Rs – 749 in india.
-- High Bass with pretty sound quality.
-- Good design
-- Lightweight earphone.
-- Full comfort in every situation.
-- No Microphone to pick Calls.
-- No Button to change music.
-- Tangled.
7- Mi Earphone
Mi Earphone know by cheap with best quality product. Mi every product is great either mobile or earphone both is good. Now Mi with mic earphone is one of the best earphone under rs 1000. This earphone special made for High Bass. if you bass lover then it is perfect earphone for you. Their build quality also good it make by aluminum alloy chamber for good sound quality. This earphone is full of new technology, In Mic earphone used 3rd generation balanced damping system for more better sound quality. Their sound chamber help to provide more clear sound quality. This is one of the best earphones under 1000
Mic Earphone Earbuds also more soft from other earphone, it help to provide full comfort to your ear. Their Earbuds block outsider noise to enter into your Ear. So you can freely used this earphone in market and crowed area. In this earphone have Microphone that allow to pick up call from earphone and also have button to control music and play /push music without mobile used. This is best earphones under 1000.
I recommend you should purchase this earphone right now, Online price is Rs 399 in india.
-- High Bass with good sound quality.
-- 3rd generation technology used.
-- Microphone and Volume button.
-- Lightweight with good design.
-- Value of money.
-- High Bass (still good).
8- JBL T100A Earphone
JBL T100A earphone is the best earphone in low price. T100A is the great earphone for High Bass or sound quality. This earphone build quality also to good and design attractive. This earphone provide pure sound quality which fell like natural sound. T100A earphone dynamic driver is 9mm and frequency 20-20k Hz. This earphone come with all features, such as have microphone, Mic, Volume button, play/push button. that make easy to used this earphone.
I don’t recommend this earphone but you can purchase if you like their features. This earphone online price
-- Good Sound quality with High Bass
-- Microphone to pickup call and button to play/push music.
-- Good Design .
-- Short Durability. After 1 month one speaker doesn’t work.
-- Waste of money.
-- Low Build Quality.
9- JBL C200si Earphone
JBL C200si Earphone come with the best sound quality or good design. It is perfect earphone in this earphone have all features that you need in earphone . This earphone provide good sound quality and noise cancellation and their earbuds block outsider noise into your ear while you listen music.
JBL C200si earphone is the pure bass sound earphone. Their Dynamic Driver create stunning sound quality. If you mostly used earphone in crowed and market area then it is perfect for you because it can auto noise cancellation features to provide great sound quality.
I recommend you should purchase this earphone if you Bass lover, online their price is Rs- 849 in india.
-- High Bass with great sound quality.
-- Lightweight to used.
-- Dynamic Driver to create natural sound.
-- Noise Cancellation
-- Short Durability.
-- Low Noise Cancellation
10- Brainwavz Omega Earphone
Brainwavz Omega earphone is the better for sound and bass quality you can purchase this earphone under 1000 in India. This Earphone is good for sound quality. Their frequency is 20-20,000 Hz and 6mm Dynamic driver for clear and pure sound quality. Their Build quality is to good and their design also great.
This earphone is overall good for you if your budget under rs 1000. Brainwavz earphone is come with full of features such as Microphone top pick up call and volume button to change music. This earphone support all type of smart phone.
I recommend you should purchase t his earphone, online price of this earphone is Rs- 999 in india.
-- Natural sound and Bass.
-- Good Deign and Build Quality.
-- All Features.
-- Short Durability.


11- Evidson Audiowear R5 Earphone
Evidson Audiowear R5 Earphone is the great earphone if you look for good impression audio quality. Evidson Audiowear R5 Earphone Driver is 9.2 to create Bass, full comfort and easy fir in your Ear, Their Frequency Range 30Hz-20,000Hz this frequency enough to create stunning audio quality. Earphone sensitivity is 106 dB at mW, Jack is 3.5 mm which is universal jack that can be used for any smart phone in world. weight also is to light it is totally weight is 14 gm.  Design also good but this earphone build quality is to bad, In few month even year their speaker may be stop working.
Buy Now 
I recommend you should purchase this earphone but make sure you agree their build quality, so you purchase online at Rs – 499 in india.
-- Good sound and Bass.
-- Make in india Earphone.
-- Microphone to control calls.
-- 3 Button to control Song.
-- Low Build Quality.
-- Short Durability.
12- Philips SHQ1205TFL Earphone
Philips SHQ1205TFL Earphone is the perfect earphone for if you budget under 1000 because this Philips earphone price is Rs 999. This is good news that this earphone price is under Rs 1000. This is full comfortable for you it can enhance you listen hours. The best think i love from this earphone is that their Design is to unique and attractive design. This earphone sound quality is stunning and punchy bass. This earphone come with the all features such as in this earphone have microphone and volume control button that make easy to used this earphone and more enjoy you favorite song. This earphone is one of the Bad earphone in my best earphones under 1000 list.
Buy Now 
I don’t Recommend to this Philips SHQ1205TFL Earphone because in the first week their speaker stop working. And in some day their wired could be broken, this earphone is short durability because this broken in one month. But if you love this earphone design then you can buy this online at Rs – 999.
-- Good Sound quality and punchy Bass.
-- Good Earphone Design.
-- Full comfortable.
-- Short Durability.
-- In first Week stop working Speaker.
-- In one month Earphone Broken.
-- Build quality is to Bad.
13- Audio Technica CLR 100 Earphone
Audio Technica CLR 100 Earphone is may be good earphone under 1000 for you, This is best in sound quality when I listen music from this earphone i find that this earphone sound quality is to clear and feel like natural sound quality. This is perfect for travelling used and outside home, Their Earbuds adjusted in your ear.
Buy Now 
I recommend you should purchase earphone, their online price is Rs 640 in india.
-- good sound quality.
-- Full comfortable.
-- Punchy Bass.
-- No Microphone to control calls.
-- No Button to Control Music.
14-  Sony MDR-EX150 Earphones
Sony MDR-EX150 Earphones is one of the best earphone under 1000 in indai. Their sound quality is stunning and high Bass. it is perfect for music lover like me. This earphone come with all features such as this earphone has Microphone to pick up call and control calls, also has button to control music. It make easy to used and more enjoy songs. This is full comfortable for your ears. Their speaker driver is 9mm, frequency range is 5hz – 24,000 Hz, build quality also to good and design is perfect of for outdoor used.
Buy Now 
I personal Recommend that you should purchase  this earphone, I also love this earphone you purchase online at Rs- 793 in india.
-- Perfect sound and Bass.
-- Great Build Quality and Design.
-- Full comfort.
-- Mic/button to control mobile.
-- Build Quality Could be more Better.
15- boAt BassHeads Earphone
boAt BassHeads earphone sound quality is incredibly it make for bass lover because this earphone bass is too high. This earphone drivers is 10mm which is create stunning sound quality. Design of this earphone is to good, full comfort and earbuds auto adjust into your ear and block outside noise to enter into your ear. This earphone have auto noise cancellation or passive noise cancellation features.Their jack is 3.5 mm which can be used for any smart phone. The best think I love from this earphine is that their build quality. This earphone made by polished metal body which enhance their durability.
boAt BassHeads earphone is the best earphone in our List. you can buy right now because this is best earphones under 1000.
Buy Now 
I personal Recommend that you should purchase this earphone right now. This boAt BassHeads earphone price is Rs 599 in india. It is best earphones under 1000 in indai.
-- Better Sound quality or Bass.
-- Good Design
-- Great Build quality ( Metal Body).
-- Every think is good just Buy Right Now. (No-Cons).
You Love our best earphones under 1000 list ?
So this is my best earphones under 1000 list. From this list I personnel recommend boAt BassHeads earphone that you should purchase this earphone because this earphone is overall best for you it can be good option for you. Rest of earphone in this list have some issue and problem but still they also good.  Now choices is your I show you all 15 best earphones under 1000. This list I made from long research on earphone, I try to show my best list and I also share review each earphone to remove all doubt regarding all 15 earphone. All Earphone I used by me, first i take experience by used this earphone for 1 week then I make this 15 best list for you.
If still you have any problem and question regarding these earphone you can ask me by leave comment below and you also share your earphone experience with people.
If you think this Post help to choices best earphones under 1000 then you can follow us for more future list that help to purchase.
Thanks for Read stay turn at Ocean of Review



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